Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sunday Classic - The Devil Girl From Mars - Your Husband Is Breeding Stock!

Long before the respectability of Quatermass the Devil Girl From Mars was making her grip felt on England. The plot of this 1954 "classic" is as follows -

Nyah, a sexy, commanding female alien dressed in black vinyl, is headed for London. She is part of the advanced team that are looking for men to replace the dying male population on theirplanet. However, because of damage to her spaceship caused by atmospheric entry, she is forced to land her flying saucer in the remote Scottish moors.[4] She is armed with a raygun that can paralyze or kill,[5] and is accompanied by a menacing robot.
On Nyah's home world, the emancipation of women eventually led to open warfare between the sexes. The females won, usurping the political power of the men and leading to the complete impotence of the male population. The result has been a rapid decline in birthrate. The aliens possess a type of advanced organic, self-regenerating technology, which was used to construct Nyah's spacecraft. Against this technology, human weaponry proves ineffectual, as demonstrated when Nyah comes away unscathed by shots from a gun. However, the alien technology is unreliable and the alien women have not been able to use it to artificially produce new offspring.[5]
The film opens in the lobby of an English country inn where most of the movie takes place. The alien intermittently enters the inn lobby, makes threats, then leaves so the residents can contemplate her words.[6] Intermixed with the appearances of Nyah, a pair of romantic sub-plots are followed. In the first, a fashion model, Miss Prestwick (Court), has fled to this remote hotel in order to escape a married American reporter, Michael Carter (McDermott). Michael doggedly follows her to the hotel, hoping to rekindle their affair. Meanwhile, a convict who accidentally killed his wife has managed to escape prison and travel to the hotel, hoping to connect with the barmaid whom he truly loves.

 When I say classic I mean that in the best spirit of the film. This is a film so bad that's its that good. This is a b-moive classic to have the friends over, grab some popcorn, & enjoy. 

The film seems mostly to take place in the pub in the English countryside & most of the great thing about this film are as follows.
 Chani -Menacing Robot
Move : 120'(30')
Armor Class:5 
Hit Dice: 6 
Attacks:2 Claws 
Damage: 1-6 

 Nyah, the Devil Girl
5th level Astronaut
Armed with Wavium Disruptor Pistol  -Range 300' Variable Damage 2d8 plus stun setting as the super science power Weight 1lb      

Displacement : 800 tons 
Contra Gravity Drive: Three Light 
Interfogulator :Mark 5 Max warp Translation :4 light years 
Computer: Computo - Brain mark 5 
Ansible: Mk 2 
Armaments: 2 z ray cannons,2 missile launchers (Sub-Atomic) 
Shields : Mk 3

Special Features: Ship equipped with type of advanced organic, self-regenerating technology, self-regenerates 8 hit  points per round.


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