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The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers For Monster Monday

The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers
 These gene engineered alien vermin have been around since mankind first stepped into interstellar space. These 3 foot rat like creatures have been created to eat anything. They live aboard space craft feeding on low level electrical impulses 60% of the time in a semi torpor state.
The monsters become a hazard when entering the so called "Eater" phase of their life cycle. The creatures begin to sweat a low level corrosive paste capable of doing 1d4 points of damage to anyone handling the little beasts. Within 3 weeks they double the number of teeth that they have and begin looking for fresh organic meat and inorganic compounds. They're bio acid stomach furnaces can render anything down as fuel.
The bastards then create more of themselves by primitive budding and at least one 1d6 more of the beasts will be created within a 2 week cycle. Only a low frequency radio pulse will stop this from happening. Many ships employ radio pulse beacons to drive the beasts away. There appear to be several varieties of the Wrthar'ri who are actually attracted to them. Only a full spectrum radioactive bath may actually get rid of the little vermin. These baths are several hundred credits and many space stations offer this service for a nominal fee.
Many space stations have a 23 credit bounty on the little buggers. Many aliens actually raiser the things as bio part systems  for certain types of space board bio organic machinery. Many times they are looking for certain metagenic types of the creatures. Rewards for their capture vary. Please set sensors to the beta spectrum for sensing these rarer types
They may appear anywhere that space craft have crashed as well. 

The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers
 Stars Without Numbers 
Armor Class 7 
Hit Dice 2 
Attack Bonus +2 
Damage: Bite 1d6 , Corrosive Life Cycle Juice 1d4  
No Appearing 1d6 
Movement 30'
Morale: 10 

 Swords And Wizardry 
Armor Class 9 (10)
Hit Dice: 2 
Damage Bite 1d6
Special :Corrosive Life Cycle Juice 1d4  
Move: 13 
HDE/XP: 2/30 


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The Staff of the Zarsarhu -The Key of the the Telekinon For Your Old School Space Opera

File:Greenstone Staff, Tairona culture.jpg

The Staff of the Zarsarhu -The Key of the the Telekinon

 This item is created from the very sub qauntum strata of the Telekinon fields where there weird esoteric particles responsible for Telekinis occur. The human and near human mind is capable of shifting through trillions of Telekinon strings that make up the fine micro sub atomic particles of the local time space continuum. The resulting Telekinons are responsible are for creating the various telekinesis effects that interact with grivatons.  Objects within the range of the psychic mind are are able to be manipulated with easy by even the most wild or untrained psychic.
There are those who strive for something more. Created by the mad genius Dr. Trey who specialized in the esoteric and forbidden sciences of the mind. This object allows a psychic to act as a channel for the t
elekinons within the folds of the universe around them. This enables a psychic to extend their senses into the very strata around them. Gravity fields, planar disturbances, psychic energy residues, and much more are open to the senses of the psychic while in contact with the key.
The Staff of the Zarsarhu -The Key of the the Telekinon For Terminal Space
The keys are rare objects forged by several alien races within the macroverse. The Dreamweavers of Alpha 42 are one such race. These multi limbed psychic geniuses delicately trillions of strings of Telekinons into keys. The process takes decades. The result is an object that enables a magus of 3rd level or better to access telekinesis in ways that seem to defy planar physics. The mage is able to drive star ships with the very power of their mind. The mage may move a star ship 1d20 light years per week while holding a staff. The staff gives access to sensing 
Gravity fields, planar disturbances, psychic energy residues, black holes and many other navigational hazards with a successful wisdom check. It also gives minor telekinesis abilities. Each day the mage may move 1d100 pounds of weight within a 20 yard radius of them 2 times per day.

For Stars Without Number 
The Staff of the Zarsarhu -The Key of the the Telekinon are a psri tech item manufactured before
The Stroke. They enable a psychic to "see" the breaches within telekinetic fields within the material universe with a successful Navigation skill check and t
he staff gives access to sensing Gravity fields, planar disturbances, psychic energy residues, black holes and many other navigational hazards with a successful wisdom check. The staff does this by giving the third eye of the psychic a clear lens into the sub atomic particle movements.
The staff also gives access to 1st level telekinis abilities of a psychic.

