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Here's what your going to be seeing more of  in 2012 : 
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Terminal Space Rpg - Space Spells

Terminal Space Can Be Found Here
Squarrallon's Tiger (3rd level Magic User's Spell) This spell creates a tiger who is neither alive nor dead but made from energy that renews its self one micro second to another. This strange magic energy creation can track beings around light years. It can randomly track prey between 1d4 light years. The cat can attack a target of the caster's choosing for 1d3 points of damage per claw swipe. The animal can defend its master from 1 melee or energy weapon attack during which it will vanish in a haze of etheric energy. The caster can also instead of summoning it use its senses as his own adding +1 to all energy related rolls this effect will only last one turn however. 
Prayers of the Lost Ones(2nd level clerical spell) The caster is able to listen to the cries of any soul's last moments within 1 light year of their position. The effect will last 1d4 turns. They may vocalize this effect as well demoralizing friends & foes alike. All rolls are at a -1 for the duration of the spell. 
Tighter & Tighter (3rd level magic user spell) creates a noose of energy around the target that immobilizes but does not harm the target. The effect will last for 1d4 hours. 
Mr. Sulu's Prayer's Of  Navigation (3rd level Clerical Spell) The caster utters a prayer to the space gods of navigation & a mystical line of energy will appear on any standard star chart showing the way of least hazards  & resistance. A standard star chart is needed for this prayer to work. 
Siren Call Of The Navigator (4th level Magic User Spell) The caster is able to create a series of false coordinates that a target's computer or robotic brain will read as true. The number of ships that can be targeted is random as the chaotic forces this spell pulls from are very strange & weird. The caster can target 1d6 targets each time this spell is cast. 
Survive The Void (2nd level Clerical Spell) The target can survive the rigors of space without a space suit for a very limited time. The effects will last 1d3 round 
Call The Dark Servants (4th level Magic user spell) The caster calls a dark matter servant of  3 hit dice to do his bidding. These spirits are wily & nervous but will as asked. They can carry anyone back to the depths of deep space unless a save versus is made. Those that don't will rupture from the absolute zero chill of these beings or their air supply may run out. These spirits may turn on their casters as well. 
Summon The Deep Space Angels ( 2nd level clerical spell) This spell calls into the void of space & summons a 2 dice space angel. These majestic creatures sail the hyper space zones of space. They can help with any hyperspace jumps by clearing the way of debris, gas, & such. These creatures communicate telepathically & are known to gossip, exchange information with many gods & spirits. If summoned too often they may spread rumors & falsehoods about the characters or the cleric himself. 
Waves Of Space(2nd level magic user spell) The Caster creates planar waves of space & the cold between the stars from his finger tips. This can cause 1d4 points of burning, boiling, & rupturing  damage of any organic tissue or material it hits. Any magical shield or circle will negate the effects of this spell. 
Invocation of The Blasphemous Names (3rd Level Clerical Spell) The Cleric uses the names of several well known Outer Darkness demons to shake any who hear it. Any within ear shot will be at a -1 for 2 turns but friend & foe alike. There is a 10% of the entity hearing its name uttered & coming to investigate. 
Razor Wire Bolt Of Boarding (3rd level magic user spell) This spell creates single strand of razor wire material taken from the hells where this created. The stuff instantly speeds towards its target for 1d3 points of damage & will impale the target in the most vital spot. This spell is often used during space ship boarding actions because if it misses the target it will vanish back from whence it came. 
 Battle Stations Force Field Projection(3rd level clerical spell) The cleric creates a force field around a space craft using his own hit points as the fuel for the spell. This spell can last 1d6 turns at the end of which the cleric must rest or save versus death. If the save should fail he will be in a coma for 1d10 weeks. Should an attack exceed his hit points he will die in a fiery holocaust of flame as his life force consumes itself. If he does last he will need to rest for 1d6 days 

A CARCOSA Monster :The Nau'calaurhat - The Green Hunger

# Appearing 3-6 
Move :19 
Hit Dice: 4+1 
% In Lair : 20% 
Treasure Type: C 
The Nau'calaurhat - The Green Hunger  are feeders of all things in the under growth of Carcosa. These devil fiend reptiles move with a swiftness that belays their size. They move through the thorny undergrowth of the Carcosian jungle as if it wasn't there. The creatures have strange glowing compound eyes like those of an insect. These eyes have a series of seven pits under them enabling the monsters to sense & smell the warm blood of anything within 120". The bite does 1d3 points of  damage as these creatures circle prey & slice off a chunk of bloody flesh a bit at a time.
They are not pack animals & yet there are times when these reptile like cooperate to bring down large to huge prey. As soon as the animal is brought down they are fighting & snapping at each others throats. 
Carcosa legend states that the monsters were once watchdogs for being from beyond & their masters are long gone. Remarkably this might just be the case as several concentrations of the bastards are found living among several strange alien ruins.
The creature has two unique adaptions to the steaming fetid Carcosa jungles. The monster may once a day spit a corrosive bio acid 200 feet for 1d6 points of damage. The stuff will burn & boil on contact with the air.  The Nau'calaurhat's thick hide is immune the stuff though. It will continue to burn for 1d4 rounds after exposure. The other are the sharp ribbons razor sharp bone like cartilage on the back of the monsters. They do 1d3 points of damage for each round one is engaged in hand to hand combat with the monsters. 
The creature's claws are hardened bone like material that can damage even soft metals. These creatures are known to track prey through the jungle for days until the prey is taken.
They can see well in both night & day & at least one member of the species has adapted to underground life.
There are reports that these monsters have been seen else where within galactic space & on other worlds. The fiends do response to telepathic conditioning but the owners must never drop their guards lest they become the next meal!  

