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1d20 Random Planar Demon Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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Descending from the depths of the Outer Darkness into the spaces and curved time of our reality come the planar demons. Beings from the vilest depths beyond human imagination and the pale of mankind. These inimical creatures are born in the cold depths of nameless Hells between the cold dead stars themselves to feast on the souls of mankind. 

File:Slate mask of Tlaloc (the rain god), Mixtec people, Valley of Oaxaca, c. 900-1200 CE.JPG
These beings build temporary bodies for themselves from the dreams, passions, and left over nightmares of mankind lying around in the void between the dead stars of space. The tendrils, legs, and tentacles all await to tear the soul of fools and adventurers.

Type: Other
 Armor Class:-2 (21)

Hit Dice:12
Attacks: Tendril 3d6+Death
Saving Throw :3 
Special : Annihilate Non living Matter 
Move: 12 Ground/18 
Challenge level: 15/2,900 

  1. Bbbolli- This creature feeds on the eyes of dead dreamers and fortells the near death of kings and royalty. 
  2. Bharsibhom- He Of The Gibbering Stars knows of alien treasures and forgotten demonic crypts. Willing to share his forbidden knowledge for a high price 
  3. De-no - The made Engineer of Flesh Able to build 1d4 infernal devices of the patron's choose from the slain carcasses of his enemies
  4. Enyogot The Guttural Maw - Able to devour any indesresion or even the dreams of a mad man. It is said that his innards are event horizen to another plane. 
  5. G'chomamich Born in the womb of a dying star this being will give 1d4 3rd level spells for the price of one's temporary sanity as it whispers the secrets of the damned and dying 
  6. Han'losok The Mad Teleporter - This being breaks down reality itself as it teleports without error each round. Able to make 1d10 teleport attacks per day day. Called upon for the secrets of energy to matter. 
  7. Harskeki-zan The Secret Dreamer - Knows the darkest PC's secrets and wants which it will share for a small price. A very reviled creature even among its own kind. 
  8. Keistsiso The Blood That Does Not Flow - Able to birth any creature into a vampiric clone of itself.  Its price is a pint of its masters blood. Said to spread a demonic taint 
  9. Mmmeighar The Laughter That Will Not Stop - This comedic 10th level assassin and joker will tell the secrets of died universes in riddles that drive sane men mad. 
  10. N'zathushagn The Miniture Cold Hell - A 7 hit point ice elemental with the heart of a demon. This is the storm of the coldest hell that sucks all into itself. Always hungry for the blood of the innocent to freeze. Often called in the construction of certain magic or psychic items of  a forbidden nature 
  11. Phathotar The Mockery Without End - This being is summoned to bind hated major devils and demons by revealing their secret names through torture and its sarcastic reversals. A master torturer and wordsmith of the lowest order 
  12. Phoa-ata The Feeder of Hate - A demonic void of entropic energy and nothingness that feeds on all even beings from the entropic planes themselves. The ultimate parasite of reality. 
  13. Stek-schalo The Gate of Hyperspace and Time. This is the guardian of forbidden time travel and the judgements of paradox. This being will aid any time traveler in the forbidden secrets of time reverses and pardoxes. Always willing to help for a sample of the caller's life forces and 1d4 years of their lives. 
  14. Sti'pha The Gate of Life And Death - This being is able to add 1d8 years of misery to its caller's life. This being is often called to stall a judgement for an infernal contract. These forbidden years are nothing more then living hells themselves and the sweet suffering of the target feeds this monster. 
  15. Tlaarastigug The Dream without End - This monster wraps the caller within its soiled embrace of dreams and false fantasies. The caller can not distinguish one reality from another as he is slowly digested within the folds of the beast. A disgusting monster 
  16. Ugot - The Uncaring One - This is the unstop able tide, the ever present guardian, the Uncaring One will create 1d20 duplicates of itself and serve its master at every task commanded. It cares nothing for the task because each time it is summoned more of its life force infects the various planes like a demonic disease of reality 
  17. Ugothig That Which Abides - This is the tainted life. This being will sprout 1d10 mutated hybrids of itself. These will each have 1d4 mutations each that will spawn and rape anything near by and create more twisted demonic life. This being is called as weapon of mass destruction 
  18. Yibhuacy - The White One - This giant demonic being is an engine of pure destruction. A 10 hit point monster that simply destroys everything in its path. The monster's acidic touch does 1d6 points of damage to mostly everything. Magic items do get a save. The tears of an innocent child will banish it back to its nether hell pocket dimensional prison 
  19. Yuathuathan - The Mad Maker -This mechanical machine of the lowest hell will simply manufacture more of its 7 hit point self and devour everything around it to create more of itself. Unless The Great Command is given then this being will assemble itself into the Great Engine and begin to devide the universal formula of Life. Anyone listening will gain 1d4 points of wisdom but will lose the ability to speak normal words. Often called upon to confuse entire nations. This being may only be banished by a gift of love and nature. 
  20. Yuathursi The Reality Breaker - This being is used as a lever between the planes themselves. This stick like figure flows between planes and will reveal hidden routes between the hells  and heavens of the insane and crazy ones. Only the tears of a virgin's hate may banish it. It will reveal the seven secret spells of Zarlon to the caller but at a terrible price.  

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  1. Because there are just never enough planar demons. :) It's like early Christmas! ;)

  2. Its almost like an early Aztec Apocalyptic vision! Lovecraftian demons dancing in their heads. Thanks for the comment Trey! More coming up including a lovely selection of random encounters.


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