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Review & Commentary On The Free Cepheus Engine rpg resource - issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal

 "Welcome to issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal.

From Ewan Spence we have an article about the 2nd Battalion Royal Australia Regiment for Modern War. Then from Jo Jaquinta we have the third part of his Raider’s Lament and an article aboutan out-of-the-ordinary monster.

Our editors have also contributed. Brett has interviewed Paul Elliot of Zozer Games and written a review of the Cepheus Deluxe rules. Paul has written an adventure and finally P-O has made a subsector map a written a short write-up of an alien race." 

The Cepheus Journal continues to impress with a solid  issue #009 that's been put to bed & on the site for download. Ewan Spence does an excellent job covering the RAR for Zozer Games Modern War. The whole article dives into the ins & outs of this modern Australian military force for your 2d6 Modern War campaigns; "The 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) is an amphibious light infantry battalion of the Australian Army and forms part of the 1st Division Amphibious Task Group based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland." 
This is a tightly written & very researched article . 'The Raiders Lament' part 3 by Jo Jaquinta goes the distance bringing more Cepheus Engine inspired action to the fore. Jo Jaquinta also delivers a great new monster with the Monster Capybara for your fantasy  2d6 game campaigns. And this is followed up with an interview with Paull Elliot of Zozer games & his passion for 2d6 games & history! Good stuff all around in this interview. 
Brett Kruger does an excellent review of Cepheus Deluxe one of the latest incarnations of the 2d6 Cepheus Engine rpg. Paul Dyre follows this up with '
The Sins of Winter Last' for the Sword of Cepheus rpg and its a rather nasty little adventure with all of the trimmings. P-O Bergstedt brings home the 'Chamberburg Sector' campaign setting for the Cepheus Egine & he follows this up with a rather nasty version of the Kramptus! 

So is 
issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal worth the download?! Yes I believe it is given the fact that one its free & two it manages to cover a bit of everything with its 2d6 goodness & content.

The Free Cepheus Engine rpg resource - issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal is Available Right Here 

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Horror Between The Void - Ghosts In OSR Spacccee!

 When it comes to setting the scene in space for a monster one that seldom get's mentioned is 'the ghost'! A menace that has far more in common with a haunted house then a space craft. But why!? Ghosts are a perfectly suitable horror for an OSR  Science Fiction rpg. 

So in that vein we've been looking into James Mishler Games Ghost -- The Incorporeal Undead  which gives quite a few OSR style options to make a memorable intersteller menace. 
The idea that a human or even an alien undead is waiting an eternity for some fool to stumble upon their wreck or ruin of a space craft is an idea as old as Pulp Science Fiction. Sure there's been variants on the idea over the years but most of the time it's an idea that get's buried at the back of the dust bin of fictional history. 
Space craft wrecks stalking the Heavens looking for victims of the space ways has been an idea that's been in my head since '04 when I got back into retro gaming before the OSR. 

Imagine a crack team of Colonial Troopers going up against an alien ghost that has 10,000 years of experience on them. They'd need a psychic with experience handling such menaces. And its that unknown factor that can scare the Hell out of a group of experienced players. No clerics or exorcists to help them unless they've got one in spare. 

Colonial Troopers advertises itself as a Hard Science Fictional OSR rpg and it does fit the bill in spades. With all of the Bugs terror, carnage, battles, etc. their battle fields are a prime breeding ground for such undead horrors. Will the troopers be under the control of Bug necromancers or are they going to be on a tear for vegence againt their enemies or a bit of both?! Here's an example of a undead waiting between the void. 

Major Tom 
No. Enc.: 1d8 (1d20) Alignment: Chaotic (Special) Movement: N/A Fly: 240’ (80’) Armor Class: 3 Hit Dice: 3*** Attacks: 1 Touch Damage: 1d6 plus Fear Save: F3 Morale: 10 Hoard Class: XXI XP: 95

Specials: Blinking, Blinking Ectoplasm, Chained Ghost ( Major Tom must remain within 60 feet of his corpse 

Major Tom was the pilot of the radium ore hauler Coming Home on its route through hyperspacial locations. Major Tom had noticed the weird hyperspacial  anomalies which tore him from his body. His soul was wrenched from existence & only through sheer force of will was he able to make it back to his remains. Now Major Tom drifts between universes with a fortune of radium in his cargo bay but he's so drained of energy and incredibly hungry. He feeds on life forces of those he encounters but its such as effort to hold himself together. Bits and pieces fade in and out of the real & unreal ever 1d4 rounds and his touch damages those he tries to warn away. Major Tom's  hoard of radium is what often attracts & dooms adventurers!  Major Tom continues to sail the space ways between universes inspiring dread & fear in all of those he encounters! 

