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Playing For Keeps - 'A Shadowed House' By Paul W. Ehrlich A Pay What You Want Adventure & Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Game - Session Two

"The thing's breath overwhelms your senses as you run blindly through the forest. Suddenly, a house appears out of the rain, its door open like a gaping maw. Gratefully, you enter and the door slams shut behind you.""You may have survived the forest. But can you survive A Shadowed House? "

Tonight's session picks up with the action right from here and t
his adventure came into DM Steve's possession after a recommendation by me to watch RPG Overview's Review of A Shadowed House.  

 Charging back up from the basement we ended up coming face to face with some of the other ghostly horrors of  A Shadowed House. Our other resident vampire ended up getting impaled with knives, forks, etc. in the kitchen as the haunted house and it's undead residents made mincemeat out of our vampire. A quick turning to mist and some regenerating made our other vampire Vincent Velcro good as new. 
The house had other plans however as one room became a literal whirlwind of terror slicing up my werewolf character Marco like meatloaf. The house did not like our group there and wanted us out. It literally told us so with debris forming the words out!
We were in no mood to put up with the house and it's ghostly inhabitants and were there to save the neighborhood kids who had gone missing. That's when our psychic Claire (Marty our psychic play is playing clones of Claire Voyant an obscure 1940's comic book character of various types in all of our OSR game campaigns). Focused in on the kids in the back bed room. 

So putting up with a bunch of bleeding walls and the house itself trying to make psychic attacks on us. We made our way to bed room and then had to face down one of the houses other inhabitants. She made our life a bit a living Hell but our 'Chosen One' Mickey got into it hot and heavy with the ghost. And managed to banish her for a bit. This allowed us to get the kids out and we ran from the house. We're not done with the house. Just before we left the house attacked our other psychic! The Wickham house was playing for keeps as our psychic was once again attacked. Maggie The All Seeing managed to make her save and really did not like this place one bit. 
We got out of the Wickham house and are regrouping but going back tomorrow night. We've got a vendetta with this place to settle. 

Mayhem & Terror By Death Battalion - Marvel Super Heroes Rpg The Golden Age Campaign - Session Report Four


The PC's had a ton of paperwork to take care of with thier time with  FBI agent Clemants. This session picks up right where the last one here left off.  The PC's were on the track of the Death Battalion and our psychic Claire Voyant ( Claire is a clone  created by Mr.Sinister.) Came face to face with the Black Clown & she only got a few seconds of insight before a noose was around her neck. 

The Black Clown twisted into a low vent near the appartment of Claire. The Clown is actually a lot more competent then his DC Heroes profile indicates. This is because is because a Gestapo agent has taken over Black Clown identity. And the second the PC's saw him there were seven throwing daggers flying thier way. 
And next was a grenade to cover the Clown's tracks. The Black Clown covered his tracks with razor blade sharp caltrops. And so after telling the police about the caltrops. 
The PC's came face to face with ten goons belonging to the Laughing Skull. These are actually Nazi soldiers disguised as normal citizens. Claire Voyant had a score to settle with the Black Clown but got dragged into the melee with the Laughing Skull's goons. This allowed the Black Clown to escape. 
While the heroes were distracted 'The Ghost' Jans Greller SS soldier/agent with the fear power  was able to get near the New York City mayor's special council on international trade. Our version of the Black Bat was ready for him because he was disguised as Mr.Collins the special council. Being blind made our Black Bat immune to 'The Ghost's' powers. The Ghost was trounced and arrested. 


We tracked the Clown to a local warehouse which was rigged with explosives and chemicals again the work of the Black Clown. The Clown was becoming a rather nasty customer when our Monster got hit with the 'mummy ray' of the Thorn. We didn't know whose behind the identity but this version of the Death Battlion plays for keeps. We retreated to deal with 'the Monster' down. 
A couple of details we've noticed about DM Steve's game. The Death Battlion has been run like a terrorist cell then a group of super villains. We found three or four corpses which we left for the cops. We've got to back track these victims to see if there's a pattern ( there is ) and then go from there! 

