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Sacred Rites Of The Porn Traders- The Boxes

The procession brought the entire group to the top of the hills of  Telus Four. Each agent took out a small cubic box no bigger then a humanoid thumb. They focused their will upon the devices. The no space begin to brighten as their mental energies began to build. Their obsession was the fuel for this nightmare.
Moment's later there was a smell of lotus blossoms & a deep sea blue green light. 
The old one on the couch smiled the joyous smile of one whose life was a matter of depravity & sin. He had come to the end of his road. 
The four hierophants came then through the open gate way & looked upon the world through scarred eyes. He would be remade into a being of perfect symmetric patterns. Perfect in every way to contemplate the perfection of the one whom his masters served. 

Please see this section for more info on the Porn Traders Here

Each agent of the Porn Traders carries an box without sides or boundaries  of planar dimensions. At the end of their lives they gather together to summon the hierophants who take them away to be remade into crystalline beings of perfect. Woe to those who find one of their boxes & summon the hierophants though obsession 

"Gateways," Beane proclaimed, "gateways between worlds!" he paused suddenly, his face showing the anxious defiance of those who fear they will be thought mad.  Over the rattle of hailstones on the shutters, I could hear the hiss of his loud, rapid breathing.  As suddenly, he recovered his courage, and continued: "Yes, others have made such things, and certain vile secret societies have long striven to let their unspeakable masters enter from beyond.  But LeMarchand was clever!  As you know, a gate must be 'anchored' to a specific, unique pattern.  Often, fixed configurations of matter are used: stone circles, or caves, or diagrams.  The key is usually a series of thaumaturgically equivalent temporal structures: gestures and sounds.  But I digress...LeMarchand made a puzzle, a configuration that was portable and self-contained, that could be made and unmade at will, and the solving of which was its own key."

Characteristics of the Boxes 
  • Each box is made of a silvery brushed polish material they are essentially indestructible
  • An agent of the traders will do everything in their power to recover a box 
  • Those taken to the other worldly planar location of the heirophants are never seen again 
  • Those who hold or use a box will have third eye, psychometry, empathy, but be drawn to sin & depravity 
  • Those who use the box may draw the Hunters - Unfortunately, we know little about these monstrosities.  They stalk those who have escaped, trapping them, dragging them back before their "stories" fall on ears that are not so deaf.  Their jet-black, armored exterior makes them seemingly indestructible as they pursue their prey with the single minded purpose of a machine.  Perhaps they can exist on this plane because, like the puzzles, they are carved from L.  However it is allowed access to this world, it apparently remains "blind" to any flesh that has not been tainted by the presence of L.

My thanks to the Pyramid-Gallery & its curator Max without whose help & patience this blog wouldn't be possible. Give em a visit & tell em I sent ya! 

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Cult Of The Spider Zsar & Actual Play Weds

Cult of the Spider Zsar Evolved Morlock Member . One of the heads of the cult. 

Cult Of The Spider Zsar
Tech: IV 
Types: H(25%),MA(25%),P(5%)*
Secret Sign: Silver Spider circuit Tattoo across forearm or genitals for seducers of whatever sex of species
* All members of the sect include some type of spider motif within their persons
Location: Across lost colonies & pirate worlds
Description: The Cult Of The Spider Zsar formed during the horrors of the shadow years during the Atomic Wars at the dawning of the birth of the Human Space Empires. They preached a radical strain of genetic purity through the worship of certain esoteric spider gods(actually planar demonic entities). The cult described the survival of its adherents as emulating the characteristics & behavior of spiders as creatures of pure essence. They see themselves as the ultimate survivors who use a combination of patience, cruelty, & creative powers.  Late in the Atomic War's pre shadow years the cult hijacked a Robot Probe & killed all of the crew aboard. They sent 50,000 cloned fetuses aboard ship in cold storage to spread their message to the stars after the Earth would be wiped clean. What happened between the end of the Atomic Wars & the beginning of the Human Empires remains a mystery.
  However it is known that they have been active during that time dealing with many types of arachnid based races. Their core beliefs focus on,  S
piders. These have been the core of fears, stories and mythologies of various cultures for centuries.They have symbolized patience due to their hunting technique of setting webs and waiting for prey, as well as mischief and malice for the painful death their venom causes.

