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The Shre' Wera - White Devil Howlers of Alphastana IV

File:Weird Tales January 1954.jpg


                                                                       No. Enc.: 1d10
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d10 (plus special)
Morale: 9

There are some places that the Human Empire should stay away from. Alphastana IV is one of those places.  This is a world of  toxic water, sea monsters, tsunamis, and various aquatic undead. Once this world appeared like this 

File:Cancun Beach.jpg
This was the home of  The Shre' Wera, a race of information gatherers & some of the best news reporters in the galaxy. Media was their religion & they manipulated it as one would a tool. Then came the great event.
The race in one glorious moment tapped into realms beyond & it was too much of a temptation not to look!
File:Armageddon (N.Roerich).jpg
What they found linked them in a telepathic moment of sheer terror. Terror boardcast across their world & it drove them mad. That madness & insanity spread across the universe. No Shre' Wera was safe from this infection. Now they share a hive mind of horror locked into that eternal moment. Many have tried but none has helped to unlock their minds. 
They became cannibalistic, terrors, & a degenerate race of simianoids  hell bent on attacking anything around them. Their senses are still super sharp & still extend into realms beyond. They may see or sense the invisible.
They attack with 2 wicked claws & move swiftly to kill anyone who disturbs them. They may share their insanity by telepathic broadcast their disturbing thoughts to any around them even as they attack. Those engaged in combat with them are at -2 to all rolls unless a save is a made. Further this madness may spread to anyone who comes in contact with a victim of The Shre' Wera.
The telepathic disease may only be expunged by costly super science medical techniques. Victims of this space madness are often simply shot to show them a small mercy compared to a mind wipe.
 The Shre' Wera also have a strange haunting cry that can cause fear as per the super science power. This cry can be done instead of an attack causing those who hear it to flee. The monsters can not make an attack or howl at the same time. One or the other action must be done. The monsters will strip a corpse clean in hours. The bones & personal effects of victims are often worn by the monsters! 
File:Doon Valley, Dehradun, 1850s.jpg
Even though the world of  Alphastana IV  is under Empire indication the place is often visited by rogues, pirates, treasure seekers & the like for the advanced equipment produced by  the Shre' Wera. They strangely continue to create tools, electronics, etc by some strange pre programmed route secreted in the race's RNA.
They have reverted to their primitive mating cycles right after the disaster & continue to this day.
 File:Wageningen old city ruins.JPG
 Alphastana IV also remains a gathering spot for slavers who often sell the  Shre' Wera as curious exotic animals instead of a shattered race of people. Their plight has not lessened the deadliness of their conditions!
Alphastana IV is a deadly, exotic world that will continue to be a thorn in the side of the Human Empire for centuries to come! 

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