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Review & Commentary On Castles & Crusades S1 Heart of Glass By Stephen Chenault with Todd Gray For The Castles & Crusades Rpg or Your Old School Campaign

 "The Paladin sighed, looking to the ground. “I would not bring this upon you . . . . If I could, I would suffer your damnation!” He shook his head, “But . . . there is nothing else that we may do.”

"Malcom of Helliwell turned away. “You’re a bastard. But of course you know this.” He looked to his hands. Wrinkles and bones, they no longer bore the strength to wield a blade or heft a shield. How had this come to pass, he mused, his youth stolen in so few years? In days he aged months, in month’s years. There was no doubt eldritch magic involved, somehow involved with the wars. He stood upon the brink of death, and he knew it."


"And now they needed him. They needed his life prolonged for some spell or some such. Somehow he was the key.

“How long do I have, mage?”

The old wizard shook his head. His voice was cool and calm, “A day, two at the most. You either take Sagramore’s way or we bury you and the power you carry.”

Castles & Crusades Castles & Crusades S1 Heart of Glass By Stephen Chenault is a sixty eight page low 3-5 PC level adventure that brings the PC's into the dark underbelly of 
  the back alleys and abandoned neighborhoods of the Sea Towns of Ihlsa.
And this is an excellent adventure for introducing the Thieves guilds & criminal underbelly of the Sea Towns. Pirates,cutthroats, and other encounters with the underworld abound. Heart of Glass is part guide book and adventure centered around these areas. Encounters are well written but not balanced in the party of adventurers favor in anyway. The PC are going to have to have thier wits about them. Make no mistake for C&C this is a solid adventure to add underworld and scummy elements of the criminal to your campaigns. The writing here is solid, the layout good, and the fonts easily readable. 
And according to Heart of Glass's description; "
The adventure takes place in the Sea Towns of Ihlsa:  Ra-veen, Nochiand Capayrnha. Portions of each town are detailed, including economy, government, persons of note, guilds, and places of interest. The adventure, the events surrounding the magical Heart of Glass, provides a backdrop to the towns, and serves to introduce both the CK and Players to what should develop" I'm happy to report that this is the case & Heart of Glass gives plenty of details on the Sea Towns which could become your adventurers base of operations for a while. S1 has it's deadly bits and it could be quite easy for a party to lose one or more members. 

S1 provides plenty of opportunities for the adventurers to get in way over thier heads. Heart of Glass has a bit of everything from urban encounters to a bit of dungeon crawling. S1 is a solid adventure to bring in both experienced and new players of Castles & Crusades. I recommend S1 as a solid introduction to the Castles & Crusades rpg. 

Future Wretched Darkness - Against The Inquistor! The Fate of Dr, Terror Session Report

 What happens when you cross an evil  magus who can summon one of the most deadly entities from the Beyond. This week found out exactly that! The Scarlet Reaper a retired super from Hudson City called on our party of adventurers. Dr. Terror a villain magus who has taken out a 'death warrent' from ' The High Court of the Dead.'And this put them in direct conflict with The Inquistor an undead bounty hunter for the Court. The Inquistor has the power of a demigod as long as he has a 'Death Warrent'. 

There is no way that we could match the Inquistor's power so we had to out think him. We went to the Scarlet Reaper's estate just outside of Hudson City. And got the Reaper into a circle of protection & then did our best to get the 'scent' of the Scarlet Reaper into Hudson city. 
We did this by creating at soul clone of the Reaper and enchanting a ring with it. This used blood, bile,etc. of the Reaper. The ring was given to one of the Reaper's agents a bus driver who was doing the circuit of the city. 

