Monday, May 2, 2011

Hnalla II - Jewel of The Sky

The city streets of  Ketengkuon level four that revel their ancient technology
A master space yoga fakir going through his morning ritual  level 5
Welcome to level 6 where the busy streets never stop
The temple of a Thousand Gods Transported at great expense from Old Earth
Many of the wonders of  old earth can be seen here.
There are many marvels & entertainments for the roving adventurer to have here.
The Emporor's throne room seldom used anymore but still kept in ready state for a moment's visit
Throne of  the Emporor done in real Earth wood. Priceless beyond compare.
Thumis  3 one of  6 major stations that surrounds Hnalla. These stations act as gateways to the capital world
In all of the universe there is no other world quite like  Hnalla the Jewel of the Sky. This world is an artificial floating post in the night. 
Its land surface of 194,000,000 km² (75,000,000 miles², 130% of Earth land area) is, with the exception of the Imperial Palace, entirely enclosed in artificial domes. It has a population of 45 billion.
As the center of the Imperial Government for unbroken hundreds of generations and located, as it was, toward the central regions of the Galaxy among the most densely populated and industrially advanced worlds of the system, it could scarcely help being the densest and richest clot of humanity the Race had ever seen.
History -Founded during the 1st Terran Empire 20000 AD this world was build with the most advanced technology that the former league of world members could bring to bare.
The Pé Chói, the Terrans, the Páchi Léi , and the Tinalíya. all brought many of their world's treasures here so that others might marvel at them.  
This world is at the center of several important interstellar trade routes. It is the center for many sectors of production, industry, & technology including the most highly advanced aspects of planar engines.
 Hnalla II is the center of trade for a myriad of the the races of the Empire. Anything is available for a price. The lower levels support a number of black markets & anything from militery grade weapons to forbidden psychic techniques are available. The ship yards of Hnalla are renowned for the quality of interstellar craft.
Levels- There are 772 levels on this world. Each one progressively lower tech then the upper levels which bask in the small artificial super suns that light some of the princely manors that dot across the surface of this world
 As the largest trade planet in its sector of space Hnalla II sees its fair share of crime. The opportunities for vice, drug trafficking, piracy, not to mention the official corruption. The opportunities for all of the above activities are endless making this truly the jewel of  Empire.

 Infamous Locations on Hnalla
First Level
1. The Grand Arena- The roar of the crowd comes in waves. The smell of  blood is carried on the wind. The holograms can be seen for miles. This is the Grand Area & its blood soaked sand greets a million gladiators & fools out to prove their mettle. For a mere 10 credits entry fee you too can entertain the crowd. Royals from all over the Empire come here to be entertain & thrilled 
2. The Grand Mall- The universe's largest mall of exotic wares. 120 floors of anything your heart decandant desires. From pleasure droids to the latest in fashions this place has it all. 
3.The Droid Gardens- Brothels are a thing of the past here you can live out your wildest fantasy's in perfect pleasure & guilt free safety. 
Level 2 
1. The palace level -The entire floor is given over to the retinue of his highness. He seldom visits but the incredible treasures are here for guided tours none the less 
Level 25
The Alien Quarter - Imagine being able to see other worlds without leaving the comfort & safety of  Hnalla. This level is your chance to see some of the more interesting lifeforms from across the universe. 

Beware the inner levels - Here the lost & damned prey upon many who come by. Beware the black markets & other temporary places of vice & crime. 
Enjoy your stay


  1. Nice world for a sandbox. Starting a campaign there?

    The decreasing tech levels going down into the world reminds me a bit of Iain M. Banks' Matter, the novel about the huge artificial Shell planet where each level contained a world surface with nuclear roll stars, and multiple civs...some sort of late medieval.

    At one point I thought it would be cool to design a game world like that where each level was based on a Heavy Metal magazine there's a Druuna level, a Lone Sloane level, an Air-Tight Garage level, an Arzach level, a Den level, a Bilal-Immortals level, etc.

  2. This is my "trantor" world named after the god of Stability in Empire of the petal throne. I need a sort of Coursant type of world for my Human Space Empire Game coming up. This is sort of a world that the Emperor went "Meh" & went back home. So there it sits waiting to come back into favor.
    That design sounds very cool man, very cool indeed!

  3. Cool. Good use of stock photos. This looks like a great place to run a sandbox campaign. Looking forward to seeing how you flesh it out further in the weeks ahead.

  4. Seediness under splendour. It's a whole world of adventure, with plenty to build on. I'd also be interested in where you take this, as with everything you do.

  5. Good post.

    @Drune - That Heavy Metal world idea is a good one.


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