Saturday, May 21, 2011

Derro Artifacts~ The Brain Inside The Black Box

An artist impression of some of the stimuli taken after a telepathic probe  of  one of the Derro's victims 

After the Derro strike deep into the heart of human space recently a starling discovery was made. Derro not only take the heads of their victims & create artifacts from them but have used the delicate neural pathways to  to create genetic memory so that an individual's experiences would become imprinted upon their cells, and would in turn be hidden within the cells of their descendants. Often these devices are made from common house hold electronic items found at the colony raid sites & the human brains of their victims. 
Speculation is that the victims were taken through their memories & the memories of their ancestors so that a data base of human knowledge may be built. The use of artificial nerve cells allows the Derro to mimic actual reality matrices so that the illusion from reality to fantasy may be created unless a save vs is rolled. 
Here we see a complete rewiring of the human mind for the twisted purposes of the Derro 
These artifacts appear to be an actual abstraction of the technology possessed by the Mi Go. Scientists speculate that the Derro have complete drive systems & multi dimensional planar drives built upon this technology. The victim may be unaware or reset after each planar jump. Further the technology allows the Derro to create psychic planar stealth blind spots in the Outer Darkness as well as the jump. Only the insane rush of stimuli are edited out of the reality matrix of the victim after each drive. These systems are part of the darkest of science & have only just begun to be studied on Hnalla II at the Ministry of Planar Science. Advanced Science abilities may combat this ability but only recently have humans & near humans been able to cope with this insidious technology! 
The Black Box Brain

The brain box artifacts have the  following powers:
Z ray Planar  Blind Spot (3 times per day)
Control Machine (3 times per day)
Mind Control (3 times per day)
Scanner Jam (3 times per day)

Dead Zone(3 times per day)
A Skill/Power success roll is required for the use of any power. 
A Derro scientist may ask the victim any question & the victim is compelled to answer it. The Derro may appear to be a close relative, or anyone whom the person trusted in life. The user of the brain box may also with a skill roll create the effect of the power of space madness. There is however 1d6 chance that this may burn out the box! The derro will only do this as a last ditch effort!


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