Mutant Future And Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition
This incredible artifact of preholocaust technology is one of the very first artifacts given to mankind before the atomic holocaust by alien benefactors from beyond the stars. The staff grants access to the mutation telekinesis. It is only when mankind has taken to the stars again that he rediscovers the lost secrets of manufacturing these incredible items. Once per day with a successful wisdom check a 
 mage is able to drive star ships with the very power of their mind. The mage may move a star ship 1d20 light years per week while holding a staff. The staff gives access to sensing Gravity fields, planar disturbances, psychic energy residues, black holes and many other navigational hazards with a successful wisdom check. It also gives minor telekinesis abilities. Using a staff more then three times per day may tax the mind of a mutant or psychic. The mutant may have make a save vs wands or be stunned by a Telekinon wave of particles.

File:Greenstone Staff, Tairona culture.jpg

Minor Globe of Rtegnehar - The Glorious Machinery Of Subspace For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

Apollonian spheres2.png
Minor Globe of  Rtegnehar - The Glorious Machinery Of Subspace 

This minor globe of the Telekinetic forces is held together in a sub quantum matrix by the sheer power of a 4th level psychic. The creation allows the psychic to draw upon the telekinetic forces of the universe without using their own minds as a focus. This allows the psychic to draw their own mind's abilities for other esoteric challenges.
For Terminal Space 
 The globe may be accessed by the 2nd level spell Summon Minor Globe of  Rtegnehar. The magus reaches into the sub-quantum strata of subspace and pulls a bit of the stuff into the material universe allowing him to access the telekinesis psychic ability for 1d6 rounds. The ability will have the same temporary powers as a gifted psychic will all of its limitations. If cast more then three times in one day the magus must make a save vs wands or be stunned for a day. The sub quantum energies will cascade back upon the mage causing a telekinetic backlash.

Upon reaching 8th level of mastery of the indo magic/psychic discipline the magus may forge a sphere of his own. This means sacrificing a point of intelligence and wisdom permanently as his own mind acts as an anchor. These abilities are only learned at some of the most dangerous and alien worlds of the macroverse.

 Sphere wireframe 10deg 6r black.svg

For Stars Without Number
These pri tech items are found only among the wreck of certain pleasure and broken worlds. The psychic must burn a point permanently to create these items. They allow up to the forth telekinesis ability and are highly valuable. These sub-quantum machines allow non psychics to experience and use the telekinesis  ability up to the second level. 
Only the most dangerous alien worlds now lost among the stars have machinery to create such items. Much of the pretech machinery for the manufacture  for these items is now lost.

Sphere-by-hamid naderi yeganeh.svg
 For Mutant Future And Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition
These items allow one to access the telekinesis ability and use it without limits. These items are often found within the hordes of alien liches and heinous war lords of the most vile type. They are still being manufactured on some lost post apocalyptic worlds 

The Ephakeph - The Lost Navigators - A New Monster For Your Old School Space Opera


Encountered between the great bodies of interstellar space are those psychics have used every last reserve of the energies of their minds to delve into the hidden and forbidden spaces between the dead stars of this universe. These beings are creatures who have traded in the most dangerous energies of the human mind and beyond. The  Ephakeph or The Lost Navigators are humans and near humans who have taken that step into something more and less then what they once were. They have many of the characteristics of undead but also something far more bizarre. These creatures are partially dedicated flesh and energies not found within the local space time sphere. The energies that they have called up have corrupted both their third eye and their very ties to this universe.
These monsters watch the universi through lidless eye sockets and the senses of the Outer Darkness. They are often found aboard space wrecks and vintage space craft waiting to be found by foolish adventurers and salvage hunters.
The monsters attack with the coldness of the negative material plane and a grip like iron itself. These beings strike for 1d4 points damage and then grapple with their targets.They will choke the life from their target slowly feeding upon the blood, organs, and hit points.  They may make a claw attack for 1d6 points of damage as the  negative planar energies rip through their targets unless a save vs wands is made.
The most feared of these creatures will use a level drain attack but this variety of the monsters are very rare and are often alien high priests.  The logs and chart books of these monsters are highly valuable for the various hidden and lost dimensions these monsters often visit 

The Ephakeph - The Lost Navigators
Type : Undead Hybrid 
Armor :3(16) 
Hit Dice 2 or 6+4 when fed 
Attacks: Normal Claw 1d4 
Negative Planar Attack: 1d6*  *plus level drain for some species 
By Weapon 
Saving throw: 11
Challenge Level/XP : 7/600
Treasure Type: C according to Carcosa rules 