They believe that the Spider Zsar created the universe along with his fellow deities & that only they hold the universe together. Through chaos, mutation, & violence the prey & the predator will separate the weak from the strong. Only the strong will survive while the weak are merely prey. They are the creators because of their ability to spin webs!
Web-spinning also caused the association of the spider with creation myths as they seem to have the ability to produce their own worlds
Unlike many other cults, the Cult Of The Spider Zsar is a very social organization. It uses genetic modification, hyper spacial planar exposure to cause mutation. As a social unit it 
 is notoriously aggressive and cannibalistic, have formed small colonies in captivity, sharing webs and feeding together. It will weed out members who show signs of genetic weakness.
 Even their technology is based upon a spider motif & boasts several different devices which are seen over & over again as the technology is passed through a memory web meme system. This is a partially psionic creation that gets passed along the genetic drift from one egg clutch to another.

Mutant Spider Armor - Subtracts from the armor class of the individual wearing it. Allows one to survive edged weapon attacks much more easily

Spider Spy Bot - The tennis ball sized spy is one of the best devices created by the cult of the spider Zsar. These go anywhere robots are often disguised as a child's toy & yet have a full range of sensors, static stick pads (enabling the unit to climb walls), they are also armed with a light duty eye blaster allowing them to do 1d8 points of damage per shot!
Spider Blaster - Range - 300' Variable Damage -1d8+1 Weight 1 pd Cost 300 credits
 These are the standard side arm of the cult, they are often implanted directly on the arms of the attending members. They always have a spider motif & are sometimes biological in nature as well as cybernetic! They are never sold to those outside the cult!
  This vicious cult continues to spread its reign of evil across the stars only time will tell what will happen from here! 
What a wonderful game tonight, the guys discovered the remains of The Cult Of The Spider Tsar(Thanks to Robert for the cool name) inside a temporary star ship crew unit. They discovered lots of goodies & fought a bunch of robotic spiders! Then discovered a cryo sleep  unit full of "passengers" including a priest of said cult. Next Week off to Engineering as the pirate ship moves closer! Whose aboard & why do they want the ship! 

Actual Play Wednesday - Robotic Spider Attack

Robotic Spider 

No. Enc.: 1-6
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d8
Morale: 7

These robotic pests are left over evolved security droids from the Atomic Wars on Earth. They have evolved in the cold depths of space. They are in fused with nanites throughout their systems & a neutron planar engine that will keep them going for about 2 hundred years. 
  Their venom drips a nanite poison that allows them to utilize any materials bit into to propagate  the species as the poison quickly converts the victim's flesh, organs, etc into more spiders. This of course is unless a save vs poison is rolled or super science is applied to the victim.
  These are simply one of the species to have evolved aboard the Daedalus Incident ship.

 These bastards are one of the dangers facing my players tonight. I thought you folks would like to see one of the dangers coming their way as they make their way to the crew quarters for tonight's game. More later!

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"War of the Worlds: Goliath" Production Art! & Actual Play

On June 17th one day after my birthday, the Old School Heretic posted about this movie. I've been talking with folks about it ever since. Today I was looking over some of the wonderful preproduction & production artwork that has been made available Here


From what I can tell it looks as if the creators have borrowed heavily from Edison Conquest of  Mars.The plot of which is :  In it, Edison travels to Mars, his inventions (including the disintegrator ray) allow an Earth spacefleet to destroy the Martians' ability to make war after several exciting battles. There are ship-to-ship battles, and battles between Earth ships and Martian ground forts. This was perhaps the first space opera, although the term did not yet exist; it was perhaps the most literal of the Edisonades.
In the story, communication between spacemen in space needs a wire to be passed between them; spaceships communicate by flags or lights. Although the story was published in 1898 during the early real experiments in radio, it contains no concept of radio. Down load the book Here
I'm not going to talk about the martians technology because, again Old School Heretic did a hell of a job covering this Here
Why however I'm I bringing this up? Well because I've had to move my game from Thursday to Wednesdays & soon my group will be facing space pirates! But not simply any space pirates but a group of renegade  Nyagga ! 

I wanted something interesting & I think these guys fit the bill in spades! More coming soon from actual Play! Thanks to the Old School Heretic blog for some of the best resources when speed is of the essence!
    One thing about this cartoon is that this isn't the first time we've seen an old school cartoon about alien invasion & mecha. There was an older anime that played with the same themes only in World War II of an alternative history style. Ladies & Gentlemen -Alien Defender Geo-Armor!