We hadn't seen any hide nor hair of the Inquistor but the danger sense of our own psion ' Claire Voyant' ( a clone of the 1940's psionic heroine) had a flash of danger. She kept getting glimpses of the High Court of the Dead in car mirrors. store front glass, etc. ' The High Court of the Dead.' can summon any number of of scarorri or apostles of pain to take the victim to Hell or The Beyond. 

We broke into Dr.Terror's tower and faced down his undead minions ( these came outta of Wretched Verses issue #14 Undead) and broke into his inner sanctum. There we came across Vera Neussa a court appointed apostle of pain. She has been feeding Dr. Terror certain sorcerous information about the court's doings. Dr. Mastadon our shaman cum superhero summoned the Court just as Dr. Terror broken in. And then we presented our evidence to the Court. Two minor discplines of pain seized Dr. Terror just as the Inquistor appered. 'The Death Warrent' was served and we were teleported away because the fate of Dr. Terror was not for our eyes! 

We made it back to the Scarlet Reaper's estate and  released him from the circle of protection along with cleaning up the bed, toilet,etc. that we had set up. And we managed to get paid!! But I can't help feeling that the High Court of the Dead isn't done with us. 

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'A Shadowed House' By Paul W. Ehrlich A Pay What You Want Adventure & Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Game - Session Report One

""The thing's breath overwhelms your senses as you run blindly through the forest. Suddenly, a house appears out of the rain, its door open like a gaping maw. Gratefully, you enter and the door slams shut behind you.""You may have survived the forest. But can you survive A Shadowed House? "

So I got a chance to step around the screen and dip my toe into DM Steve's Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars  mini campaign. And we had to carry out a haunted house investigation after the appearance of the legendary Wickham house on October 29th. This adventure came into DM Steve's possession after a recommendation by me to watch RPG Overview's Review of A Shadowed House.  Normally I don't recommend fifth edition but since Nighshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars uses the O.R.G.E. system it's close enough that we can easily run A Shadowed House. 

We forgoed the Fear check rules within A Shadowed House instead using Nighshift rules here. Each of our PC's was a supernatural and able to weather the physical damage. The mental damage was another story as the house tried to take it's toll on on our party. 
The house appeared in the old New York City neighborhood that it originally inhabited & children have disappeared on thier way to a local Halloween party. We were brought in because the police are stretched thin. I'm playing Jim Callahan immortal orginally killed in the war of 1812. The house itself is from the 1900's and looking deeply into it's past we came face to face with a series of murders. Our psychic passed out from the revelations and the house's past victims. Outside of the house we came across three shallow graves recently dug. And the soil was shot through with alien looking maggots. A strange green glow outlined the front door of the house. We decided to investigate. 
 We were able to get passed the front door before the house decided to turn on it's charm. 

The ghosts began to manifest the second we got deep into the living room. And the well organized and lovely atmosphere of the place vanished soon replaced with dangerous cobwebbed interiors. The floor was rotten in several places as our resident werewolf  Adolf found out taking a fall down to the basement. 
The Wickham house was playing for keeps as our psychic was once again attacked. Maggie The All Seeing managed to make her save and really did not like this place one bit. 
And that's when a giant ghostly bear with incredibly deadly glowing eyes reared up out of the gloom of the front hallway. 
“The thing stalking you finally reveals itself. The creature is a gigantic bear, one of the largest you have ever seen. That in itself is cause for concern. Even worse, your attention is drawn to the thing’s hideous green glowing eyes which stare unblinkingly at you. In the odd, unnatural illumination, maggots worm out of the bear’s skull and fall, writhing, to the earth. Dick Franklin our supernatural investigator and vampire got clawed and knocked into a side wall. The thing tried to behead my PC with little effort but I made my Dex check easily. 
We dived into the basement hole and escaped the ghostly bears wraith. And saw the glowing skull's half rotten ectoplasmic muzzle lear into the hole we just fellow down. Scrambling we hid around the basement as the ghostly horror faded away. We ended here as we started to take stock of ourselves and the party. 