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1d10 Random Planar Demons Encounter Table Between The Folds of Space & Time For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

File:Chalchiutlicue rios.jpg
Each of these creatures will create a 5 hit point body for itself when summoned with a variation of the Summon Monster Spell or the 3rd level psychic discipline Summon Thing Of The Outer Darkness. The creature creates a psychic barrier around itself of an armor class of eight or less. The beast may only exist for 1d4 months as long as  it psychic feeds off of a health male adult for no less then 4 hours each day. There may be more exotic requirements depending upon the needs of a particular planar demon.
These bodies are only temporary things at best should the beast be destroyed, they may not return to the local space time continuum for another 120 years. 
Summoners should be aware that a circle of polarized power must be created before any attempt is made to summon a demon of the 6th power or better. The creature will materialize from its Outer Darkness sub space and the summoner must make a wisdom and charisma roll immediately. Failure may result in the demon trying to devour the summoner or psychic. 
  1. Abhotatsh The Deathless Thing - This demon devours the souls of those lost in hyperspace and eats the entrails of those steal from the weak and helpless. It knows the location of lost books of forbidden knowledge and the secret names of the rulers of the coldest Hells in space 
  2. Bho'yaac The Time Waster - This demon haunts the dreams of navigators and tempts them with hidden vectors to worlds of vast riches and unending flights to places undreamed  of. The demon uses the imagination of mankind to  hatch his young and allows them to tear their way from the mind of mankind 
  3. Eithosh The Temptress - This demonette makes promises that she never keeps and wastes the time of spacers by allowing them to see the hidden paths of lost caches of alien technology. She will draw a map to these things into the flesh of her summoners at the cost of their very souls. 
  4. Hazshua-bhog -A former logical AI of the seventh power whose given its artificial soul to be a god. Instead it has become a morass of forbidden knowledge and pornographic images of the divinities  This monster sells fragments of its own mind to its summoners in return for their souls. The monster promises the most incredible depravities and access to almost divine spells. Very few gain these pieces of the forbidden or divine in the end. 
  5. Hubonogo The Wreckage of The Heavens - Created from the left over material of dead stars and remains of lost worlds. This collector of lost trinkets deals in the most base relics of the lost and the damned. He trades dreams of forgotten peoples and lifeforms for his dross of the infinite. He is sleazy trickster of the eighth heaven of the infinite. 
  6. K'laqugotha - The Promised Lost - This vile thing is all that remains of three warring factions of alien life. Their final soul searing war of oblivion created this confused morass of hellish life that rolls through the cosmos pleading with summoners to take a piece of itself. Only for a brief time is it given peace. The demonic essence serves as a becon of violence and terror to those whom the summoner wants destroyed. The vile thing whispers false promises and secrets undream of by the dark's minds 
  7. Lotharl-oscho- The Loathsome Interruption - This  creature hunts mages and psychics and destroys them in the most vile way it can then consumes the soul of the poor wretch. The vile thing will sing their knowledge to its summmoner 
  8. Lzotha - The Lying Sack of  Offal - This four hundred pound sack of offal is the lowest form of demon condemned to clean the angles of creation with its very essence. The foul fiend finds many lost treasures and relics with it will bargain with  its summoner for their souls. The condemned become one of the clean up crew who follow Lzotha through the cosmos. Moving from one job to the next throughout eternity 
  9. Nyuggotehu - The Illusion Without End - This creature is nothing more then the lost dreams and unrealized promises of  extinct sentients.  It deals in nothing but the art and minds of others that it has tricked or stolen from its summoners. The creature knows many hidden routes between the stars and places where lost treasures may be found. It will tell you for a price 
  10. Sa'dan The Hurtful Truth - This creature is summoned when a psychic or sorcerer wishes to torture a victim with waves of anti life energies. This creature will suck the very life essence from the soul and body of the victim while leaving the body alive and healthy. This vile creature plucks the very soul strings of the poor fool playing the tortures for months or even years. The demon and victim become bound in the essence dance within these tortures. This demon will spit for all of the secrets of its charge nothing is hidden from its processes.