Monday, March 28, 2022

' A Bigger Piece Of The Cosmic Action' - Campaign Commentary On Colonial Troopers rpg & Adventurer,Conqueror, King Rpg Hybrid Campaign

 The following is all campaign commentary on an ongoing campaign that came to crashing stop because of scheduling conflicts. That's going to be changing soon. 

So a couple of months ago I was running a Colonial Troopers rpg & Adventurer,Conqueror, King Rpg hybrid  campaign. We had two different groups of players competing in the darkness of space to see what was out there in the great beyond. It got pretty heated when the player's PCs stumbled upon one of the secrets of the Terran Empire from the Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu rpg campaign setting book for ACK's. And its within this campaign settting that we've got the Terrans making their first appearance with shades of Farscape & John Carter of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs in the form of the Terran Cosmonaught ; "Men and women from Terra sometimes end up trapped on Kanahu. They might have been teleported there by a freak physics experiment, or perhaps their space capsule fell through a wormhole and ended up in Kanahu orbit. Educated and enlightened believers in science and reason, Terrans are utterly alien to this barbaric world of savagery, idolatry, and superstition, and thus (for game purposes) constitute a “race” of their own." And it continues along the lines with more PC classes being available in Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu rpg. By the time, we get into Aryxymaraki’s Almanac of Unusual Magic supplement for ACK's the Terran Engineers have already adapted their technological abilities to the ACK's fantasy world. 

It always has seemed like the Terrans were hiding something & it only got worse when after a job that the PC's carried out. The Bugs started showing up & showing interest in the space fleet of several of the local sectors. At the center of the whole thing were the Terrans who had ticked the bugs off by taking several very important techno occult artifacts from the Bugs. And this got the PC's into the middle of the interstellar conflict. And it was war on a much grander scale. Ready or not the PC's were in the center of the Reticulans, Bugs, & Terrans conflict! 

The PC's were cogs in a meg scale interstellar game of chess with them in the center of the board. Suddenly they were dealing with a whole other level of reality here. Young stars being shepparded for terraforming planets, mega structures being used to move entire star systems, cosmic entities dealing harsh truths  and much more. And they wanted a piece of the action. They were playing way above their pay grade and it was glorious. 
So now they want to go to war & we might have some ideas as to where this takes us! Stay tuned! 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

OSR Commentary TSAO: Wreck in the Ring by Robert L.S. Weaver from Stellagama Publishing.

 "The interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor crashed on an asteroid moonlet of a remote gas giant in a barely-explored frontier system. Twenty-four years later, a belter hires some intrepid adventurers to help him salvage the wreck. Navigating and inspecting a dead ship – most of which is in hard vacuum – is not an easy job. Worse, the belter's team members have ulterior motives, and something is still alive aboard the doomed spacecraft."

So I've been considering running 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring by Robert L.S. Weaver from  Stellagama Publishing. Now I've run TSAO: Wreck in the Ring before for another group of players. They had a great time with it but the game fell apart because of scheduling conflicts.  TSAO: Wreck in the Ring is a  solid Sci Fi  adventure from These Stars Are Ours rpg campaign setting. The PC's get involved with a salvage mission out around an asteroid moonlet of a remote gas giant. The adventure is pretty detailed with all kinds of elements about the system, the asteroid, and finally the wreck with its surrounding details. 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring has got all of the elements of being a solid several session adventure. Because this isn't a straight forward salvage mission in the least in the  Gliese 408 system. 
 The Gliese 408 system is hardly explored & mapped so this is going to be one of the prime motivators for my PC's. They've been doing some salvage in the Clement Sector & TSAO promises even more opportunities. There's several  adventure element within  TSAO: Wreck in the Ring that need expansion & that's where the DM comes in. 