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OSR Commentary On CM4 Earthshaker! By David 'Zeb' Cook & Adventurer Conqueror, King 1st edition Rpg

 " Into your hands has been thrust a great responsibility: the management of a growing domain. It has been a hard winter. Now, with the coming of spring, the populace looks to you for leadership. It will take a careful and generous hand to restore your subjects' confidence."

"But even as you hold your first courts of the new season, an ominous shadow falls across the land. Earthshaker - wonder of the world - has arrived! Will its arrival be a curse or a blessing? With bold action and skillful diplomacy, you may yet divert disaster. But if you fail, the consequences will certainly be the subject of many a minstrel's tragic songs for years to come!"

CM4 Earthshaker! By David 'Zeb' Cook features the Earthshaker and this means that levels 18-20 are not levels to be trifled with. This is a 'King' level adventure in every sense of the word with a dungeon/menace that is the size of a domain and can flatten one. CM4 features some very high level encounters a high level module with Conqueror to King level encounters we're talking table X (10) encounters. And Earthshaker is a return to both Blackmoor and S3 Expediation to the Barrier Peaks Science Fantasy turf because the Earthshaker is described as follows; " the Earthshaker is described thus: "[It] was built at least 3,000 years ago, probably by a race of evil gods similar in skill to dwarves or gnomes." Since Blackmoor is set 3000 years before the modern day of the Known World, and since its science-fantasy technology is sometimes said to come from "gods," many presume that Blackmoor is the source of the Earthshaker technology." 
And for Adventurer, Conqueror, King's Dwarven Craftmen PC's and NPC's the Earthshaker technology is a return to form. Studying it can yield incredible innovations. And this is a return to form with Autarch's 
By This Axe: The Cyclopedia of Dwarven Civilization.

 CM4 is a return to menaces that are both the menace and partially the dungeon in one neat package. And make no mistake there are monsters, encounters, menaces that can end a party with a quick snap of a finger. And there are not one but three domains up for conquest according to the CM4 Earthshaker wiki entry; "Expanding the Known World. In case players don't have their own dominion, "Earthshaker!" offers up the dominion of Vyolstagrad for use. It also mentions the nearby dominion of Stamtral. Both are located in Norwold, but as was the case with the Barony of Twolakes Vale in CM2: "Death's Ride," the adventure doesn't specify where exactly. The Italian MMB suggests placing Vyolstagrad southeast of the Azure Lake.

Vyolstragard also marked the first use of a Russian-like culture in Norwold. It's since been associated with the "Vatski" culture."  So this makes adventuring interesting from an ACK's perspective. The players can really make Mystara thier own setting by taming it if they survive! The dungeon crawls are cleverly woven into this one. 
And once again if there was ever a high level adventure that clocks in on the ACK's ten and above level CM4 Earthshaker is it! This adventure has the ACK's Heroic Fantasy Handbook written all over it! 

Deadly encounters, high level politics, a kingdom wrecking warmachine, and more! CM4 Earth shaker can pick up right after the events of  Sabre River (CM3) By Douglas Niles Along With  Bruce Nesmith. In Earthshaker the PC's are the heroes & kings of yore returned to the shores of Mystara especially with ACK's in the campaign wheel house. And now with Adventurer Conqueror King System Imperial Imprint (ACKS II) - Kickstarter happening. Now is the perfect time to get into an ACK's Mystara campaign. 

Wampir You Say?! - Cities Without Number & Orbital Decay One Shot - Session Two

 The player's PC's were able to get a bit of intel on the off the books facility. It seems it belongs to a combined of medical mega corporations. 'Elftown' wasn't as forth coming as they'd hoped and they ran into two of Mr.Smith's Troll enforcers suits and machineguns. The party ran only out a thousand dollars! 

This session picks up right where the last one left off  with the crew of operators aboard the off the books facility. Within the operators from last week's game which is where we pick up find any number of zero point energy generators aboard. The also find it plugged into a huge number of life support and medical equipment. This was no off the books data facility?! Instead it's a huge medical complex! A huge medical complex that belongs to whom? 