Kishin Corps is based on a novel by Masaki Yamada
The plot of Kishin is as follows: 
Kishin Corps (機神兵団 Kishin Heidan?) is a mecha anime directed by Takaaki Ishiyama and Kazunori Mizuno. It is a work of alternate history, taking place in 1941 during World War II. An alien race invades the earth and allies with the axis powers. To combat these aliens an elite allied unit called the Kishin Corps is created, using alien technology. The story deals with the main character Taishi, who obtains a secret alien device from his father, which the Germans are after to build their own robotsThis work of historical fiction, a number of things are different from true history. One key difference is that aliens are attacking the Earth. But even more important is that we have adapted alien technology to make it possible to create gigantic steam-powered mechs.There are three important groups in this story: the Kanto army, the Nazis, and the Kishin Corps. The aliens are simply extra, an excuse to have powerful technology.I might just add a ruined version of a Kishin mecha just as a nod to the series. It remains a favorite of my gaming group! 
Having a blast adding in some tripod elements at the last moment!

Sky Whales

A genetic off shoot of  the Aya (Giant Sandworm is the giant sky whale that is herded through comet & asteriod fields.  These incredible creatures burrow through tons of rocks & strip mine asteriod fields within months & years. Herded with space freighters weapons set on high stun settings these gentle giants none the less come in endless varieties since their introduction over 200 years ago. 
 Space Drovers use modified rocket tubes to move the herds from star system to system.  Entire herds have been know to drop into hyperspace at certain naturally occurring space gates which have been used by noble houses for centuries.
 There is some evidence that these gentle giants are also prey animals for Nth dimensional beings such as Dhole species & the like.   Several plasma based beings actually living within the surfaces of some stars may be responsible for the disappearance of several herds of these creatures near the Aldeboran systems.

 There is no truth however of  a strange astronaut cult riding their herds in deep space for such ravings are those of a delusional mind. 
  The Sky Whale is an important economic commodity within the intergalactic community.  It remains a stable of many noble houses & the subject of some disputes smaller corporations. Breeding rights have been the subject of some conflicts over the last 2 centuries. 
No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 120'
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 50
Attacks: Special
Damage: Special
Morale: 13

It takes a lot to get a sky whale angry but once one does they attack with a acidic bile plasma from deep with their stomach furnaces. This plasma does 1d8 points of damage per round as it eats away most metals & earth based materials. The worm lashes this back & forth until the threat goes away.

   Sky Whales have been known to know to reach 2 miles in length within deep space. They are often taken to Tartus station for processing by a special breed of  Shen who excel at this costly rending down process
  Products from the hides of  Sky Whales include ships hulls, armor, & many other materials used across Human Space!

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While doing some "research" I ran across a collaberation between  Will Eisner ~ Wally Wood ~ Jules Feiffer back in July 27-Aug 17 ~ 1952 the art work is breathtaking! Thanks to the Golden Age Comic Book Stories Blog the entire thing is up! Do yourselves a favor & go check it out!

The Epic Age - Alien Legion

From April 1984 – August 1990 it was an Epic Age, every month I'd wait at my comic box for the latest issue of Alien Legion. Not The Alien Legion but simply Alien Legion. It was done by the Marvel Epic line & was orginally conceived as: 

Pimary creator Carl Potts and co-creators Alan Zelenetz and Frank Cirocco developed the concept, and in 1983 Marvel ComicsEpic Comics imprint launched the first of several Alien Legion miniseries and one-shots. Collaborators have included writers Chuck Dixon and Larry Stroman, and artists Terry AustinWhilce Portacio, and Scott Hanna. Potts said in 2000
"The original concept was the 'Foreign Legion in space' and all the legionnaires were human. ... Then I created the humanoid/serpentine design that later became Sarigar and decided that the Legion should include a wide variety of species. This was in the early '70s. By the time I got around to developing the idea further in the early '80s, Star Wars obviously became an influence. The Alien Legion universe is a giant extrapolation of the American democratic melting-pot society where different races and cultures work together for the common good while dealing with the pluses and problems that the nation's diversity creates

Alien Legion wasn't the Green Lantern Corps, it was a take on the dirty aspects of  a war film told through the eyes of a group of aliens in a foreign legion style universe in a comic book
You weren't going to see any super powers here folks. A few natural abilities of an alien perhaps but that's it.
The plots were interesting & often historical events with the serial numbers filed off. The characters had motives, were interestingly complex in their own ways, & things made a sort of comic book plot line sense.
Uses For The OSR 
  • The organization of the Legion is tailored made for a space campaign
  • The plots are easily turned into adventures 
  • The races are perfect 
  • The politics makes for an excellent extended campaign 
  • The monsters are very generic & cool 
  • The body count is very high making this an excellent adventure design to steal from 
  • The beginning characters in the series are just that 1st level characters 
  • This is how a low powered space game should be run 
  • The omnibuses are fairly inexpensive & many folks have forgotten about the series. That means a Dungeon Master can mine it for all its worth! 
Want to know more check this out

