Friday, December 16, 2011

New Super Science Power - Ena's Cold Chill Between The Stars

 Ena's Cold Chill  Between The Stars 
This new super science power is named after the adventurer who first was taught it by the mad monks of Pluto! The user opens themselves up to the cold between the planes & accesses the very element forces themselves! The cold becomes a part of their souls forever more!
Level 1 The White Snows of Terror 
The user is able to draw the haunted winds of the stars to them! A user may project a cold ray from their fingers for 1d4 points of  damage. They may project this as many yards from them as they have constitution points! If the user loses concentration at this level a saving throw is required & the user will suffer 1d4 points of damage from the bitter cold coursing through them 
Level 2 Rings of  The Forbidden Bitter Ice 
The user is able to project snowbound elemental rings of pure cold from their hands for 1d6 points of damage. Anything caught within their path must make a saving throw or be frozen solid. Those caught within must make a saving throw each round or suffer 1d3 points of damage per round. Those who use this power too often may suffer an retardation of their emotional make up. They must make a saving throw every five uses or lose 1d3 points of intelligence as they become colder, harder, & more rigid in their thinking unable to learn new concepts & ideas!
Level  3 The Snow Ball of  Transference 
The user is able to project a bit of their icy soul into the form of a snow ball. They are able to see into the frigid elemental worlds surrounding the planes. They may slip into this world & teleport 1d6 yards but it is random as they are tossed about by the icy planar winds themselves. They may with a successful attack roll bring another with them & leave them within this icy hell where they will be subject to the elemental winds for 1d4 points of damage for 1d6 rounds. 
Level 4  Ice Shield Of Doom 
The user is able to erect a  shield 1d20 feet thick in a matter of second as a planar wind sucks all of the moisture within the immediate area to create a wall of ice. The wind may pull from the plane of ice itself which will result in an ice wall that does 1d4 points of damage to the flesh of anyone touching it. The user may only dismiss it after 1d4 rounds or risk offering the ice spirits themselves dire results could happen!
Level 5 Ennoblement Of  Ice 
The user becomes an elemental avatar of the ice plane itself. Their veins are filled with the element stuff itself, their armor class drops by 2. Their touch does 1d6 points of damage & they become the elemental monster itself. They may use all of their super science powers but their is a price. If they stay within this form for more then 1d20 round then they may become one of the Plutoian ice demons! they shall be forever locked within this hideous form! Hand in your character sheet your now an npc unless a saving throw is made!


  1. A dish best served cold. :)

    Nice escalation of power.

  2. Thanks Trey! I did this off of one of my players,she used her abilities to kill off the slavers who imprisoned her character! Thanks for the comment! There will be more!


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