They found body after body with VR helmets on them! After snapping lots and lots of pictures the runners found a terminal and jacked in. Things went from bad to worse as they found themselves inside what appeared to be a video game wampir apocalypse. There were zero safety protocals as the jackers found themselves up against some very nasty critters who it turned out were the guys in the VR helmets as the vampires! 
Oh and this is where the cybertoothed cat guards showed up waking up out of cryosleep! It seems like the 'Echo facility wants too keep it's secrets! Next week we pick up with the PC's fighting for thier lives. 

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Back to Back on Hyperborea - The Late Trapper's Lament By David Prata & B2 Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax - Low Level Adventures on Hyperborea

 “You there, marines! I have a task for you. Come earn your keep, dogs.”

"Your party has accepted work as marines aboard a cog called Otherworldly Obelisk. The ship has berthed in Ragnarrheim, a Viking town of New Vinland, with plans to continue to Port Zangerios, but some of the expected cargo has not arrived. The local trapper was due hours ago with a bundle of valuable ermine pelts. His tardiness is uncharacteristic. The captain orders you to locate the late trapper and, more importantly, return with the pelts, but something is amiss out in the hoary wilds of Hyperborea."

So what are the ramifications of the Free City of Greyhawk in a solar system where  Hyperborea floats near Saturn & Greyhawk sits next to the star Jupiter? I began to think about this far future solar system of mine millions of years in the future  where Jupiter is a small star. Greyhawk orbits around it & Hyperborea is near one of the sixty two (sixty three?) moons of Saturn. Greyhawk's golden age might have been in fact much more marked by the passage of Ragnarok. Humanity was led to the safety of Greyhawk because of the sacrifice of the deities of Old Earth. This was eons ago and your actually a low level adventurer whose deeply into Ragnarrheim, a Viking town of New Vinland, with plans to continue to Port Zangerios. And here the PC's get embroiled in the adventure plot of The Late Trapper's Lament. This brings them deep onto the shores of Ragnarrheim and we get a really solid overview of the village/town of Ragnarrheim.Now if the events of The Late Trapper's Lament which is an adventure for 1st to 2nd level PC's. The B2 Keep on The Borderlands kicks in with the Borderlands fort being on the outskirts of Ragnarrheim.

The Cult of Chaos has been kicking it's heels up around the town or village of Ragnarrheim. They've been bringing in agents of the cult to stir the powers of the Caves of Chaos once again. The lizardmen around the keep know what's happening and are not happy about the hermit and his ilk coming into the area and stirring up the dark forces. 

 So what this does is allows the DM to tie in the forces of Chaos into the backstory of Hyperborea without ignoring the events of the   village of Ragnarrheim. We've already got our agent of the cult of Chaos within The Late Trapper's Lament. And so this kicks events up within the trading post of the Keep. Everything from here centers around the PC's putting down the Caves of Chaos after the The Late Trapper's Lament adventure. 
This allows the DM to have two lower tier adventures ready to go on the trot with a Hyperborea rpg twist. The keep is only active part of the year and the rest of the time hunkers down for Winter. The Caves of Chaos are stirring to life once again because the humanoids are on the war path under the caves's influence. 
Five Reasons Why A Combination Hyperborea Campaign Works: 
  1. B2 The Keep on the Borderlands isn't that well known to modern players at all. 
  2. The Keep establishes itself as the heart of a campaign and the PC's headquarters ready to go. And after the job of The Late Trapper's Lament ends B2 picks right up. 
  3. The  village of Ragnarrheim is perfect as a home away from home for the wilderness of Hyperborea providing the PC's with resources, supplies, and even hirelings 
  4. These two modules work very nicely together with ships to take the adventurers onto thier next missions and a ship for down the road of adventure. 
  5. The lower tier adventures don't mean that these are not lethal at all or that the Hyperborea rpg Weird Tales element is missing. 