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Another Forgotten Classic - Sun Starchaser The Legend of Orin

I saw this by myself back in the days when there was an actual movie theater here & not one of those mega mall movie theaters. The film practically dripped Star Wars rift but its really its own thing. The film has so many things that I continue to borrow from. I remember buying the dvd for this recently & re watching it. Its a great B movie.
  The movie's biggest claim to fame is how they rotoscoped cell animation over computer animation to make various elements of the movie have a very fluid effect. This is especially true for the spaceships, which are pretty awesome for a movie made in the mid-80's. The rotoscoping technique gives a level of freedom of movement in the spaceship scenes that really stand out from anything else in this era. It's really a treat to watch the Starchaser weave around gun turrets and blasting away the bad guys. 

Now it's been said that Starchaser is just a Star Wars rip-off, and if you look for it you will probably say that too. You have a young "out of touch with the modern world" hero with a sword that cuts through about anything, a wisecracking smuggler who is also captain of a starship (the Starchaser), a prissy comic foil in the ship's computer, and a villian with all the stereotypical profiles for a space opera villain (just like Darth Vader had).
 This is pretty much a waste a Sunday afternoon film on something cheesy kinda movie. Don't expect the meaning of life. Its simply a great watch! 

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin is a 1985 animated movie. It was written by animation writerJeffrey Scott and was originally released in 3-D by Atlantic ReleasingStarchaser was one of the first animated movies to mix traditional and computer animation. It is the only 3-D film distributed by Atlantic ReleasingAnthony De Longis played the evil Lord Zygon.
The story, set millennia in our future, opens on the fictional planet Trinia, where in a network of subterranean caverns toils a population of human slaves, overseen by anthropomorphic robotsknown as Mine-Masters. These humans are led to believe that only their "Mine-World" exists; that above it is a hell more terrible than their present joyless lives; and that their overlord Zygon, who demands that they mine increasing numbers of Rubidimite, a volatile red crystal native to Trinia, is a messenger of their Gods.
The titular character, Orin, is a young man dwelling under Zygon's theocracy. His most intimate friends are his younger brother Calli, who was blinded by a whiplash across the face; their agedaunt; a young woman called Élan; and her grandfather. One day Orin discovers a jeweled swordembedded in the rocks, whereupon ÉIan's grandfather sacrifices his own life to conceal it from the Mine-Masters. When Orin later takes the sword into his hands, it ascends into the air and buries itself in the cavern's floor. A projection of an old man appears from the blade, saying that above the Mine-World is a "magnificent universe" that the people may find. The blade then disappears, leaving only the hilt.
Although Raimo, another miner, objects to the idea on religious grounds, Orin and Élan embark to discover the said universe. They are pursued by the Mine-Masters, from whom they escape by hiding in the automated car that brings excavated crystals to Zygon. To their surprise, they find a metallic building complex filled with advanced technology beyond the barrier of firethrough which Zygon enters their world. There, they are captured by robots, and Zygon reveals that beneath the demonic mask he has hitherto shown them is the face of a human man. Zygon kills Élan, but is then distracted by Orin's sword hilt, and Orin escapes. When the robots fire on him, they strike a Rubidimite deposit, and in the resultant explosion Orin is hidden from Zygon and presumed dead.
Thereafter Orin digs a tunnel to the surface of Trinia, where he is later captured by Man-Droids, a group of half-organic, half-robotic beings who intend to vivisect him and use his body parts to replace their own, which are decaying. Unexpectedly, his sword's hilt produces what is apparently an invisible blade, killing two of the Man-Droids and helping Orin escape. Orin subsequently runs into a human smuggler named Dagg DiBrimi, who does not believe his story about human mine slaves and dubs him "Water Snake" for his allegedly-glib tongue.
When they are attacked by a guard patrol, Dagg allows Orin to board his aerospace craft, the Starchaser, which is operated by the intelligent board computer Arthur. Dagg seizes a load of Rubidimite crystals from a hovering freighter, but is driven away by Zygon and his robotic guards. During the fight, Dagg seizes a Fembot, a robot built to look and act like a human woman, used to accomplish clerical tasks. Subsequently re-programmed by Dagg, this Fembot, named Silica, becomes attached to him.
