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Review & Commentary On Clement Sector Core Setting Book By John Watts From Independence Games For Cepheus Engine Rpg & Your Old School 2d6 Rpg Science Fiction Campaigns

"Welcome to Clement Sector!

In 2210, scientists discovered a wormhole allowing travel to the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy.  Once across, exploration teams discovered worlds far more suited to human habitation than those in star systems nearer to Earth.  Were they terraformed by some unknown race?  Are they just a coincidence in the vast diversity of the universe?"

"Over the ensuing years humans left Earth and began to colonize these worlds.  Nation-backed colonies.  Corporate colonies.  People who simply no longer felt compelled to remain on Earth.  The best and brightest.

In 2331, the unthinkable happened.  The wormhole collapsed leaving those in Clement Sector cut off from Earth.  Now these new worlds and new civilizations must stand on their own.

The year is 2342.  Adventure awaits!" 

John Watts approached me about taking a look at a bunch of Independence Games books & The Clement Sector setting  book has been on my Drivethrurpg wish list to get forever. But when you take a look at the extensive and I do mean extensive catalog of Independence Games books it can be a bit intimidating as a new Cepheus Engine rpg DM. So when DM Steve turned me onto Zozer Games Hostile. This might have been a mistake. Now in the past I've taken a look at Omer's 'These Stars Are Ours' but Clement Sector seemed a bit intimidating to me at first. Now that there's been a ton of Cepheus Engine rpg books under my belt & so many games let's take another look! 

Clement Sector is humancentric and that's awesome right out of the gate! The Clement sector feels like the best Traveller 2300 rpg setting that isn't ripping that game system or setting off at all. This is a hard science fiction setting with several marked distinctions. Distinction one is the fact that the Clement Sector has a manufacturing base when the worm hole collapsed. Two the Clement Sector is its own entity & an interstellar power within its own right.  'The Clement Sector' setting is a place where your adventurers are going actually want to adventure in & there's lots of opportunity for such. The Clement Sector is really its own game setting & even system separate from the rest of the Cepheus Engine rpg universes. And this is one of the things that also works in its favor. Because if you want to use a pre Fall galactic civilization then the Clement Sector is brilliant for this. Remember that the Clement Sector book is big as in two hundred & seventy two pages big. Your PC's are going to be adventuring there for a long time! 
The Clement Sector is for lack of a better term a sci fi  campaign setting from the edge of eternity. This is a well thought out, expansive, weird, and at its edges quite deadly science fiction campaign for the Cepheus Engine. The technology is high, the spaceships awesome, & the Earth very distant in its own way. The writing is crisp & the Cepheus Engine does an excellent job with the Clement Sector itself. John Watts does excellent design work & The Clement Sector setting is a fine example of this! Highly recommended! 

Clement Sector Core Setting Book By John Watts From Independence Games Available Right Here. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Review & Commentary On 'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young From Troll Lord Games For Castles & Crusades Or Your Old School Seige Engine rpg Campaign

 "In the grey seas and dark skies of turbulent chaos, you see a long black dragon-shaped ship. A dozen massive oars on each side row to the beat of a thundering drum. Tall, harsh-faced and dark-hued, fully-armored forms walk the deck, shouting orders in terrifying voices . . . the Formians come again."

"A power has risen in the Otherworld, it drives the storms upon the shores with such force that they batter the earth and grind the rocks. Those ill fortuned enough to dwell near the sea hide in terror at the fury of the storm unleashed. But it is not the storm they fear, it is the giants that ride the foamy surf. Formians! Giants of the old world they come, riding long ships across the mad-capped seas to surge up against the settlements of men; raiding with wild abandon, plundering, burning, hauling off treasures and slaves with few to impede their crimes."

"But there is method here, something, or someone drives the Formians, pushing them to reckless heights. Who and why are tangled in the intrigues of local lords, wizards, and their sons. It is yours to unravel the Gordian knot that is The Giants Wrath."

"This adventure is about the terrible raiding that the Sea Giants are doing to the coastal villages in the Mortal world and the sinister plans of their leader, a human wizard called the Stormgazer. In the progress of these adventures, the characters must make their way across the seas to the Otherworld to confront the wizard and his Giants and put an end to the terror."