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CARCOSA Monster - The Tribes of Lloat-bothuai - The Jungle Horrors

# Appearing:1-50
AC: 4
% In Lair : 85
                                             Treasure:B taken from Deep Ones in raids 
Beyond the blasted besalt planes of lower Carcosa lays the fungi forests of Nomm where few sane men venture. These places of fungi infested nightmare & dream are home to a species of gill men know as the  Lloat-bothuai. Brought as shock troops & experimental fodder by the space aliens of Carcosa. These foul things would be comical if not for the outrageously aggressive manner which they protect their homes & territories. 
The Forests of Nomm are a place of perpetual  moisture that rains from the tops of the giant mushrooms that spring up over night here. The monsters hunt among the giant fungus with spear, blow gun, & net 

Their spears are tipped in the bacterial/fungi poison that they brew here. The stuff will paralyze anyone hit by one of these vicious barbed implements of doom. Unless a saving throw is made in which case the victim will simply turn blue & within 2 rounds stop breathing. These  freakish monsters have additional defenses as well. 
As a  species they  have potent neurotoxins secreted from glands at the base of their needle-like dorsal fin spines which stick up when disturbed or threatened. Those who engage in hand to hand combat  will take 1d3 points of damage & must make a save or be hit with an burning pain.
The pain is said to be so severe that the victims of its sting want the affected limb to be amputated.
It is said that they sew up their victims lips after laying a clutch of 1d10 eggs within the mouth of the victim which hatch & eat the victim from the inside out in from 1d10 days. Only expensive super science or spells may stop this horrid process. 

The Forests of Nomm grow cold & silent at night & because these nightmares evolved in the alien depths of some nameless forgotten sea they are immune to the effects of cold. They function as well at night as during the day. Their cold unblinking eyes picking up everything around them. It is said they sense the warmth of  human bodies but bright light does not bother them. They can function above or underwater with easy.
They have a racial hatred of deep ones & the two make war whenever they encounter one another. They often use blow guns which are seeped within their feces. The darts do only 1d3 points of damage but will cause bacterial infection unless a save is rolled. Still wounds caused by these darts will heal with strange jagged scaring & disfiguring brown welts.
Many  races of  Carcosa will kill  the Lloat-bothuai.on sight because of their bad reputation & horrid rites which they preform under gibbous moons when the stars are right. It is unknown who or what is worshiped. Tribes that have camped near Nomm report children & old folk missing in the night. They speak of giant white flesh less worms & hideous piping music in the night. 

Retro Campaign Solar System For Any Science Fiction Rpg


File:Planet Comics 43658.jpg

A I've received a few emails asking me about what I've been doing about campaign worlds & such why has there been smattering of references to Planet Comics? The truth is that I've been using the worlds of Planet Comics for years. These vintage comics were put out by Fiction House which existed from the 1920s to the 1950s. Planet Comics were a spin off of Planet Stories. From January 1940 to Winter 1953 the comic ran 73 issues. I ran across the below article on Io9 & loved the kitsch cool look of these retro beauties. The science is crap but who cares I'm running science fantasy anyway. I  won't get in trouble because its all in the public domain. I needed instant worlds & whoa here they are. Information on Fiction House can be found Here. Time& again I've needed an instant campaign for a one shot or convention game. This has always done the trick. Over the weekend I'll be doing a retrospective on Planet Comics & some of their heroes for your favorite role playing games. Can't wait? Well go Here  to download the entire run!
If your reading this blog then you know that Planet Comics featured space operatic tales of muscular, heroic space adventurers who were quick with their "ray pistols" and always running into gorgeous females who needed rescuing from bug-eyed space aliens or fiendish interstellar bad guys.Below is the article that inspired some of the great worlds my players have visited ! An enterprising dungeon master might make use of these for something like Spell Jammer or even Planscape or another  world.
Need to know what all of the issues were? Here's an index of issues Here

Big big props to the Atomic Surgery. blog who wrote all of the original material! 