Dagg flies the Starchaser to a city called Toga Togo on the planet Bordogon, where he abandons Orin and gives Silica to a slave auctioneer. Orin then wanders through the city, trying to find a clue that will lead him to the location of the sword-hilt's vanished blade, which he believes is the essential factor by which to decide his people's fate. In this search Orin gains a suggestion of dubious truth value from a fortune-teller, consisting of advice to visit a place called Novaluna. Later, Orin sees Silica offered for sale, whereupon he offers high prices to buy her. When the auctioneer finds that Orin has no knowledge of local currency, he takes Orin's freedom in addition to Silica's; but Dagg, moved by his ownconscience, frees them.
Later, Dagg and Orin visit the home of two desert-dwelling merchants, to whom Dagg sells the stolen Rubidimite. Because Zygon has placed a price on Orin's head, the merchants offer to buy Orin as well, but Dagg refuses. In response, the merchants place a time bomb in Dagg's payment. Orin is forewarned by a mysterious "Starfly", whereupon Dagg and Arthur throw the money and bomb into their enemies' camp. Thereafter Dagg agrees to take Orin to Novaluna; but they are shot down by Zygon's robotic soldiers. Dagg is captured and Arthur rendered inactive, whereas Orin is thrown clear of the Starchaser and is rescued by Aviana, the daughter of Bordogon's Governor.
Upon having woken and met Aviana, Orin tells her his story, whereupon Aviana's computer reveals that the bladeless hilt has historically been used by a group of legendary guardians called the Ka-Khan to vanquish threats to humanity. Among these threats was a tyrant called Nexus, after whose defeat the hilt vanished until Orin's discovery of it. Aviana thereafter takes Orin to Trinia, where he again faces Zygon, who is officially Trinia's Commissioner of Trade. Orin attempts to kill Zygon for Élan's death and exposes him as a robot. Zygon then reveals that he is Nexus, seeking again to erect a tyranny over humanity. He has used the last millenia to gradually take control by surreptitiously reprogramming robots into his army and enslaving the populations of certain planets including Trinia, so that they are now prepared for a military strike. Zygon takes Orin's hilt and begins to co-ordinate the attack.
Orin and Aviana are imprisoned in the cell block wherein Dagg is also captive. Here, Orin and Aviana confess sexual feelings toward one another; but Aviana is taken aboard Zygon's flagship as a hostage. Orin is again approached by the Starfly, who brings him the hilt, which he uses to free himself and Dagg. They enter Zygon's flagship and take control of it, using it (again aided by the Starfly) to destroy the enemy fleet. They are rejoined by Silica and Arthur, who have restored the Starchaser.
Orin and his friends penetrate Zygon's base, but are attacked by his remaining troops. While Dagg, Silica, and Arthur stay behind to fight off their pursuers, Orin enters the Mine-World and begins to denounce Zygon, but is interrupted by Zygon himself. They fight, resulting in Orin dangling over a chasm, while Zygon gloats over him. As Orin hangs over the chasm, three Starflies appear and merge into one; but instead of giving him the hilt at his request, it states that he has no need of the hilt, adding that "there never was a blade". Orin therefore realizes that the power to create a cutting force came from himself. At this, he pulls himself up, generates such a force, and uses it to kill Zygon; whereupon his people rise in revolt and win freedom.
Above, Silica mistakenly causes accumulated Rubidimite crystals to explode, triggering a chain reaction which threatens to collapse the Mine-World. Orin then uses the hilt to open a fissure by which his people ascend to Trinia's surface, where Orin uses his new-found power to heal Calli of his blindness. Dagg, Silica, Arthur, and Aviana join Orin and his people there. Moments later, several Starflies reveal themselves to be the spirits of the past Ka-Khan, including the elder man of the hilt's projection. These invite Orin to join them; but he refuses in favor of living a commonplace human lifespan, though he is presumed to join them after death. Thereafter the other Ka-Khan leave him to merge with the stars.

Uses For The OSR 
 The film's plot is practually begging to be ripped off for an old school science fiction game. The intergalactic slave auction, the droids, the mega dungeon mining facility, well you get the idea here! Go to town with the film & have fun! 

Links - 
The screen play for Star Chaser Starchaser.pdf

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The Sorcerer's Tongue

The original stock for the The Sorcerer's Tongue!
Among the more memorable wares of the Pirate Worlds is this genetically modified
Cymothoa exigua parasite which has been combined with a Homunculus twisted by exposure to the Outer Darkness. These combined beings replace a magician or alchemist's tongue. The operation is a mere 130 credits & the pain is extreme as it is excruciating as the creature eats its host tongue. The creature allows the host to cast 1-3 spells per day without memorizing them.  These spells allow an alchemist  or mage to compete with the super science powers of  the Human Space population. These little monsters are found on a limited number of worlds such as Algol & Carcosa.