"This story deals with many strands of Celtic mythology, both Irish and Welsh, and places them in the context of a fantasy setting that is easily integrated into Castle & Crusades’ Aihrde. This series of adventures places the characters into a tough and brutal story where there is little subtlety once the blood begins to flow."

'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young is the perfect module for Castles & Crusades to pick up right from the Halloween theme that we've been carrying on from 'The Goblins of Mount Shadow'. Here the Grey Kimg has risen & is shaking up the Celtic Otherworld & the Formorians have answered the call. This is not an easy adventure but serves as a nice bridge gap into the dark Celtic campaign world of Castles & Crusades Codex Celtarum 2nd Printing! 

'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young isn't any easy adventure by any means & will present a real challenge to player's PC's. This is a module  designed for 3-4 characters at 3rd- 8th level or higher, with predominantly rangers, fighters, warriors and wizards at the ready. 

'The Giants Wrath' takes up the Celtic mythology & turns it up to eleven because of the inclusion of giants & their kin. And there are shades of horror with these killers of mankind. The Fey here are at the center of the module & they are used very well. There are some solid encounters with many different C&C favorites & its the unity of the module that unites the adventure elements within  'The Giants Wrath".  'Giants Wraith' is a good bridge gap module to bring the party into a dark Celtic mythological campaign with Halloween's spectre lurking over it! But what other C&C powers are  involved?! 
'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young From Troll Lord Games For Castles & Crusades
Is Avaliable From Here

Review & Commentary On 'Crimson Escalation' By Venger As'Nas Satanis, & Rob Couture For Your Old School Game Campaigns

 "I was looking for a way to make my D&D combat fast, realistic, and exciting.  I put forth a few ideas, but my friend Rob Couture had the idea of increasing the critical-hit range every round.  I took his idea and ran with it.

Included in this PDF is the cover image, Rob Couture's foreword, an explanation of the Crimson Escalation mechanic, a visual aid "tracker" so you always know what crits, some cool artwork and layout, my Ten Commandments of Immersion, and the credits." 

"If you want to start using Crimson Escalation on your own without purchasing this PDF, you have my blessing.  I know it will improve your battles and overall enjoyment of whatever D20-based fantasy roleplaying game you want to use."

Crimson Escalation by Venger Satanis is simply a very simple, easy to use, and reliable alternative combat simulator in hit point based games. Will this system be useful for Call of Cthulhu or even story teller style games?! Yes it will! Crimson Escalation only clocks in at nine pages but its actually a very useful nine pages at that. What Crimson Escalation actually is, is a series of simple & easy to use combat systems. what is it? Well in a nutshell according to CE kickstarter; "I received a lot of comments.  Rob Couture suggested increasing the critical-hit range by one every round of combat (Rob has graciously agreed to write the foreword for Crimson Escalation). 

Yes, that's basically the entire gist!  On the 1st round of combat, critical hits are on a "natural 20".  On the 2nd round, crits are 19 and 20.  3rd round, crits are 18-20, and so on..." But this is Venger Satanis so nothing is ever at it seems or so one would think right?! Wrong! Crimson Escalation is actually quite nuanced in its play style. The combat system is simply reliable and very brutal with both sides going into combat but one one surviving that being the idea here.  'Ten Commandments of Immersion' hits the high points & does so with little difficulty. These guidelines are common sense & very handy! 
Wait, isn't '
Crimson Escalation' simply someone house rules for combat?! Well yes & a big resounding, no! This is an well put together product & it shows. There has been some actual play testing here and it shows through. Is Crimson Escalation actually useful?! In my estimation? Yes if the DM & players actually follow through on using the Crimson Escalation system then its a good & easy combat system to use. Where would the Crimson Escalation system actually be useful to in an rpg system?! Personally I believe that CE would work very well within a Sword & Sorcery rpg adventure setting in spades. Do I recommend the CE system?! In a word yes! 
 'Crimson Escalation' By Venger As'Nas Satanis, & Rob Couture For Your Old School Game Campaigns Is Available Right Here For Purchase. 