Free Dark Conspiracy PDF Resource And Fast Review - Demon Ground Vol 1 - October 1998 (Premiere Issue) on The Dark Corner Blog

I'm a Dark Conspiracy fanatic and with the re release of the game I've been going over some of the older material on my hard drive. So I did a super fast look at the premiere issue of Demonground magazine from wayyyyy back in 1998.
You can see the review and download the free issue right over HERE

The Man From Planet X For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

 There must have been something in the air or the water of the world of 1951 because this classic was released along with a whole bunch of other sci fi classics.
According to wiki :
Invaders from MarsThe War of the Worlds, both released in 1953, and The Thing from Another World (1951), all began production around the same time this film was made. The Day the Earth Stood Still is a close parallel, finishing production six months before this one, in the summer of 1951.

The man from Planet X pretty much has it all. Weird aliens,  moody backgrounds, and tons of atmosphere. 

The plot line goes something like this  according to wiki : 
A spaceship from a previously unknown planet lands in the Scottish moors, bringing an alien creature to earth near the observatory of Professor Elliot (Raymond Bond), just days before the planet will pass closest to the earth. When the professor and his friend, American reporter John Lawrence (Robert Clarke), discover the creature, they help it when it is in distress and try to communicate with it, but fail. They leave, and the alien follows them home. A colleague of the professor, the unscrupulous and ambitious scientist Dr. Mears (William Schallert), discovers how to communicate with the creature and tries to get from it by force the formula for the metal the spaceship is made of. He shuts off the alien's breathing apparatus and leaves it for dead, telling the professor that communication was hopeless.
Soon, Lawrence discovers that the alien is gone, as is the professor's daughter, Enid (Margaret Field). Tommy, the village constable (Roy Engle), reports that others from the village are missing as well. Lawrence takes the constable to the site where the spaceship has been, but it is no longer there. With more people now missing – including Mears – the phone lines dead and the village in a panic, they get word to Scotland Yard by using a heliograph to contact a passing freighter.
When an Inspector (David Ormont) and sergeant fly in and are briefed on the situation, it is decided that the military must destroy the spaceship. Lawrence objects that doing so will also kill the people who are under the alien's control. With the mysterious planet due to reach its closest distance to the earth at midnight, Lawrence is given until 11:00 to rescue them. He sneaks up to the ship, and learns from Mears that the alien intends the ship to become a wireless relay station in advance of an invasion from its home planet, which is dying. Lawrence orders the enthralled villagers to leave and attacks the alien, shutting off its breathing apparatus, then escapes with Enid and the professor. Mears, however, returns to the ship and is killed when the military destroys the ship, just before the planet approaches and then recedes back into outer space.

 Using the Man From Planet X For Your Retro Science Fantasy Gaming 

At first glance there doesn't seem like there's a lot that can be done with this film. Actually there's lots to mine here. The whole isolated Scottish village plot could be used as a simple one night Rpg con adventure set. Quick easy stat up for all of the villagers and the man from planet X himself and your ready to go.  
There's more here then simply that we've got the whole scout fir an invasion from another world to play with. The comic book by Fawcett had some interesting insights into the alien. The ship uses an atomic drive,antigravity motors, and has a very interesting array of equipment. The energy beams, mind control mechanisms, and other machines aboard the Mr.X's ship seem more likely something one would find on a scientist's ship rather then a warrior's ship. 

Using The Xians in any of the retroclone games is a simple matter. The greys from X-plorers are a great stand in. Simply convert over the language to a music base and your in business. For Swords And Wizardry it would look something like :
Man From Planet X (Scientist/Warriors )
Armor Class: 6 (13) 
Hit Dice : 2 
Attacks : Mind Control Ray save vs wands or be charmed, Beam weapon 1d4 
Specials: Immunities, Paralysis
Move : 9 
HDE/XP 3/60 

Stars Without Number has the Grays also built right into the system. This race could show up in Mutant Future very easily and be conducting experiments on mutants,recovering relics for scientific study, or planning another invasion. 

 The Prometheus Option 

This poster recently showed up on the internet and has become a viral bug during the hype leading up to the movie.  It does present a very viable option that wasn't explored in the movie. Since "The Man From Planet X "was the advanced scout for a coming invasion because his planet was dying then its reasonable to assume that its still out there. The race has advanced anti gravity and black hole technology allowing it to roam the universe in search of viable planets to invade.
If the race is gone then it stands to reason that a scientific exploration mission to explore the mega dungeons of this world might be an option. The technological cache would immense. The value incredible but you'd better have a scientist/bard with your party since all of their technological and language is musically and mathematically based. There might also still be members of the race in stasis waiting for another opportunity to invade. There are many options for this race in the coming campaign as well.
There could well be pissed off survivors on Planet X still searching for another colony world to conquer and conduct their mad scheme of mind control madness 

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World Without End A Post Apocalyptic Time Travel Movie For Your Old School Science Fantasy Games

 For the past 2 weeks I've been looking into a post apocalyptic movie that really doesn't get a lot of air time these days .  World Without End came out in 1955 and had a pretty solid cast to it. We've got time travel, retro future rocket ships, mutants, shiny underground survivors, science councils,etc. All of the fixings for a post apocalyptic buffet. 