 The Gliese 408 system is rich in mineral weath & perfectly suited for exploition & mining. The local gas giant has rare nuclear fuels that can be harvested and this is what attracted the interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor into taking survey in the first  place. 
And this could set up some really hard core corporate intrigue & politics with the PC's caught in the middle. This isn't even plugging into
the interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor or it's contents. 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring is plugged into Uranium Fever then you have a potential conflict between belters & the salvagers plus corporate conflict. 

Lately I've been using the belters & miners more in my games. They've been a thorn in the side of players a few times & TSAO: Wreck in the Ring might be another opportunity to turn up the conflict a bit more. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Commentary On Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark From Night Owl Workshop For the Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg & Other OSR Science Fantasy Rpg's

 'Helium is in peril! An army of mechanized men have assembled near Helium. The brave warriors of Helium have already faced off against them, but lost badly! '

 'It is said they are controlled by a mad man, a genius who is half-machine named K’Ral Diss. He seeks to enslave the red men of Barsoom, and then move on to conquer the rest of the planet.' 

Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark is a 'pay what you want' adventure for the Warriors of the Red Planet rpg that's been on my radar for sometime. The adventure is both dungeon crawl & city run. And it concerns the kidnapping of a princess of Helium. Those familar with Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books already know this routine. The PC's are called into the Jaddack of Helium to save the princess from the mad scientist villain. And its a pretty open ended adventure. And yes, it can be used with other OSR Science Fantasy Rpg's. 
Since its only clocks in at thirty two pages Mechanized Men of Mars doesn't over stay its OSR welcome. And its very open ended so the DM can adapt it to their own campaign world's but it really belongs on Barsoom or a Barsoom type of world. 
So to challange my current players I've decided to make the princess a well rounded NPC unto herself and I'm doing this by using the OSR  space noble to help define her traits. 

Mars or Barsoom in Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark is a violent, dangerous, and even a brooding when we find ourselves in the middle of on going civil upheavel. This period of Martain history is full of intrique, danger, and complex plots involving multiple Martian houses. Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark does use this approach but could if the DM was so enclined. Mechanized Men of Mars isn't a complex adventure, but its one that requires a certain combination of players willing to get into the deep end of Martian danger, dungeon crawling, and Pulpy danger. 
I could easily see using Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark  with Stars Without Number, or the White Star rpg. The fact is that its open endedness makes it particularly easy to adapt as the DM sees fit. 
Is there anything new here?!No, it uses the Pulp Science Fantasy conciets easily and quite readily. There's a feeling of confidence with Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark because this adventure uses many of the usual tropes, Pulpy adventure elements, and familar adventure set pieces. This isn't a bad thing, because Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark  is an adventure I could see using more then once. 

Among The Riffraff of The Galaxy Session Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Numbers Hybrid Campaign

 The player's PC's stumbled across a trade starship  of the Mole Men of Mirach IV last night & they traded starship fuel for some trade high techlogical nick nacks. Things went well with several starship repairs being trading for future errants from the party. The used   RAX Type Protected Merchant  needed several minor repairs and the party traded favors & fuel for the repairs. 

The adventurers now have a standing contract to meet the Mole Men on 

In petlacalli # 3 Station  , the station is a hive of traders, interstellar drovers, and all kinds of intergalatic scum. Just the kinds of place where the PC's will fit in. Its also a haven for galatic grifters, space pirates, and alien spacers looking for work. 

There are several leads that the PC's want to follow up with their bounties and since the Talon sector straddles the Clement sector. And attracts the whole of the galaxy into its wake. In petlacalli # 3 Station has a nasty reputation as the haven for being neutral ground for the underworld of the galaxy. Many of the human species  are not aware of this. And its gonna be a pretty big shock that humanity isn't at the top of the food chain out in the greater galaxy. Many of the mutate zenotypes are actually modified humanity that have been engineered to fit worker status on a variety of world. This includes the ancient nearby Reticulan empire. 

Right now the crew is using their used  RAX Type Protected Merchant  for their current job & the computer exchange of information also benefitted their  Mole Men  trade partners & friends. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Campaign Upgrade & Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant By Ian Stead From Moontoad Publishing For The Cepheus Engine Rpg & Your 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 The players have been saving up for another starship in our Cepheus Engine/Stars Without Number hybrid campaign. So last night I grabbed a copy of Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant By Ian Stead. This isn't a huge ship clocking in at twenty one pages but its well worth the four dollars. 