Murders By The Death Battlition - Marvel Super Heroes Rpg The Golden Age Campaign - Session Report Three

 This session report picks up right from the last grit and gritty session here. We'd found the dead cop's corpse last session. And we waited on the medical examiner's report with every drop of liquid pulled from the corpse. 

We were on the trail of the asssasin who had been smuggled into the United States by the Circus of Death last session. What we didn't know was that the Death Battalion from the Public Domain Super Heroes Wiki  was on our case; 
"The Death Battalion was a team of criminals and fifth columnists dedicated to the destruction of the United States. It was founded by The Brain, and comprised of six deadly super criminals that The Brain helped free from "El Catraz" Penitentiary. In addition to The Brain, the team included The Horned Hood, The Black Thorn, The Black Clown, The Laughing SkullDr. Death (2) and Ghost (Fawcett). The team was ultimately defeated when The Brain and several other members were captured by Mr. Scarlet and Pinky. The team had been successful in assassinating several prominent American officials." As far as we knew the Death Battlion has been busted in 1941 and yet we found evidence last session that  The Black Thorn back in action?! 

The orginal Death Battlion was still incarcarated as far as we knew?! Now all of this centered around the original Brain. The brain's mask is actually a psionic power blocker centered around some pseudo Science gimmicky. The player's started breaking this down, a convienant group of super villains who appear outta of no where?! What's the angle?! 

What if these super villains are actually highly trained Nazi sabatours & fifth columnists with a set of rotating Nazi officiers and SS agents who are taking on the roles?! The American public blames the Death Battlion & the Nazi infiltrate deeper into America. The Brain's profile on Write up.org has a run down on these 'nobody villains'.These were the next incarnation of the villain identities & were to sew the most panic and fear that they can in the populice. 

  • The Thorn.
  • The Black Clown.
  • The Laughing Skull.
  • Doctor Death.
  • The Ghost.
  • The Horned Hood.
    Now for the Golden Age of Heroes campaign each of these guys would have SS officier's stats from MA7. They have the gimmicks of the villains but also access to Nazi equipment including guns, explosives, etc. everything that fifth columnist needs. 
    We know that the The Thorn has skirted the Gothem section of New York City and is on the outskirts having no motive to tangle with Batman or Robin. The Thorn is also too small fry for Captain America or any of his operatives. So we're on the case. We're busting a small nazi safehouse on the lower Eastside of the city. When we got to the small town house we discovered the corpses of three people the handy work of The Thorn. And there were Nazi agents waiting for us and it got brutal. We took out four of the agents and called in the cops. And then we ran into FBI agent Clemants whose a real prick and then it was lots of paperwork. 

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Out in the Black -- Stars Without Number/Trey Causey's Strange Stars Campaign Update & Session Report

 So the Stars Without Numbers (Strange Stars) campaign has been on hiatus for a few weeks because two of our players have had some on going medical issues. The rest of the players are preasurizing me to move on with the campaign 

So we've left events on the Lakota being that the crew is out searching for a nano soul fragment belonging to one of the PC's. This fragment means that the PC as far as the player is concerned is incomplete.  

Several other things that have happened is the player's PC's messing with a Zao pirate collective and almost having thier heads handed to them. We ended up with a Zao crewman as a part of the neogiations and as a possible hostage should we needed it. The crew immediately freed Laza Faire from his contractual bonds to the crew. 

Aboard the Lakota the ship's internal systems have been upgraded and there's been several attempts at communicating with a renagade A.I. lifeform that has attached itself to one of the PC's. We have no ideas what the NPC is per say but one of the players mentioned it in passing. 
The player's PC's did run smack into an alien collective that operated as a space mercenary bandit party using low grade combat androids. This resulted in a prolonged and protracted fire fight. The Guv are now in hot pursuit of the PC's. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Complications & Crime - - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Earth Session Report 8

 Hostile's Earth is whole different universe to the September Group & they've been keeping a low profile at the moment. They've gotten work busting android terrorist cells at the moment but the party is having to think on thier feet. They're sitting on thier hands with the cargo that they've liberated. The party has the  cargo of the precious endopalladium on board. They've parted with half of it and have stowed the rest for a rainy day. 