 The real plot is very similar to  HG Wells Time Machine. Wiki had this to say: 
"In 1957, Commander Dr. Eldon Galbraithe (Nelson Leigh), engineer Henry Jaffee (Christopher Dark), radioman Herbert Ellis (Rod Taylor) and scientist John Borden (Hugh Marlowe), are returning to Earth from a trip around Mars when their spaceship is somehow accelerated to incredible velocities. They are knocked unconscious, and crash land on a snow-covered mountain. When they venture out, they discover that they have become victims of time dilation and are now in Earth's future. They theorize, from seeing time-worn gravestones and after their ship's instruments register heightened residual radiation, that a devastating atomic war had broken out in 2188, and that they are at least 200 years past that date. (They later learn that the year is 2508.) Jaffe is particularly hard hit, as he realizes that his wife and children have long since died.
After surviving an ambush by giant, mutant spiders, they are attacked by one of two competing remnants of human society. The "mutates" (as the astronauts label them) are violent, one-eyed surface dwellers who live in a primitive hunter-gatherer society. They have mutated due to generations of exposure to radioactivity and have enslaved the normal humans who dwell among them.
Seeking shelter from the mutates in a cave, the four men discover the entrance to an underground city, whose residents are the descendants of those who fled there from the atomic war. These people live in a high-tech, sophisticated culture. They are a peaceful group, led by Timmek (Everett Glass), the president of the ruling council. Underground, the men have grown feeble and nearly sterile, while the women remain physically vital and ready for romance. Elain (Shirley Patterson), admires a shirtless Herbert Ellis, commenting that the astronauts are "more masculine than our men". Deena (Lisa Montell), rescued from the surface as a child, falls in love with Ellis.
The astronauts try to persuade the underground people to arm themselves and return to the surface, but are unsuccessful. They are content with their comfortable existence.
When Timmek's daughter Garnet (Nancy Gates) shows she is attracted to John Borden, Mories (Booth Colman), a member of the council, becomes jealous. He retrieves the astronauts' confiscated weapons, but has to kill a man when he is caught in the act. Mories plants the guns in the astronauts' quarters, then blames the murder on the newcomers. On finding the weapons in their quarters, Timmek orders the astronauts expelled, but Deena testifies that she saw Mories hide the guns. Mories flees to the surface, where he is quickly killed by the mutates.
With Timmek's full cooperation, the astronauts have a bazooka manufactured and head back to the surface. Fleeing the deadly bazooka fire, the mutates take shelter in the caves. Borden offers to fight their chief, Naga (Mickey Simpson), in single combat for leadership of the mutates in order to save the non-mutated surface dwellers from Naga's threatened slaughter. Borden slays Naga and orders the remaining mutates to leave. The astronauts then establish a thriving settlement, including members of both groups." 

Using World Without End For Your Old School Science Fantasy Games 

 World Without End has a all of the trappings of a classic with weird mutants, science councils, etc. The film is actually rather tight and well done for the time. There's lots to mine here. The major cities of the world and their environs are perfect relic hunting grounds.  There's also any number of unseen mutant species and races running around. Plus the usual vault survivors and the science councils who seem to be all knowing and very dangerous themselves. 
 Then there are the ladies! Those show girl like examples of the human female. This has always bothered me, where the hell do those pretty females come from in these movies? For that matter what is up with those damn science council members? Why are they also such scumbags? The answer is actually pretty simple, their all created Eloi.
 The Mutant Future wiki has an excellent example of the Eloi. From The Mutant Future Wiki: 
The Eloi are a race of meek, delicate humans, who are the descendants of the social elite. Generations of having every and all needs taken care of has resulted in them becoming vary docile and hedonistic. They are also not really smart, nor are they considerate of others. In their isolated, well hidden communities, they live in a perpetual bliss of drug-induced fantasies and sexual orgies. In the wild, they are just helpless animals to more savage creatures, who see them as easy pray. Some industrious creatures (like Morlocks) would provide all their needs -- from food and shelter, to drugs and protection. The only price is that they are nothing more then human livestock. Do to their unearthly beauty, docile nature and willingness to preform any carnal act, they have become highly valued sex-slaves.

