Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Altered States of The Psychonaut League

The Psychonaut League suit seen on display  at  Randri  5 
Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.
H. P. Lovecraft

 The expansion of  psi powers has allowed men to dive into both interstellar space & inwardly into the very bowels of what it means to be "human" .The Psychonaut League is a group of humans & near human spacers who use the inter planar energies of hyper dimensional space & the Outer Darkness to ponder the dangerous consequences of awakening the dormant memories that are passed genetically from being to being since the beginning of the universe.
Incidents of physical regression of scientists  based on a  quality similar to genetic memory, with the difference that the ancient information is encoded not at the cellular level (DNA), but at the atomic level. There is an apparent progression of concepts implied in the film's science: individual person-based memory (neural system, or possibly even whole organism), cell-based memory (genes), and atom-based memory (matter). The implied suggestion seems that memory could be present at every scale of matter, down to the very energy, innate to it—to the universal, primordial "substance" that everything in existence is made of. This way advances the seminal idea behind the concept of genetic memory to a completely new level.
The voyager is often hung out onto the skin of a space craft in a deep planar space suit & given a cocktail of highly awakened drugs. This is often done just as the craft is about to make a long hyperspace jump & the user enters into a space yoga trace.The being is placed in the hyper space suit & allowed to experience the effects of planar energy in order  to awaken the inner psychic eye of the being
RandomPsychonautics Hyper Space Yoga effects 1d10* 
  1. A degree of awareness that might otherwise remain obscured by modern society’s attention to more stringent standards of rational thought gain +1 on all intelligence rolls 
  2. User gains Esp or advances a level 
  3. User goes up a level in their class 
  4. User experiences a marked physical change ex becomes more cave man like or simian
  5. User has a "bad trip" 
  6. User gains more muscle mass +1 to all strength rolls 
  7.  Accessing the memories of an ancestor roll 1d6 on a positive roll the memory is a good one & relative to the character. On a low roll the memory is useless 
  8. Gain a new power as the planar energies are absorbed by the body 
  9.  Intuitive attributes  increase as the energies course through you & you gain a + 1 to any attribute
  10. A planar being blesses you with a higher dimensional artifact 
BAD PLANAR TRIP  roll 1d10 
  1. Evolve into a lower being -1 to -2 on all physical attributes 
  2. A random body part is dissolved by the planar energies 
  3. Caught in the Throws of Genetic Memory - you journey for 1d6 random days lost in your genetic memories reroll on both tables again 
  4. Space madness 
  5. A planar demon or higher power notices you & wants you 
  6. MONSTROUS physical change 
  7. Evolve into a higher energy being & be taken out of play the multiverse needs you 
  8. The spirit-fire is too much for you & your own soul burns you for 1d8 points of damage as the Eldrith fires begin to consume you 
  9. You leave this plane of existence completely, they find an empty suit 
  10. The drugs effects produce an alien being from a higher dimensional space. Effects up to the game master 

A combination of the following are used to create the Space Yoga state* - Cardamine, Alprazaline,Chamalla extract & various others. At higher doses users report dramatic time distortion, vivid imagery, encounters with beings, travel to other places, planets or times, living years as the paint on a wall or experiencing the full life of another individual. A save vs must be rolled for all time spent under the cocktail's effects. 
*"May cause drowsiness, sexual nightmares and sleep crime"


  1. Thanks Matt! Awesomeness someone likes this!

  2. The small-print: *"May cause drowsiness, sexual nightmares and sleep crime", is one of the best parts of this post, and this is one of your best pieces. Man does this pack a LOT into one post...


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