Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish

The sacred alter of Dlamelish greets patrons of the luxury halls of the planet. Seen in every gambling hall, hotel, & tourist spot.
Look for this sign on your next interstellar world. The handy  mini con  A.I . can direct you to  the nearest
 Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish
Our gambling halls are open 25 hours a day for your patronage & comfort! 
Remember that literature for the way of Dlamelish is available  24 hour   at one of our  salvation  centers.  Be sure  to ask about our group rate discounts! 
Be sure to pay back all loans when done using our tables. Our  collection agency is second to none ! 
The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish not just a get away but a way of life! 

The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelishare not simply gambling establishments or brothels for spacers but rather an experience of a lifetime where the cares of the hard life of a spacer are washed away. Sin & vice of all descriptions are available to the descriminating patron. Here within these hallowed halls one may find his or herself within the arms of a temple virgin of their choosing. 
Dine in one of our luxury temple halls or relax in one of our spas offering 32 unspeakably sinful treatments. With meals starting at only 10 credits is it any wonder why the Emerald Halls are one of the most popular chains in the universe. 
We offer one of the widest arrays of  luxury services in the universe for a small temple donation. We offer currency & money exchange for 25% of the known universe*  . Our gambling halls are unmatched & our tables are open 25 hours a day with loan facilities available. 
The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish offers 42 varieties of pleasure bot available to most known races well versed in both ancient & post modern practices. 
We also offer loans at guaranteed fixed rates & healthy terms to pay back the loan when you want to! 
Other services we offer :
  • Standard Health Care Services using the latest in Super Science for only 20% of the market value starting at 10 credits & up in our exclusive facilities 
  • Job opportunities on the galaxy's most populous worlds. Imagine the opportunities for travel, etc. 
  • We provide high standards for all our entertainments & your comfort is our highest concern 
The High Rollers Services 
  • Planar Mind Experience - Experience what its like to be someone else. The latest in mind sciences allows one to have the ultimate experience.Put your mind in our hands & let us give you the ultimate in pleasure* 
  • Higher Stakes Of The Gods ~ Imagine gambling along side SarKu or Vimuhla themselves can you out maneuverer the gods themselves & win the day? The action is fast & furious here at this table* 
  • The Parlour of The Mind~ Here you generate the ultimate in pleasure & experience. Simply hook up the electro helmet & let your mind shape its own domain.Stay as long as you want from a few moments to months (The individual mind is the whole of reality and the external world has no independent existence)
  • The Virtual Pleasure Pits- Imagine creating the ultimate lover or companion now you can! Using the technology taken from the Clone masters themselves let us take you into the Grand Game. Here you can have your fantasies become reality but wait. Once you find your ultimate love we can take him or her out of the game into reality. By moving an inhabitant of the virtual reality out of its simulation is to "clone" the entity, by taking a sample of its virtual DNA and create a real-world counterpart from that model. The result would not only bring the "mind" of the entity out of its simulation, but its body would be born in the real world as well! 
    * Remember that management takes 2% of all sales, currency exchanges, & services. Management of the 
    Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish is not responsible for cyber sexual diseases, psychotic clones, mind crimes or any other unusual problems resulting from staying in our establishments. Rumors of  android orgies, etc are products of a diseased mind please refer to section 36 of the human space empire rule book. 
    These are some of the services available to high rollers be sure to book your vacation destination today! 

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Rakshasas - The Tribes of the Space Demon

     Rakshasas are a populous race of supernatural humanoids. There were both good and evil rakshasas, and as warriors they fought along side the armies of both good and evil. They are powerful warriors, expert magicians and illusionists. As shape-changers, they can assume various physical forms, and it is not always clear whether they have a true or natural form
    Rakshasas are notorious for disturbing sacrifices, desecrating graves, harassing priests, possessing human beings, and so on. Their fingernails are venomous, and they feed on human flesh and spoiled food. They are shapechangers, illusionists, and magicians.

    As illusionists, they are capable of creating appearances which are real to those who believe in them or who fail to dispel them. Some of the rakshasas are said to be man-eaters, and make their gleeful appearance when the slaughter on the battlefield is at its worst. Occasionally they serve as rank-and-file soldiers in the service of one or the other warlord.
    Aside from its treatment of unnamed rank-and-file Rakshasas, the epic tells the stories of certain members of the race who rose to prominence, some of them as heroes, most of them as villains.