Mother Russia has undergone a serious enviromental  & economic disaster on this Earth. This is not sitting well with the crew. 
The party meanwhile has reclaimed thier old headquarters outside of Huston and taken up with bustig heads of the local bandits who have andies working to control several local cells. The September Group's 'return' to Huston has not gone unnoticed as the Tharis Heavy Industry corporate exacutive who double crossed the other September Earth is totally confused. Meanwhile the leader of the Mutant Underground has contacted the September Group about stolen medical supplies. This was part of a link that has to do with this blog entry here. 
Meanwhile one of the slip tank & battle car drivers that the other group 'Eve 3' contacted the September group about a military job she had line up. It was taking out weapon runners South of the border down near the tip of South America. 

Eve 3 has a contract with Stern Weapons for the recovery of 445 cases of automatic and small fire munitions that's been stolen from the company. A fast in and out job with little fuss except for a great deal of collaterial damage. The party's two psionists made details about the mission much more friendly to the locals keeping damage to a mininuim. The party found one of the other September group's members hold up in a local safe house during the mission. This incarnation of the September group blew the Hell out of the Neo Narco clan that was holding her. We bounced with Nikita Crusca weapons expert back to New Huston. And she's in medical being looked after by our Cyberdoc and will be down for a month or two with recovery. 
The party came back to the fact that the Chinese mafia wants a word with us over the matter of a failed promise. And apparently some missing proles. And there's that little matter of the fact that the September group is supposed to be dead on Tau Ceti thanks to that weasel of a double crossing Tharis exacutive. 

The Curtain Comes Down on The Circus of Death - Marvel Super Heroes Rpg The Golden Age Campaign - Session Report Two

 Our heroes in thier last adventure has been captured by the 'Circus of Death' and though mind controlled has found out the extent of the smuggling operation of the circus. The fact that the 'Circus of Death' has been offering support on American soil to the various Nazi super villain groups through the American Bund. I got a chance to play instead of being behind the screen here's how it went! 

The real problem the PC's learned a bout is the fact that the Nazi smuggled in a super human assassin onto American soil. Several good dice rolls and one of the PC's was able to break away from the mental control of the Ringmaster. Jack Kirby Ring Master artwork! 

This a slight modification of Marvel Super Heroes The Golden Age by Keith Kilburn supplement by the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project

The Marvel Super Heroes The Golden Age is available in the group's file section in the Facebook group. The circus was padded out with Nazi soldiers who were disguised as circus workers. And came face to face with   the  Missing Link who had primate-like features, midget Tommy Thumb; snake charmer Omar; strongman Zandow, and the Trapeze Trio. Little did the PC's realize that the circus was more then simply a 'murder circus' but was training and distributing sabatours or fifth columnists  throughout it's travels in America. After about two hours of cat and mouse the players were able to take down some of the circus's operatives. The Ringmaster escaped though! Now the players are on the hunt for the Ring Master and have alerted Commisoner Gordon in New York City's Gotham buro. The most dangerous escapee isn't the Ring Master but Herr Hans Sims. Sims is actually an agent of the newly formed Hydra & priorty one on the hit parade. The PC's feel that Hydra might be behind some of the funding that the circus has been receiving. And they might also be behind the super human assassin that's been smuggled into New York/Gotham. 
The circus itself is for the moment finished as police and the local authorities clean up the network of the circus. So there was plenty of paperwork to do & reports to be made as well as a debriefing. 
And that's when we found the first corpse shrivelled of a police officier completely mummified. The officier had been killed because he got in the way. Now the heroes are on the trail. We'll pick up next week!