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Home is Where The Hell is - Paul Elliot's Zaibatu rpg & Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, & Manuel Souza Combined

 “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape. ”
― William S. Burroughs
Now let's pick it up where we left off yesterday within Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza combining it with Zozer Games Zaibatsu rpg  How can the cutting edge technologies, psionics, etc. be incorporated from Postcards from Avalidad into Zaibatu?! There are no such item & abilities in Zaibatu?! Well actually that's the easy part of all of this. And one of the reasons why your PC's are in Avalidad

Avalidad is the cutting edge beyond the normal corporate world of Zaibatsu even the bio gene therapies and bio punk weirdness of Earth. Avalidad has many of the weird & exotic technologies of JG Ballard and William S. Burroughs. This includes the psionics & weirdness of Avalidad for which Stellagemma's Variant Psionics springs to mind to help shoulder some of the mind muscle from the setting. 

Whatever you do don't explain the psionics or deadliness Avalidad because this place is interzone on steroids. This is a place or a need given alien form & the PC's are here to either be devoured by it or rip it off perhaps both. The world of Avalidad is the ragged cutting edge of the cyberpunk marketplace given form & function. The surrealness comes from it taking the PC's apart bit by bit over adventures. 

Now there's a Clive Barker style aspect to  Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza. And those rpg aspects remind me of Mr.Barker book's 'The Damnation Game'. I don't want to say which aspects & no I'm not planning on ripping off Mr. Barker so much as borrowing a piece or two of his supernaturalism &  exoticism that the book has. 


Some people will do anything for immortality & even death isn't the final escape that we think it is on Avalidad's alleyways. But to the players its simply another job. Another job they may walk away from but will they walk away with their souls intact?! 
Zone Tec just might have their work cut out for them.. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Review & Commentary On Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America For Cepheus Engine rpg or Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction rpgs

 Oh, beautiful for spacious skies

Skies that are colored gray, not like that of a dead channel, but from rain trying in vain to wash away the grime and evil of the streets below.

For amber waves of grain

Grain used to make “food” to feed America’s 430+ million people; and of course, the fatcats still get the first — and sometimes the only — mouthfuls.

"For purple mountains’ majesties

That the average person will never get to see, because they’re too busy with their noses to the grindstone, pleasing their corporate masters. If the skies were even clear enough, that is.

Above the fruited plain

At least those plains that haven’t been devastated by the worsening weather events brought on by climate change.

America, America

No longer exists in a recognizable form, ever since becoming a mere fascist shell of itself under the boot heel of an ascendant China."

"God shed his grace on thee

The gods now live above the masses in their mighty towers of polycarbon and glass, imposing their will through tyrannical (and compliant) politicians and legions of armored federal agents.

And crown thy good with brotherhood

There’s very little good in the world anymore and “brotherhood” is a joke. There is only destroy or be destroyed, succeed or fail...and the system is rigged to make you fail.

From sea to shining sea

Which (also thanks to climate change) comes a little closer every year, flooding once-habitable land"

"New World is a cyberpunk campaign framework based on the Traveller SRD (which is itself based on The Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game published in the 1970s) and the Cepheus Engine SRD. Set in the middle of the 21st century in an America rendered almost unrecognizable by past events, the campaign features many of the tropes commonly expected in a cyberpunk world, along with some developed expecially for New World:

  • A timeline based on and extrapolated from real-life events
  • A familiar lifepath character generation system
  • A generous selection of cybernetic modifications, mundane equipment, and vehicles
  • Simplified rules for computer use and cyber-combat
  • A discussion of mid-21st century American life and culture, including a glossary of slang terms
  • A look at the changes wrought on America and the rest of the world
  • A system for mapping sections of the “Net (aka cyberspace)
  • A system for determining spontaneous radicalization, one of the worst scourges of the future age
  • And much, much more

It’s a new world, just around the corner. Welcome to the future, daoren…hope you survive it!" 

Someone once told me that all good cyberpunk rpg's are a political statement. And this is true but not in the way that you might think! Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America does what some games take pages & pages to do in sixty eight pages of Cepheus Engine rpg goodness. And it does it by hitting all of the usual  Cepheus Engine & Traveller notes. 