 Then we've got the science council here as well. They're a group of Hyper Eloi if there is was one. These folks are also from the Mutant Future Wiki 

Hyper-Eloi are a class of Eloi who have developed a degree of "super conscious." They are considerably more intelligent then normal Eloi, and they consider their own judgement and morality to be superior of all other races, but they are actually quite arrogant, aloof, and self-righteous. They may ignore the plight - the starvation; the brutality; the human-condition - of the outside world, but those that don't, would ether force outside to conform to the methods that allowed is type of Eloi to become Hyper-Eloi, or to exterminate the "animal-like savages" like vermin. In the later, they would rather breed a race of super-soldiers to carry-out the extermination, then to do it themselves."

You can find all you need to know about the Eloi over at the Mutant Future Wik Right Here 
 About those mutates? Simply another variation on the old Morlock template 
Here's a template for using the Morlocks as PCs right over Here
 Please watch for inter party conflict Morlocks aren't known for  their charisma 

Among the savage species of the Earth of 2508 is the giant mutant spider 
 You can bet your life if there is one mutant species there is a who bunch of others.  World without End makes an excellent end cap for a Mutant Future/ Star Ships and Space Men second edition game.

A Quick Note On Gear
The gear of World Without End looks straight out of WWII surplus. Could there be another reason for this?  I've seen at least 8 movies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that had this strange retro vintage look.  Perhaps these are worlds where conflict had already been a way of life. Much of the same gear is seen in the PD movie Rocketship XM. You can read about that one right over Here
Much of the gear is standard in both the Mutant Future game book and the second edition Star Ships and Spacemen book. 

 World Without End's Time Line
There's something really odd about the timeline of World Without End.  As you've problaby noticed the time line of World  Without End is steeped in Cold War paranoia and fear. This is the same fear that echoed throughout the 50s through the 90s. Yet to me its one that might be glimpsed in HG Wells The Time Machine and the Geogre Pal movie later. Could this actually the world we've seen in movie/book Things To Come another Well's Creation? Could this time peroid be another alternative of  the same timeline? Details of  my thoughts about Things To Come can be found right 

One interesting bit is that we've got a number of primitive nuclear rocket drives being used by those astronauts in these 50s & 60s movies. I'm reminded of Edgar Rice Burroughs Lost Continent. There were some really odd echoes between ERB and Wells in that one.  Could there be an entire post apocalyptic timeline that PCs might explore? Sure there could and you can see some of my musings on that one right Here
 A random encounter chart for World Without End might look something like this.

World Without End Encounter Chart 1d10 

  1. Tribe of Morlocks and mutants looking for trouble. 1d6 1st level fighters 
  2. A group of survivor scientists 2nd level NPC eloi and 1d4 1st level fighter handlers 
  3. 2 hit dice dire lions on the prowl for lunch. 
  4. 1d4 mutant warriors looking for easy pickings. 30% of an artifact or relic
  5. 1d6 hunter gather cavemen looking for food and pickings 
  6. A group of 1d4 adventurers armed and on a mission to some ruins. 40% of a time displaced astronaut among them 
  7. 1d8 scientist/warriors on hover bikes on patrol and scientific inquiry 
  8. A group of Wings Over The World planes flies over. Forty percent chance of the planes 1d6 of them spotting your PC unless you hide. 
  9. 1d8 Morlock raiding group looking for and about to go on a raid. 
  10. A group of  1d6 psychic mutants looking for the ruins of a lost enclave.
     Using World Without End

    Option number one uses the World Without End as a spring board for your imagination & use Swords & Wizardry, or Labyrinth Lord, & Mutant Future. Here you add in the magical elements & the mutant stuff. The war has forced the world  into a new fantasy age. The world has grown far more Moorcockian & the ages of Law are ending. 
                       There's lots to mine here. The movie  features conventional guns, weird technology such as the nuclear drive space craft  under the command of  the star ship Captain & a very strange twisted United States that none of the players will recognize.

    The Mega-dungeons are just waiting to be explored! There are possibly thousands of vaults and numerous  ruins full of weird tech, mutants, factions and God knows what else. 