    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."
    They have evolved for over 9 million years in the planar depths, they have fought wars against the gods, they have been courted for their martial prowess& they are returning.

    No. Enc.: 1d6
    Alignment: Neutral
    Movement: 120’ (40’)
    Armor Class: 6 (4 vs. primitive weapons)
    Hit Dice: 7
    Attacks: 1 or by power
    Damage: by weapon
    They count among their ranks astronauts, adventurers, & many others.The Rakshasas are psychic by their very nature & they have power to prove it .They have the power to fly, can vanish and also increase or decrease their size at will. They can also take the form of any animal, human or other thing at their will. These powers are called Maya.It takes a skill roll for any of these powers to be used. They're attacks with their with their vicious claws that drip with venom. A victim that fails a saving throw vs. poison will become nauseated and essentially incapacitated for 1d4days.
    The Rakshasas are often employed by intergalactic warlords in the last few decades & have quietly been invading certain colony worlds.

    Memorial Day - A Bit Late

    Just a taking a bit of time out of today to say thanks to the men & women in our armed forces who gave their service for our country.

    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    The Brahman Hunters - An Astronaut Temple

    Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.
    Frank Herbert Dune 
    An Yantra organization with deep roots to the deities of order, they are the machinery of fortune who hunt down the followers of the Rakshasa. They are the fulcrum composed of a balance between. "For no servant of evil can escape the hunters", the chant echoes through their temples on Hanalla II.
    They follow the ways of Braham & the one supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe.Brahman is conceived as personal ("with qualities"), impersonal ("without qualities") and supreme depending on the philosophical school. Through the use of the ways of their school's abilities they can sense exactly where they are supposed to be in the schism of greater reality. With a skill roll a character is able to sense the vibrational/planar energies that allow them to know where the next moment of crisis will occur near by. The Hunters work for the equality of all, are dear to everyone. This is one of their highest precepts. Their sense of honor is complex as it is orderly. They move from star system to star system collecting the bounties on criminials  & giving the bounty to the charities around them as well as their own organization. The Hunters are given a salary on which to live & for expenses. 

    Commands of The Brahman Hunters 
    1. Be honorable in all dealings 
    2. The Hunt is All. Respect it 
    3. The Yantra Mind Technology is sacred & must be respected 
    4. Bring law to the chaos of the universe 
    5. Bring honor to your family,your order, & your temple 
    6. Remember the chant "For no servant of evil can escape the hunters"
    The use of the psycho social instrument of the Yantras  allows the Hunters to have access to the mental powers  of the mind to" 

    • "any instrument or machine" (i.e. that which is controlled or controls. For instance the body is said to be a yantra
    • "any instrument for holding, restraining, or fastening" (for instance a symbol which 'holds' the essence of a concept, or helps the mind to 'fasten' on a particular idea)
    • "a mystical or astronomical diagram" (usually a symbol, often inscribed on an amulet) sometimes said to possess mystical or magical powers.
    • Those using a skill roll may make an astrology roll once per game to determine a course of action. The roll allows the player to ask the DM a yes or no question or to determine if a particular path might be to their benefit.
      Know a Brahman Hunter by his Yantra Tattooing:
      Yantra tattoos are believed to be magic and bestow mystical powers, protection, or good luck.The tattoo is used for self-protection.believe a yantra has magical powers that ward off evil and hardship. The tattoo is particularly popular amongst military personnel. The tattoo supposedly guarantees that the person cannot receive any physical harm as long as they observe certain rules.
    Further inspirations from:

    *Please note that this is an imaginary depictions of some concepts of real world religion bits & pieces. They're my imaginings from several table top rpg campaigns that I've converted over to Human Space Empires. No offense is meant. Thank you. 

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    South Pacific Sunday! Two Fisted Tales On Television! Tales Of The Gold Monkey!