And Mr.Brown lays it out in the first campaign overview; "The High Concept: The heroes are high-tech lowlifes navigating precarious existences in an authoritarian, China-influenced United States. Setting: America, in the near future (within the next 50 years.) America is a “soft” vassal state of China, now the world’s premier superpower. Social and financial breakdowns have produced a dystopian society of haves and have-nots, overseen by megacorporation executives in their mighty towers and preyed upon by organized crime and a puppet US government. However, America still views itself (and behaves) as a mover-and-shaker in global politics; the general public is unaware that the impetus for American policy often begins in the halls of Beijing. Scope: (Suggested) Local at first (one or two cities), perhaps becoming international as the party gains more power and influence and begins tackling larger and more complex adventures." 
Make no mistake New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America  isn't your usual cyberpunk style game setting. This is an America that is past its prime, seen better days, & is very dangerous. The setting is part action movie & part thinking man's cyberpunk campaign. Brown's design & writing is tight, solid, & easy to incorporate into a 2d6 campaign. Michael Brown is easily one of the least appreciated Cepheus Engine rpg designers using the 2d6 rpg platform today in my opinion. And that's a true shame. The man know what he's doing and  New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America  shows this.  New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America   is expansive and very well done.  New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America  showcases the strengths of the 2d6 system with solid career paths, an extensive cyberpunk array across the board. And a very dangerous setting. In point of fact one could add in either Cepheus Atom or Mr. Brown's Afterday to show areas that have broken down in society. While you don't need either of these products they can easily slot in.

Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America uses its cyberpunk aesthetic to its advantage taking carefully created & crafted rules that are perfect for a short beer with pretzels game night. Or as a part of an extensive cyberpunk campaign that could last years. I highly recommend  Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America  is a reliable, playable, easy to run, & fun game campaign setting. At eight dollars this is a steal for a fun & very dangerous cyberpunk rpg campaign setting to add to your Cepheus Engine rpg collection! 

Review & Commentary On "The Goblins of Mount Shadow" By Brian Young For Castles & Crusades For Castles & Crusades Rpg or Your Old School Campaigns

Many long years ago the denizens of Mount Yr Wyddfa crawled beneath the earth; foul minded fey, goblins and others of that ilk; they fled for reasons unknown to any but themselves. The terraced slopes, the valleys, ravines and forested highlands settled in peace, farms spread along the greens, people settled and prospered. But the world unfolds, for ever turning, mirroring the past. It began with nightmares, followed by haunts hounding farmers in their fields, terrorizing them on the roads, chasing them to their sanctuaries. And then the goblins came a-hunting. Not seen in many years now they waylay travelers, despoil them of their belongs or worse, killing them on the road. And to all this the terror only adds, spreading even to hearth and home; young women have begun to disappear, kidnapped from their homes. Rumors speak of a new power, called the Grey King, which settled in the mountain. It is he that stirs up the creatures and has brought the goblins to life."

"Drawn by a string of random attacks on the locals, vandalism and sightings of eerie beings about the mist shrouded mountain, the characters must band together to discover the cause. To save the local villages from further devastation, the characters will need to hunt down the goblins and find the source of their rise to power."

"This set of adventures is made for characters numbering 2-5 from 1st-5th level or higher, employing a diverse band of adventurers with preferably an elf or two. The campaign centers on the haunted dark mountain of Yr Wyddfa and the rise to power of the dark faeries within, being guided and led by their mysterious leader the Grey King or the Brenin Llwyd ('Brin-in Thloo-id')."

"The Goblins of Mount Shadow" by Brian Young is a relatively unknown adventure these days. But its a perfect adventure foil to get the PC's into the back of beyond in a dark Celtic themed fantasy area. "The Goblins of Mount Shadow" is perfectly suited for Castles & Crusades. Its also a perfect precursor to 'Night of the Spirits' which we covered here. 

"The Goblins of Mount Shadow" by Brian Young trods places very close to the Halloween & Celtic spirit. The perfect adventure to take characters up to fifth level if they survive. The rise of the Grey King slots into the world that these modules present effortlessly. The layout is well done, the cartography well executed, and plot very quick running. "The Goblins of Mount Shadow" by Brian Young presents a very cleverly designed world that draws deeply from the Celtic myths & legends with a dark Celtic twist up. 