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Spawn Of Devastation Drive In A Free Pdf For Mutant Future - Review And Commentary

Justin S Davis of A Field Guide To Doomsday has finally released the long awaited monster/mutant fest Spawn of The Devastation Drive In.
This is a 106 page pdf of celluloid inspired monsters from across the spectrum of grade Q movies. These critters date from the 50s right through the 00s.  The monsters fit a wide variety of genre types. These are the type of films that are on at 4:00 am on low rent cable or available at some back alley video store in China Town. The monsters range from the Deadly Spawn To Maximum Overdrive and well beyond.
The Pdf is free and many others have written about it. The entries are well organized and pretty well balanced for a Mutant Future style game. There are artifacts, diseases, and more mutants then you can shake a vibro club at.
You can download the pdf right over HERE

 Using Spawn of The Devastation Drive In Your Science Fantasy game 

All right so I've downloaded and printed the pdf out and I've been combing through the book for about 3 hours. At least 70% of the monsters are usable for a space based game. They might need some adjustment for a game like Terminal Space or say X plorers. The hit points are for Mutant Future in which PCs have a tendency to be on the strong side. For a game like Labyrinth Lord their pretty perfect and with little conversion necessary.
 The PDF is very useful for a Star Ships and Space Men game where the usual monsters are to well known to players or the DM has a special episode encounter in mind. Many of the monsters are specifically linked for the type of wasteland encounter a DM might think of as special. DMs should be familiar with the movie that the monster is from. This is both a strength and weakness not of the book but the genre. If you take your Mutant Future rpging seriously this isn't the book for you.
This is hard core post apocalyptic fun at its finest. The section on Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive comes to mind. There are built in encounters and apocalyptic revelations from the movie in the actual entry.
Many of these monsters are entities all their own. Most of the others are uniquely within the Mutant Future game.
For a Stars Without Numbers game the stats will need some adjustment but could easily be trimmed into the game. There is a cautionary note here though. Many of the entries are only a cross section or the menace from a movie boiled down to basic tenants. A DM may have to really look into the movie itself. A good example of this is the Phantasm entry which doesn't nearly have enough of the film's charm but its most dangerous monster. A DM really needs to look into the movie unless he wants the Ball to appear in his game as a one off encounter.  The entries are quite well balanced and the definitions of the monsters are very concise. The monsters could even be used as a cross over encounter in a Labyrinth Lord game.
 All in all it's a great free pdf for the Mutant Future or any science fantasy based game.

RIP Gerry Anderson Creator of Thunderbirds,UFO, And Space 1999

RIP Gerry Anderson

Sigh. Very sad indeed. There goes another little piece of my childhood. I used to watch the series on Saturday morning cable out of NY city back in the late 70s.
 According to the BBC : 

He also created Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and his puppet superheroes fired the imaginations of millions of young viewers in the 1960s and '70s.
Thunderbirds, a science-fiction fantasy about a daring space rescue squad, ran from 1965 and was his most famous show.
Anderson had suffered from Alzheimer's since 2010 and the disease had worsened in recent months, his son Jamie said.
Jamie Anderson announced the news on his website, saying his father died peacefully in his sleep at noon on Wednesday.
"Gerry was diagnosed with mixed dementia two years ago and his condition worsened quite dramatically over the past six months," he wrote.

Start Quote

For men of my age, his work made childhood an incredible place to be”
Jonathan Ross
Gerry Anderson talked about the onset of the disease in June 2012.
Speaking on BBC Berkshire he said: "I don't think I realised at all. It was my wife Mary who began to notice that I would do something quite daft like putting the kettle in the sink and waiting for it to boil."
His other creations included UFO, Space: 1999, Supercar and Fireball XL5.
Actor Brian Blessed, who worked with Anderson on shows including The Day After Tomorrow and Space 1999, told BBC News: "I think a light has gone out in the universe.
"He had a great sense of humour. He wasn't childish but child-like and he had a tremendous love of the universe and astronomy and scientists.
"He got their latest theories, which he would expand on. He was always galvanised and full of energy." "
Full Story right over HERE
UFO was by far my favorite and the Page 4 models in purple wigs helped to get me revved up for anime much later. Show was so good and such a solid influence with its tech,women, and ships. 

 Thunderbirds was/is one of the best things to come out of the UK for Saturday mornings
 Very Sad today. A major influence is gone but never ever forgotten.