    Turn your wayback dial on your television for a moment to 1982 on ABC & there were more then a few quality shows that brought my family running! Indy had come the year before & suddenly television excutives had pulp on the brain. Tales Of The Gold Monkey's promo flashed up on the screen & made my young heart stop. Here was everything that was needed for a fragile mind!
    Pulp Action!
    Characters with shady connections!
    The plot goes something like this: 1938, somewhere in the South Pacific. High above the clouds, ex-Flying Tiger airman-turned-adventurer Jake Cutter (Stephen Collins), cigar stump firmly clenched in his teeth, pilots his rickety Grumman Goose amphibious seaplane--dubbed Cutter's Goose--over the tiny islands of the Marivellas chain, looking to land at his home base: Boragora Island. Jake's constant co-pilot, Jack, a one-eyed terrier who understands English, isn't found of take-offs and landings, so he usually can be found curled up on a cushion in the back cargo hold, balefully glaring at Jake with his one good eye. Skimming the water and docking the Goose at the small harbor, Jake invariably makes his way to the Monkey Bar, a fabulous watering hole of bamboo and carved mahogany, owned by Boragora's French Magistrate, 'Bon Chance' Louie (Roddy McDowall), a seen-it-all cosmopolitan plunked down in the middle of this primitive island paradise. As regular a fixture at the Monkey as the carved primates that decorate the place, drunken, forgetful mechanic and Jake's best friend, Corky (Jeff MacKay), will no doubt be propping up the bar when Jake busts in. Over by the piano, scrapper Sarah Stickney White (Caitlin O'Heaney) supposedly stranded on Boragora and singing for her supper at the Monkey, is in actuality an espionage agent working for the American government. She's a pretty little thing, and she has it bad for Jake (likewise for the pilot), but she's loathe to admit she likes the charming rogue. Also keeping an eye on the comings and goings of the active Japanese military in the area is good-natured, bumbling German Nazi agent Willy (John Calvin), who, like Sarah, has adopted a cover for his covert activities: he's posing as Reverend Willie Tenboom, a Dutch missionary who "blesses" all the pretty, naïve native girls. Not so bumbling--in fact, quite cunning and deadly--is Jake's sometimes nemesis/sometimes ally, Koji (Marta DuBois), a beautiful, deadly (and let's face it: stacked) Japanese 'Dragon Lady' princess who runs Matuka Island with ruthless authority and who engages in all manner of illegal smuggling and trade.
    The show lasted for 21 episodes & was canceled due to the high production costs. It made a very lasting impression on my young mind. It was light, breezy, & most of all fun! 
    Might make a great adventure outing for Call of Cthulhu or your favorite pulp rpg. 
    Resources include: 
    Fan site 
    Wiki entry

    Artifacts of the Derro -The Eye of Y'othallokr, The Celestial Sphere

    One of the most baffling artifacts to come from one of the Derro raids into Human Space has been the so called  Eye of Y'othallokr, The Celestial Sphere. This seems to be an exact replica of the multi-verse from the Derro perspective. As such it is one of the more twisted of their devices. The Celestial Sphere allows one to move from one point in space across the multi verse into a any other point that exists in planar vibrational orbit. A skill roll is needed. A failure indicates the owner being lost in the Outer Darkness for 2d6 rounds.These spheres have the following properties usable three times per day: 
    1. Each has a soul imprint from the Derro who possessed it before the current owner. With a skill roll a user may access this diseased mind & rip knowledge from it. 
    2. A blast of planar energy may used 3 times per day at 1d8 points of damage 
    3. Planar ghost - The user may pass through solid objects as they don't exist for him. If used more then three times per day the user must make a save or be trapped within a planar limbo
    4. Heal Thy Wound - Damage may be healed. 1d4 points of damage may be healed. The tissue may have a slightly unhealthy look to it however. Super science may fix this cosmetic issue. 
    5. Telepathic rapport -The user has instant telepathic communication with any other sphere owner. If a save is made the user may know of any Derro within a 50 mile radius 
    6. Planar Shadow -The user may step sideways into the near planar shadows. The user can't inter act with the nearby universe but may hear, smell, as if they were there. Any combat will cancel this effect 
    7. Know The God Mind -The user is able to tap into the Derro Godmind. The player is allowed to ask the DM a question. The twisted mind of the Derro however may lie if it wishes. After 2 rounds the contact with this horrible entity may be too much & a save vs death may have to be made as the entity over whelms the fragile humanoid mind. The person goes into a coma for 1d6 rounds. 
    The Derro will track down anyone possessing one of these Spheres if they become aware of the owner. It may take 1d6 months for them to become aware of someone after the sphere is used for 1d4 months. 