"The Goblins of Mount Shadow" by Brian Young again present's Mr.Young's adventure ideas on display but in a way that actually fits into a campaign pretty effortlessly. "The Goblins of Mount Shadow" is a solid first level Atumn or Holloween adventure. And brings to the table a weird sort of Celtic vibe without being tedious or silly. I highly recommend "The Goblins of Mount Shadow". 

You can download 'The Goblins of Mount Shadow' here. 

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Two Rpg Flavors Combined - Paul Elliot's Zaibatu rpg & Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, & Manuel Souza

 "Postcards from Avalidad is a darkly surreal Tech-Noir game setting and adventure context for *Punk, and Actual F*cking Monsters."

"Avalidad combines cyber, bio and psi punk to create a Burroughsian nightmare world of decadence,"

Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza is a darkly surreal rpg of beast. And it its a great post cyberpunk rpg resource as well as a decedent beast of a game. The game clocks in at two hundred & four pages. Over the past two months that its been on my hard drive I've been fguring out various ways of torturing my friends & fellow players with Postcards from Avalidad.  Postcards from Avalidad lists among its Appenix Surreal  the following; "William S. Burroughs' works such as Naked Lunch, the Nova Trilogy (The Soft Machine, Nova Express and The Ticket that Exploded), William Gibson's Sprawl and Bridge trilogies, most of David Cronenberg's films, and Clive Barker's Hellbound Heart and The Scarlet Gospels. There are some references to other authors, such as Paul Auster and Kurt Vonnegut, but they weren't major sources of inspiration." Readers of this blog know that I'm a fan & avid reader of these authors. 
Now what if there was a way of combining this surreal biotechnological rpg feel with the speed of the 2d6 cybernetic retro technological goodness?! Paul Elliot's Zaibatu rpg has been staring at me from the book shelf for the better part of a week! The back of the book lays it all folks;"As the street soldiers of the world’s most powerful corporations (the Japanese zaibatsu) you become expendable and deniable employees fighting for profits, power and your lives. You’ve been recruited from the dark and murky Japanese underworld to carry out illegal terrorist activities on behalf of that employer and have one foot in the stylish corporate-minded boardrooms of the zaibatsu, and one foot in the filth and squalor of the criminal underworld"
So do the bio boosted street soldiers of Zaibatu fit the asthetic of 
 Postcards from Avalidad?! 

Perhaps a bit too well?! The surreal nature of Postcards from Avalidad with its streets & mazes of the mind fits the 2d6 street smarts of the street soldiers world of Zaibatu in spades. For example the part of adventurers or agents might run into the back end of the  ZONESEC

"Established in the early 1960s to uphold security in the corporate areas of Avalidad – at the time still known as Interzone – ZoneSec has grown into a kind of state police. Most of the petty crime victims are left unattended since ZoneSec's operatives have other priorities: fighting corporate espionage, protecting the lives of essential executives, scientists and their families and trying to contain the leakage of technology and drugs into the City's underground. Aziz Crowe is ZoneSec's current director."

Should the PC's come face to face Aziz Crowe then its gonna be far too late. They might be classified as mutants or worse. Then mind flipped into 'turn coat' agents & sent back to their employers as fixed assets. The underbelly of Postcards from Avalidad is a mix of interzonal otherworldliness & the products surreal biotechnological marketplaces.   So how does a DM structure & sell a surreal biotechnological campaign?! Easily folks.. The idea of a mix crew of cut throats from  Postcards from Avalidad & Zaibatu rpg. The NPC  patron has ties to the criminal underworld of both settings allowing the DM to switch rpg campagins settings as needed. 
Postcards from Avalidad has some excellent low life  scum NPC's that fit the cyberpunk surealness needed. And that's the start of the weirdness that the PC's can get into. 

Review & Commentary On 'Night of the Spirits' By Brian Young For Castles & Crusades Rpg or Your Old School Campaigns

 "At the end of each year comes the month and holiday of Samonios, Samhain or Nos Galan Gaeaf, or Halloween. This is the time when the worlds are drawn together and monsters, gods and the spirits of ancestors wander between them. It is a dangerous and dark time in which the most holy and sacred of ideas mean more than they ever have before in the previous year. It is a time for the Dead and to honor them.