A mature  Sorcerer's Tongue awaiting replacement into an apprentice to continue its cycle of  magic & damnation

The damage does not end there though. Over the course of a life time as the caster relies on this parasite more & more the thing begins to gain in power as it feeds upon the soul of the user. In the end the caster's soul is delivered back to its master where the cycle begins anew.
The Sorcerer's Tongue is able to pass through many commercial scanners because it projects a damping field allowing those who don't pass a skill check not to notice it in a users aura. The parasite is easily outlawed on 72 planets within the known universe. On pirate worlds there are often thousands of mini versions of these little monsters swimming within alchemist's shop display windows glowing from the strange radiation of the life support units!

Vermillion Legion Veregya

Disintegrator ray cannons when you absolutely have to be sure  that everything is dead  on the battle field.

The cult leaders had barracked themselves within the capital building & were holding the governor, wife, son, & niece within the Grand Pyramid. The scene was very tense & the chalk white skin of the Illuminated shown  strangely within the grand building's light.
"They have 2 hours to bring us The Smokeless Carbuncle my dear governor. My followers wish no harm to you or the young ones. However your niece looks like a perfect sacrifice for my master's appetites."  The creature might have once been human but his skin was crisscrossed with a trace work of  scars in a grid like pattern. His strange overly sized head contrasted in color to his blood red robes & strange blue eyes. As he was speaking the governor's niece changed & her skin seemed to flow like strange languid liquid.
Her hands moved faster then his eyes or his followers could react.Within moments her claws had him, & not even his potent super science abilities could save him. His followers stood unmoving held fast by super science powers.
There shall be no retirement for you Porn Trader
"This is Corporal Kinrabe, area secure. Move In"

They are the right hand of the Autocrator in the darkness of  Human Space. There ranks swell with those of  abilities beyond the norm. The Vermillion Veregya Legion is known as the Department of Planar Warfare & its a name they live up to with a vengeance. The Grey Legion is drawn from the ranks of  the Deep Space fleets &  the Elite Sultyat clones. They are given new identities & rank within the Vemillion Legions. To former friends & family they are dead. Some of the Elite Sultyat are mind wiped or grown entirely within clone banks found within  deep space stations.
 They were special spacemen's leathers & are given special ranks within the  Veregya where they may be in deep cover for months moving among the Outer Colonies & pirate elements of the underworld. 

 Vermillion Veregya are often  a combination military force and interstellar law-enforcement agency, charged with the defense and preservation of Human Space. The ranks of  The Vermillion Legion are the cream of the crop.
 In game terms the adventurers, scientists, & astronauts receive a +1 or +2 to psychical attributes. Each one is also the receiver of an ability or power that is slightly beyond the norm. These abilities are part of the uniqueness of the  The Vermillion Legion Veregya.

  The ranks of a squad of  The  Vermillion Legion are always the same 2 Captains, a Lieutenant, a Sargent, a Corporal & a Scientist/Priest. These character will be veterans who have seen action within forces of the Human Space Empire's vast military machine. More details here Military & Government
Deep Undercover & Investigation is often the first step to accessing a situation

Investigation work is often 90% of the  Legion's job with in the Human Empires

Often when the Vermillion Legion must act is because an entire world has fallen to planar demonic influence. When this happens & the legion has no choose they act swiftly & planetary along with planar weapons are used to quell the world. The legion will follow closely with months of intense follow up
Jode' Tulvish The UnSpoken Lover has a violent hatred of  the Vermillion Legion having been banished from 11 core worlds
Sleeper Squad is a unique function within the Legion each of the psychics of the legion spends 12 months astrally wandering within the folds of hyper dimensional realities. These deep journeys allow the legion to pin point areas of trouble through the use of  super scientific powers far in advance of  "normal"  humanity & near humanity. Tours often last for a few months at a time.
Echo One - the larger of the deep sleep stations where the The Vermillion Legion Veregya  conducts its deep scans of hyper dimensional reality 

Here we see a member of the The Vermillion Legion using an  Edison disintegrator ray one of the more effective weapons against hyper planar entities. The ray is + 1  to any damage done to a demon or such entity. 
Members of the Legion work closely with any number of  alien  races  & geno types
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