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Post Human Space Empire Game Report

    Bob -Nlyss 1st Level Astronaut
    Russ  -Pe Choi 1st level Warrior
    Forrest -Nlyss1st Level Astronaut

     I started the guys last night on the pirate world of Staristan 8 & let them go shopping for equipment. The world is a combination of  Interzone & The Arabian Nights on acid with Star Wars mix in. The population of the world is having fits because a strange "comet" has entered the system & psychics have started to have very bad dreams. There are dooms day cults forming, the pirate families are having fits,etc. Most of the players are starting out with 1st level characters & they've got a ship. Lets see they insulted a member of the Spocery Guild who now becomes a douche bag  Npc & were approached by a representative of the pirate families. One of the players ran into a small Shen courier who was actually a small time crime lord & conned him into being his body guard. After being led through a series of back alleys they end up at an interstellar chop shop & the small Shen's hanger of illegal pirate fighters. They're mostly broken & so the player fixed 4 of them in exchange for an "eye".
    The player acquired one of the fighters for an orbital past around the "comet" & samples of the gas & such. 
     Meanwhile the other two players ended up in a pharmacy where they were offered the meat of the intergalactic centipede! After securing a med kit they made their way to the Grand Bazaar.

    Here they came across an old robot in at Spacer Equipment Stall. This old model had lots of experience & took them for quite the ride with lots of different rumors,tall tales, & whatnot all of the while doling out equipment. They were bleeding money pretty quick here & decided to leave with their robes intact.
    Outside they learned they were being followed by a rather unsavory group of pirates! This is were we ended for this week.
    ~The 10 Major Criticisms According To My Players About Human Space Empires~
    1.Character generation is too random & an alternative method of generating a character might need to be presented
    2. Combat is quick & deadly
    3. Error in the presentation of the lightning rifle range is screwed up between description & weapon chart
    4. More equipment & descriptions of said equipment
    5. Space Ax -Clarify if its one  or two handed weapon
    6. More items need to be listed for the "Primitive Weapons"
    7. "Advanced Weapons" need to be listed & defined
    8. Also "Advanced Armor" as well needs to be defined
    9. A handy chart for equipment
    10. Page Numbers & index

    Two other little notes:
    One I'm stealing some ideas from here Good ideas for running a space game!
    Two Mystery Men Is Out! For the last  9 months I've been following this project to completion! Its a free Super Hero game built for fast play,old school systems, & its well designed. Its also happens to be free!
    Mystery Men PDF! 
     The Buck Shot Wild West  Rpg is also out Here

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Thursday Night Game ~ The Daedalus Event - Human Space Empire Test Play

    "Sire the seers report that something has entered our space! Something very ominous" 
    "Another sub-planar demon, I suppose?"  
    "No Sire The Khalid ibn Yazid has returned from beyond the pale" 
    "Summon the  Spocery Guild & the..."
    "Summon my advisers & the astrologers.... Now fool!"  
    The Khalid ibn Yazid was one of  the last of the fleet of a fleet of 
     scientific probes, the design criteria specified that the spacecraft had to use current or near-future technology and had to be able to reach its destination within a human lifetime. There were 24 made during the ca. 12000 period & they are all surrounded by legend. The specifications are available to any child within reach of a psychic viewer: 


    • Overall length: 190 metres
    • Propellant mass first stage: 46,000 tonnes
    • Propellant mass second stage: 4,000 tonnes
    • First stage empty mass at staging: 1,690 tonnes
    • Second stage mass at cruise speed: 980 tonnes
    • Engine burn time first stage: 2.05 years
    • Engine burn time second stage: 1.76 years
    • Thrust first stage: 7,540,000 newtons
    • Thrust second stage: 663,000 newtons
    • Engine exhaust velocity: 10,600,000 m/s & 9,210,000 m/s
    • Payload mass: 450 tonnes
     The non-replicating design was modified to include all subsystems necessary for self-replication, using the probe to deliver a "seed" factory with a mass of about 443 metric tons to a distant site, having the seed factory replicate many copies of itself there to increase its total manufacturing capacity, and then using the resulting automated industrial complex to construct more probes with a single seed factory on board each over a 1,000 year period. Each REPRO would mass over 10 million tons, mostly fuel needed to decelerate from 12% of lightspeed. 
    Of those 24, 12 have returned & six brought with them nano plagues, one was the head of a black fleet, & still others have brought destruction in the form of nuclear holocaust to a number of colony worlds. Now one has entered the staritstan 8 system. 
    Psychics & Seers have been having nightmares & visions for weeks. The sporcery guild has called for brave adventurers to do a fly by & possible boarding. None of the pirate clans will risk their ships!
    So this is for tonight's game! We've got three players for this basic Human Space Empire Game!
    Bob- Adventurer or Astronaut
    Russ - Warrior
    Forrest - Scientist
    All information on the  Project_Daedalus here
    Part three of the Article will be delayed for now! Later folks & GAME ON!
     Back from the game a few quick impressions:
    So tonight was interesting. I had Forrest make several extra characters for the table top rpg group & they tore right into the setting. Then they tore into the system. I asked what are the strengths & weaknesses of the system. I got at least 6 different comments here.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    The Forbidden Science of The Alchemist Priests Part 2 Of A Three Part Article