File:Planet Comics 65689.jpg

The planets of the Solar System, according to crazed pulp comics of the 1940s

Back in the Forties, the science fiction rag Planet Comics published the ongoing feature "Life On Other Worlds." This section peppered scientific know-how amongst whatever gonzo shit the writer happened to make up. Here's a tour of our Solar System using old issues of Planet Comics. Did you know that Mars is occupied by gargantuan Romans?
Let's kick it off with Mercury. Notice how the synopsis sputters out many a fact without acknowledging the deadly toucan mutants.
I'm pretty sure the male astronaut knowingly used his female colleague as a lure. The rollicking Forties, everyone.
Finally, this description eschews facts for vague warnings about Mercury's giant caterpillars. And here I was afraid this wouldn't be educational. [Via]
I enjoy how this article on Venus begins with a fairly academic remark that the planet could support life, but then immediately transforms the damn place into Land of the Lost.
But lo! Here's an entirely different interpretation of planetary life on Venus. Do note that the Venusian men are busted as angler fish, but the women are hotter than dugongs.
Also, Venusians love to fist pump, cavort with horned orcas, and live in clams. Venus, you're okay in my book, despite your tentacled horrors of the deep. [Via]
Mars is filled with gladiators who attend summer school. Thanks, Planet Comics! [Via]
According to Planet ComicsJupiter will be rife with pygmy centaurs, giant naked dudes with ankle flagella, and hilariously quaint one-seater rocket tanks to protect astronauts from the crushing pressure. [Via]
Let's take a pit stop to Callisto. This moon is inhabited by depressing anteater people and those omnipresent space dragons. In the 1940s, cosmic dragons were an invasive species on every planet, save Earth. [Via]

Hey, Saturn is filled with robust extraterrestrial bodybuilders too! Astronomy was indescribably sexier in the 1940s.
According to Planet Comics, the Hawkmen of Saturn are a bunch of genial naturists. On my own Personal Taxonomy of Hawkmen, these guys rank above Carter Hall but below those dudes from Flash Gordon. [Via]
Planet Comics really phoned in this snapshot of Uranus (rimshot). All we can really glean is that retrofuture NASA ran out of funding for spacesuits in women's sizes.
Oh, and Uranusians are corpulent and sluggish. I'm never putting a terrarium on my head and riding my asbestos rocket to that slop heap. [Via]
Dinosaurs on Neptune. Duly noted. [Via]
I'm not sure what's going on this tableau of Pluto, so I'm just going to assume that green condor is the Secretary of Agriculture. [Via]
This Plutonian scene is from another issue ofPlanet Comics. This depiction of Pluto seems decidedly more habitable. Also, bike shorts are the planetary uniform. [Via]

Big ups to Atomic Surgery.

Fey Worms - A Fairy Parasite !

These micro scopic planar parasites infect many types of fey. This cause the small fairy creatures become slaves to the biological needs of the parasitic creatures. Only advanced super science or spells may cure this malady which infects 1 in 10 fairies in the wild.
These parasites cause the fey to emit an azure colored glow & attracts the likes of  trolls, goblins, & worse who eat the poor creatures. The spoor of  these monsters allows the fey worms to continue its vicious cycle. A cure disease or light wounds spell  will get rid of the infection only 20% of the time!
In extreme cases the planar parasites can cause the fey to emit a magic missile style energy burst for 1d3 points of damage. This can be quite hazardous in a wood where multiple fey are infected!
Treemen are known to cull areas that are infected by these monsters & they have been know to infect even high elves whose intestines & extremities will light up randomly.
 Fey Worms Extremities Random Table 1d10  
  1. The character's arm glows like a disco tech with a dancing light effect 
  2. The intestines glow with a pitched repeating light effect 
  3. The ears of the victim change colors rapidly & with various colors of the rainbow 
  4. The eyes of the victim glow an intense green as does the mouth area 
  5. Hands glow with a red evil glow that rapidly intensifies as anyone approaches 
  6. The heart & chest area lights up with a thousand candle like glow 
  7. All liquids secreted by the body also glow & take on a different color depending on type blood,bile, urine etc 
  8. The victim gives off an azure light effect not unlike a magic missile every 1d4 hours uncontrollably 
  9. The victim's words are seen in a holographic neon effect that disappears like smoke. It leaves the scent of ozone in the air 
  10. The victim is subject to all of the above effects 
Call Fey Worm 
Second Level Spell 
Duration: 1d4 turns 

Range : 40" 

 This 2nd level spell is far too easy to cast & opens a diseased portal to a section of Arcadia where these things dwell. The spell may last an additional 1d4 turns & summon 1d20 X 10 worms. High elves & fey have been known to place bounties on the heads of wizards who teach this spell!
There have been several highly mutated versions of these parasites discovered among the various planes including some on various post apocalyptic worlds !