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1d20 Random Mystical Encounters With The Fairy & Fey Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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   They are the 'kindly ones', beings alien to the wastelands and dwellers of ruins throughout the time haunted wastes. Adventurers, rogues, and outlaws alike give these alien yet familiar creatures of magick a wide birth. The strange radiations and echoes of dream call them to our world and they are woven from the very stuff of the unconscious mind and yet utterly alien to us. Here then are is a random encounter chart to befuddle and bedevil your adventurers with creatures of pure magick and of dangerous alien aspect. 
Sometimes mystical treasures and minor artifacts are left behind in circles of fungus or alien mushrooms. Sometimes these bits and pieces are simply twigs and branches woven into illusions of things that do not exist but other times they are artifacts of alien gold or silver with odd or unusual properties. 

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1d20 Random Mystical Encounters
 With The Fairy & Fey Table

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  1. A troop of wasteland fey on their way to another universe has stopped off to rest and gather glamour idled slaves to take with them across the planar divide into the realm of dream and fey. They have among their number a wizard of 6th level or better. 
  2. A pack of 1d8 chaotic gnome wizards who deal in dreams and nightmares they are testing out the local collective unconsciousness to see if the harvest of the human mind is ready. 
  3. Three Elven princes lead a swarm of lesser fairy beings with them to release them upon the countryside like locusts to gather the left over dross of chaos and magickal energies. They are very dangerous beings with the ability to level drain as vampiric alien horrors bits and pieces of the soul energies of those they encounter. They keep these pieces of soul in little cut crystal vials. 
  4. 1d20  Herd of lusty centaurs from the edges of limbo and dream who have come to raid and pillage, they follow the ancient dream trails down the halls into the local time space continuum. They have a 6th level shaman with them and fight as 4th level fighters.
  5. A swarm of jaded and dangerous fey royalty who have come to this universe across the Outer Darkness from Saturn to collect the souls of the dead and dying. They have among their number 6th level a mutated wizard almost leaking with the alien radiations of change and chaos itself. 
  6. A faun like mutated being infused with the murderous rage of mutation and horror who is actually a victim of an encounter with the forces of the Fey. He fights as a berserk armed with a magic sword and warning people away from him lest he harm them.
  7. An ancient goat headed fey of weird Hyperborean aspect who calls down swarms of chaos laden fey to him. He is a shaman of alien aspect who has come to the ancient dwelling places of his race and is calling them back to the world once again. He will curse any humans he runs across with mutation and regret. He wields a silver and brass wand that fires magic missiles and pulses with the energies of the world of dream. 
  8. A troupe of alien butterfly fey things who have come to assess the world for their chaotic masters and if it is ripe for an invasion. They're eyes pulse with the weird green energies of magic and ancient horror. There are 1d10 of these alien things and they move with blinding speed across the landscape and will blast anything they feels threatens them for 2d6 points of damage. 
  9. A strange construct woven of sticks, branches, and old cloths stumbles across the landscape in a parody of humanity. The thing is actually a swarm of fey playing with the skin and waddle of a corpse. 1d30 of the things will burst forth from within it. They will laugh and curse any who they run across. There is a 10% chance that they will gift someone with a minor little trinket or they might carry a victim away to fairyland forever or simply kill them outright. 
  10. A cloud of soul lights of a nearby town 'freed' by a fey overlord and his routine who is coming from the sky on the collect them. Three miles a deserted town harbors the horror of the slaughter within it. there are over a hundred corpses of villagers who were struck down by the vile magicks of the Fey in mid action.  Ghouls are moving in to take on the decaying feast as soon as the sun sets. 
  11. An evil Fey queen is moving across the landscape with 1d20 wild huntsmen on mutated horseback to claim the souls of any innocents she can get. They are armed with elf shot and arrows, as well as short swords and hide shields of ancient dragonettes. She is a 5th level wizard of truly cruel and evil aspect. 
  12. 1d10 man eating fairies infected with the flesh eating madness after journeying far too deep into the Out Darkness. They attack with mini daggers and swords. 
  13. A pack of 1d8 doppelgangers on the 'raid' switching face and flesh as they move across the landscape. They are playful but may 6% turn to mayhem and murder. They are looking to sacrifice some poor fool to their ancient and demonic Lovecraftian shape changing horror god thing. 
  14. A local gateway has opened up between worlds enabling the warriors and ancient things of Fey to let slip into our world. There are 1d6 evil fey warriors roaming the landscape, they are collecting children to take with them back to their world to turn them into strange mutated Fey things. They can be bargained with bribes of memory and story instead. They may 10% of the time grant a small boon of magic or dream. 
  15. A group of human slaves have slipped loose from fairyland, locals will flee from these mutated victims who will spot 1d4 random mutations but anyone checking with local villages will find out that these poor souls have lost two hundred years as the world moved on. There will be 1d8 Elven bounty hunters on their trail as well. They will bargain with 1d10 pounds of fairy gold for services and food. 
  16. A lost Fey warrior is seemingly lost when actually he is actually an advanced scout for a force of 1d100 fairy swarms. They have come to this reality to strip the place as locusts moving from universe to universe. 
  17. An ancient wise man has escaped the clutches of his fairy prince captor and has become a 7th level sorcerer under the yoke of his master. He was taken as a child and knows the secret byways and dream trails back to Fairyland. He has a minor artifact he is willing to trade for freeing his sister who has become a princess and slave in the world of Fey. 
  18. A black smith is actually an escaped fairy princess whose brother is hunting him down in a twisted blood feud over the claim of a hidden kingdom's crown. Actually this is all not real but a game of the fairies who are trying to drive the poor fool mad. There are six fairies playing sport with the fool. They will involve any in their 'game' this includes adventurers as well. 
  19. An ancient mutated fool twisted by the powers of dream and chaos has stumbled into our world. He is looking for help to recover his soul from his master who has hidden it within a gem within a wizard's tower. The power of change and mutation have infected his flesh and anyone spending 1d6 days must make a save vs death or be subject to a mutation check. One more blessing from his twisted masters. 
  20. An ancient mistress of the cards of fate and destinies has come to our world to take great heroes on a quest into the alien Outer Darkness with the lords and ladies of Chaos dwell. She is being tracked by a pack of a gang of evil fairy outlaws who ride ancient nightmares! 

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