    Down some of the more forbidden alleys of  Staritstan-8 there are dark back room shops & laboratories where black miracles of science are being wrought & for the right price they may be yours. The alchemist uses his incredible super science to create life from the lifeless. Historically it referred specifically to the concept of a miniature though fully-formed human body, for example, in the studies of alchemy and preformationism.
     The super science version of this creation is a fully formed creature created from a human genome template & used in a wide variety of applications from labor to bio computers. The alchemist(scientist) must make a super science roll to complete any  of these creations. 

    The anthroparion class This creature, called an anthroparion, is able to understand complex instructions, adapt to variable conditions, and learn simple tasks. They are often used as cheap labor & have a very limited life cycle as well. Certain models are coupled with cloning for the making of pleasure slaves & such. Many also have a tendency to be taken over or possessed by certain classifications of  extra planar creatures such as Jinn.

    Homunculus Memory Implantation 

    Often used when knowledge is needed beyond the usual score of a human life. The brain of a corpse is raided for certain tissues. These are then used to implant the memories & skills of the deceased into another so that those skills might be preserved. The implantation is very selective as the alchemist uses his psychic senses to selectively block the past memories & emotions of the deceased from the conscious of the user. There have been several instances of the deceased taking control of the user. This is often consider one of the darker uses of the sciences. The receivers of this technique are often indentured servants  as slaves are never trusted with this technology

    Homunculus mini-clones
    Often used when extended conversations with a deceased person is needed. The homunculus has all of the knowledge of the deceased & can further learn more then they did in life. These creatures may have extended lives of up to 100 years & are stores of knowledge themselves. Several pirate organizations have used this process to create vast pools of knowledge that their captains can pull from psychically. The rumors of these clones taking control of such organizations are completely unfounded.

    Homunculus mini planets 

    These small planetary creations are planar & homunculus creations of real planets & allow their creators to monitor the health & spiritual well being of their place of origin. For example the atmospheric conditions & weather will be visible within these creations & so forth. Many religions of the gods of order consider these creations both forbidden & treading within the domain of the gods however. They have been consigned to the seedy back alley labs for now. They are however very popular with wealthier clients 

    Homunculus Bio Computer  Star Drive System

    A psychically aware  Homunculus is created &   lobotomized after being driven mad by exposure to the Outer Darkness. The alchemist projects his mind on to the creature & shifts through the Outer Darkness in the relative comfort of a star ship. When a specific location is reached a skill roll is made & the star ship leaps through unreality to their destination. The down side is that a save must be rolled every five jumps or some extra planar demon may notice the alchemist. These drive systems are very expensive & prohibited under the gods of order. They are often used upon large pirate vessels adding 20% to the cost of construction or instillation.
    Homunculus Past Life Doppelgänger

    Often considered the most risky & one of the highest arts of the alchemist. The Past Life Doppelgänger is the perfect blank slate. Simply inject the shapeless humanoid with the blood of anyone & it shifts through not only the present person's life but the past genetic lives of the person's ancestors. With the esp power a psychic is able to question this double about anything &  it will answer as truthfully as it can. The double may also be used to replace anyone but the copy is imperfect & may give itself away. The double is also a perfect genetic template for cloning & allows one to have a genome copy of the donor whose blood was used. 
    Doppelgänger may after 42 uses become sentient & very psychotic with all of the various personalities that have been copied. This personality will be a unique combination of those donors. The alchemist must be very careful when creating these forbidden doubles. They are very close to several ghul life forms that have been encountered. There are whispers of ghul RNA sequences being used in the creations of these life forms
    Psychic Channel Homunculus
    The tissues of a psychic yoga master are used the creation of this Homunculus which allows the creature to use all of the following powers three times per day:
     Psychometry (three times per day)
    Psy luck ( three times per day)
    Empathy(three times per day)
    Third Eye (three times per day)
    Inter-planar barrier(three times per day)
    Pyrokinesis(three times per day
    This homunculus is also known as the great deceiver or the lying homunculus & broadcasts a low level siren call to any hostile agencies within the area. Should the homunculus find someone hostile to the players or the npc using it, it will communicate via Esp lies, falsehoods, & any truths that it can twist with its little nasty mind.It is said that the yoga master's evil will lives on through it even after 200 years having been copied again & again in its creation.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    Alchemist Priests Of The Pirate Worlds ~ Part I