Events in the last year were steeped in bloody battles, the death of kings and encroaching evil from the Otherworld. The seers and madmen foretell that the omens are in place to bring a wrathful invasion from the Land of Magic. Most nobles and lords scoff at these superstitious words and ridicule them, but the common-folk know that there is truth in those portents and omens."

"Families stay close, hold their festivities in honor of their ancestors and the gods, but stay wary of the dangers that might find their way into their darkened homes and lives. But for the young or unwary . . . .

Little Addolgar ap Maelon Gof has wandered into the thick foliage of the Coed Celyddon, lured by the many colored playful lights that he saw dancing and laughing. Now the young dark haired child of ten winters is deep in the mist-shrouded forest soaked in Otherworld energies. A storm is brewing in the dark woods, stirring the trees and causing the limbs and boughs to crack and knock against each other. Owls hoot in their haunting voice and somewhere distant, wolves howl. Addolgar climbs over fallen trees and makes his way in bramble patches trying to get closer to the mysterious lights in the boughs of the trees.
Night of Spirits plunges you into the heart of Nos Galan Gaeaf, bringing your characters face to face with the Otherworld and the true horrors of the holiday!" 

Clocking in at twenty four pages of Halloween inspired madness 'Night of the Sprits' By Brian Young is a solid adventure for Castles & Crusades. This is a tight adventure with lots of twists & turns using mythology as its basis. And it does it with style. 
'Night of the Sprits' takes the adventurers in hand bringing them into a Fey or Celtic inspired adventure centered around the Autumn time of the year. This is a tight & very well done adventure bringing just the righ inspired adventure encounters balanced with the machinations of an NPC of moderate power. But death awaits within 'Night of the Sprits'. The layout is well done, the cartography well executed, and plot very quick running. 


The set up in  'Night of the Sprits'. is pragmatic & well thought out. The center of the adventure is the way that Mr.Young brings his ideas to the table without ever becoming tedious or boring. This adventure sings along in only twenty four pages making it perfect for a Halloween game. For Castles & Crusades  'Night of the Sprits' peresents a solid  Adumn time or Halloween adventure. I highly recommend 'Night of the Spirits'. 
You can download Night of the Spirits Here. 

Expedition To The Deep Session Report #3 - The Free Gamma World Adventure GW5 'Rapture From the Deep' & X6 Quagmire by Merle M. Rasmussen With The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book


Billie Smith our Elven ranger has been scouting ahead with his partner & scout running across the remains of several strange spiral buildings partially submerged underwater. And they ran across one of the mecha killers of this game. Several gigantic toads of double & triple hit points able to take out monsters many times their size. They also noticed that their skin had mirror like quality to them. 

Now Billie & Co actually retreated out of the area of the dungeon & ruins! Originally this whole encounter was going to be for nine players with mechs  & power armor. Well the party has split oup with half light years away on Cha'alt. The rest of the party ran smack into a party of Deep Ones & they hid at this point. They wanted to see what they were doing?! 

Deep Ones - by Yuki Sato artwork used without permission.  The party waited in the reeds hidden as party of shark mutates surfaced near the Deep Ones. The two monsters exchanged something that the adventurers couldn't see & made strange signs to each other. The party of adventurers waited till the Deep Ones left and noted the underwater trail that the Deep Ones & the mutates made through the undergrowth of the swamp. The PC's have struck out on their own into the swamps of Florida to gather intelligence on the cryptic alliance that is featuring in the free Gamma World adventure 'Rapture of the Deep'  right over here at Wayne's Books

Deep in the swamps of Florida wilderness the party stumbled into a village of mutants & the missing princess living quite comfortable?! What the Hell!?! And that's when things got very interesting?! What about the other party of adventurers on Cha'alt?! Tune in tomorrow for more action this time on the desert world! The underwater  empires of  Bruce Nesmith's X7 The War Rafts of Kron perfectly. But don't forget about the fact that a crytic alliance is behind the scenes stirring the pot here.