Monday, December 17, 2012

Sneak Peak Line Up For Gygax Magazine

A sneak peek into Gygax #1:

Len Lakofka - Leomund's Secure Shelter
Cosmology of Roleplaying Games
Tim Kask - Still Playing After All These Years
Ron Corn - The Ecology of the Banshee 
Roll20 - Virtual Tabletops
Ernie Gygax - The Gygax Family Storyteller
Ernie Gygax - Between the Dungeons
Dennis Sustare - Keeping Magic Magical
Cory Doctorow - DMing for Your Toddler
Steve Kenson - Great Power for Icons
Dennis Detwiller - Talents off the Front Line
Ethan Gilsdorf - Gaming Over the Decades
Michael Tresca - Adaption Decay
Kobold's Corner
An Adventure by Michael Curtis
Comics - Marvin the Mage
Comics - Phil Foglio - What's New with Phil and Dixie
Rich Burlew - Order of the Stick

 So here it is straight off the desk of Tim Kask, the line up for the first issue of Gygax magazine. The formula looks like a winner. Why? Because this looks like something we haven't seen in 16 years or so. The same good old fashioned articles that built a certain company into the power house that it was. This look very nice. I'm looking forward to this with baited breath. I'm hoping to get my hands on a review copy of this wonderful magazine. The fact is that its very nice to see where this is going to go. We need more gaming material for both the OSR and the general market. Maybe its time to start seeing some changes and this will be one small part of a brighter future for gaming.

You can get more information about the magazine by entering right over Here

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