    The ancient and divine writings say that the angels became enamoured of women; and, descending, taught them all the works of nature. Zosimos of Panopolis

    Each pirate ship from Staritstan 8 has a scrying bowl aboard for peering into the planar spaces between star systems. A skill roll is needed. The prescience power allows one to cycle through a number of nearby systems using this power.

    Upon the world of  Staritstan 8 there exist many different factions that have been outlawed else where within Human Space. Staritstan 8 is a place of  both forbidden science & intense psychic investigation. There are 23 known colleges of  "al-kīmīā." where both the mind & soul of humans & near humans are investigated.
    These scientists use their alchemy powers to create any number of  super scientific artifacts not found on any other worlds. 
    Nanite Cortical Homunculus Implantation

    The Alchemists preform a pseudo medical operation implanting a series of deep probes that stimulate the latent psychic centers of the brain. This allows a number of powers to manifest in the mind of the user. This process creates a sort of artificial navigator. Allowing the user to see into the Outer Darkness at will. It grands the user the following powers three times a day at the cost of  a life span cut in half:
    Machine Empathy (three times per day)
    Control Device (three times per day)
    Disbelieve(three times per day)
    Extra vision (three times per day)
    Teleportation(three times per day)
    Mind Bar (three times per day)
    Prescience(three times per day)
    Esp (three times per day)
    Third Eye(three times per day)
    The options for this procedure are often done on indentured servants & the servant may never turn his or her powers on a their master or alchemist.
    The Labor Force 
    Homunculi are hybrid life forms created out of a giant viscous liquid containing various animal cells. They are used as cheap labor. They may be directed by a skill roll or super science powers
    Sub Planar Prison Of  The Opal
    A specially prepared artificial fire opal is used to banish a planar being to depth of a sub plane held within the tightly packed atoms of this construct. A skill rolled is needed along with the super science power of summon planar demon. A trapped being may communicate with its holder via Esp but may not escape its prison unless a powerful force cracks the aligned atoms.

    Celestial sphere

    A very useful tool for navigating through the universe. This is a miniture reflection of the universe projected through a sub planar lens. The Celestial Sphere will give in exact pin point location of a star ship relative to its position in space. Even exiting the Outer Darkness will not cause the sphere to lose the location of said ship. These spheres are created using several extended skill rolls using super science & may be the creation of several high level alchemists(scientists) 

    'Zardušt Drug

    A special drug that allows the user to be conscious of every mote & molecule around them down to a planar level. This drug allows the user to be not only conscious of the planar universe but their place within it. The user can know which actions will create the best possible outcome to a given situation but there is 1d10 chance that under the effects of the drug they will do nothing but stare into space unless a save is rolled.

    The Nine Souls Of The Alchemist Prince 

    Using a special combination of herbs, & mind altering substances specially prepared the alchemist is able to separate himself into 9 separate beings. These beings may act independent of the alchemist & move through the motions of day to day life. With a special save the alchemist may appear as a younger version of himself as he moves about. The main body of the alchemist sits within a suspension couch looked after by attendants.
    An alchemist or user of this process may gain 1d6 additional skills however there is a 10% chance of insanity taking place during the process.

    Star Ship Coatings 
    A series of alchemical devices & coatings is used to cover a star ship adding a 20% cost increase to a star ship
    Sensor Web: A series of sensor units units are implanted across the flying surface of a star ship enabling one with super science abilities to gain a +2 or better on all sense style rolls. These sensors range all across the visible & invisible spectrum.
    Frictionless Coatings: Often used to coat any pirate vessels that enter atmospheres. This coating protects the ship as it glides across an atmosphere from burning up on re entry. These coatings must be renewed every 3 missions for them to be truly effective
     "Jinnaye" Invisible Coating - The star ship is invisible to the planar entities known as Jinn. The Jinn lords still have a 10% chance of catching sight of the star ship. Lesser Jinn will not detect the ship's planar signature at all. 

    Coming up next the forbidden sciences of the Homunculi

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    Möbius Band Drive System

    Developed in CA. 24000 during the Great War, the Möbius Band Drive System uses a system of sub magnetic Klein bottles filled with tachyon particles to shunt ships through sub planar space into the Outer Darkness. The process is expensive, cost prohibitive in both energy & mass, & much of the bodily integrity of the ship is lost in transit.
    That is until recently with the advantages lent to the physical sciences by the Pe' Cho'i. The new magnetic resister units allow a ship's A.I to move a ship with very little physical degradation.

    The generators of a ship use a tetrahedron hyperdimensional gate system to punch through & lace a ship from one part of space into another without the use of a navigator or psychic! This break through however has made certain groups within Hnalla II's Departments of Science & Religion very  nervous. They say that this verges on the domain of the "Gods". 
    The system is powered by miniature stars connected by worm holes suspended within fragmented Klein Bottles of higher dimensional none-space that exists on the sub-atomic level. The entire arrangement is held within tightly packed force fields so that the time travelling aspects of the drive systems don't get out of control. There have been no accidents so far. Scientists remain concerned about the possibilities of travelers from alternative universes taking advantage of the so called window of dimensional openings during operation. 
    Möbius Band Drive System Star Ship Encounter Chart 1d10 

    1. Travelers from an alternative universe 
    2. Alternative versions of yourselves 
    3. Tachyon Eater monsters roll 1d6 to determine size 
    4. An unknown star system your lost 
    5. Success you've arrived at your destination 
    6. An artifact, space station,  or star ship from another universe roll 1d3 
    7. Hostile alien ship with guns blazing 
    8. The Hounds of Tindalos 
    9. Success you've reached your destination! roll 1d6 you've reached an alternative universe only the changes are so small that you don't realize it
    10. You've journeyed back to the beginning of the universe what's that little explosion that's getting bigger 

    Möbius Band Drive System Accident Table  Roll 1d10 

    1. Cause the Atlantis disaster 
    2. You & your crew become sliced into perfect duplicates of yourselves that you have 24 hours to kill or you'll explode
    3. You & your crew become involved in a random historical event in the time line of Human Space Empires Roll 1d30 add in 1d6 see rule book for results 
    4. You become part of the Great Crunch at the beginning of time 
    5. Your flesh is reversed so the organs are on the outside yet your not dead. Lose -2 points off of Con & Chr 
    6. Nothing is wrong except your ship becomes The Flying Dutchmen of Time & Space 
    7. You are in orbit  around a strange planet called Earth flying some place over Roswell New Mexico in 1945 
    8. You arrive at your destination except the drive is burnt out & you need to replace 1d4 parts 
    9. The Hounds of Tindalos want a word... Right now! 
    10. Reroll please 

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Augmented Indeterminism Hyperspace Folds

    Like the surface of the sea was the mirror of Tuzun Thune; hard as the sea in the sun's slanting beams, in the darkness of the stars, where no eye can pierce her deeps; vast and mystic as the sea when the sun smites her in such way that the watcher's breath is caught at the glimpse of tremendous abysses. So was the mirror in which Kull gazed.
    Robert Howard 
    The Outer Darkness cuts across all time & space all at once. Navigating it requires a certain psychic sense of the    insane. One really does gaze into the abyss here. There are some who gaze a bit too deeply. These navigators use metaphysical determinism & psychic science to determine the exact second when a ship needs to make the jump to hyperspace. 
    While metaphysical determinism rules out chance, theorizing that becoming is only by necessity, scientifical indeterminism sees alternating between chance and necessity, where the first is cause and change, and the second maintains the unchanged or static.The chaotic and seemingly non-deterministic quantum nature of "foldspace"or hyperspace is full of moment by moment mirrored reflections of memories yet to be. The psychic may dive through the entire range until they find exactly what they are looking for. A navigator often a skill roll to determine that moment in time
     Many navigators  use super-computers to navigate space & the Outer Darkness lest they awaken some of the many gods & monsters imprisoned within the folds of hyper space.
    Odic Googles & Air Supply allow one to pear into the Outer Darkness  with a breathable  medium

    Augmented viewing is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics.Thus making the medium that much safer for the already fragile sanity of some navigators.