The Talon sector in our campaign straddles the Clement sector, & the former  Reticulan Empire as a sorta of buffer zone between the two sectors. And the Talon sector is pirate alley. The RAX Type Protected Merchant is going to help them navigate between the sectors. And bring in some far more high end cargos. For the Clement Sector's deep dark frontier the RAX Type Protected Merchant  brings some real fire power to bare. The RAX Type Protected Merchant  is an excellent starship & Ian Stead's artwork as well as the writing bares this out along with an NPC or PC crew ready to go. 
The players stumbled across the wreck of a TSAO Liberty ship in their travels & have dropped a hyperspace buoy to mark the wreck. Aboard is an OSR monster from another era. 
 And with the recent revelation that Professor M.A.R. Barker was a neo nazi scumbag I went back to the  Human Space Empires rpg. The author Drune was an on line friend of mine & not a neo Nazi scumbag to my knowledge. The Human Space Empires rpg is one of the OSR games that actually got me deeper into the OSR. Human Space Empires showed me the level of creativity that could be used create some incredible rpg systems. Aboard the wreck is a 
Whimperers (Marashyálu) which has killed the crew & gone into stasis to await more explorers.  Since we're using the Stars Without Numbers rpg adapting the Whimperers (Marashyálu) isn't going to be that hard. 

Using the Whimperers (Marashyálu)  is going to have to wait as the PC's are on the job at the moment & the wreck has been tagged. And the PC's have moved on to their current job so the Whimperers will have to wait! 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Shadow Out of Yith - Some Thoughts on Using The Great Race of Yith In Your OSR & Old School Rpg Campaigns

"AFTER twenty-two years of nightmare and terror, saved only by a desperate conviction of the mythical source of certain impressions, I am unwilling to vouch for the truth of that which I think I found in Western Australia on the night of 17-18 July 1935. There is reason to hope that my experience was wholly or partly an hallucination—for which, indeed, abundant causes existed. And yet, its realism was so hideous that I sometimes find hope impossible.

If the thing did happen, then man must be prepared to accept notions of the cosmos, and of his own place in the seething vortex of time, whose merest mention is paralysing. He must, too, be placed on guard against a specific, lurking peril which, though it will never engulf the whole race, may impose monstrous and unguessable horrors upon certain venturesome members of it."
The Shadow Out of Time By  H.P. Lovecraft 1936 

 H.P. Lovecraft's 1936 novella The Shadow Out Of Time has been a major inspiration for me for many years. But the one thing that seems to get forgotten is the fact that the real treasure and threat of the novella isn't the time conquering Great Race of Yith. 

Reading through the Wiki entry I came across this bit; "The Shadow Out of Time indirectly tells of the Great Race of Yith, an extraterrestrial species with the ability to travel through space and time. The Yithians accomplish this by switching bodies with hosts from the intended time and place. The story implies that the effect, when seen from the outside, is similar to spiritual possession. The Yithians' original purpose was to study the history of various times and places, and they have amassed a "library city" that is filled with the past and future history of multiple races, including humans. Ultimately the Yithians use their ability to escape the destruction of their planet in another galaxy by switching bodies with a race of cone-shaped plant beings who lived 250 million years ago on Earth. The cone-shaped entities (subsequently also known as the Great Race of Yith) lived in their vast library city in what would later become Australia's Great Sandy Desert (22°3′14″S 125°0′39″E)"

So basically out in the middle of Austalia's Sandy Desert is one of the largest repositories of the Great Race of Yith's searches across all of time and space on Earth. Unfortunately its guarded by some of the most horrid things to ever invade Earth and that's the flying  polyps. These things have caused three massive extinctions of all life on Earth. And the protections that have been keeping them prisoner on Earth have been failing for eons now. 
And now the works of the Great Race of Yith have been slowly being uncovered on Earth & elsewhere. And could this be the next cause for the next extinction level event. Unless the adventurers can find their way around this. Now over the years the works of the Great Race of Yith have appeared in my games as treasures, lost technologies, artifacts, etc. But the real horror is going to be the flying polyps that could cause massive problems or die off's in old school & OSR games. 

In various games of Lamentations of the Flame Princess's Carcosa, Labyrinth Lord, Stars Without Number, ACK's, and other OSR games over the years that I've run each & every time the spectre of the flying polyps have been there. These are the horrors that really guard the treasure, technology, and other relics of the Great Race of Yith. 
And this gets into the real issue of using the Great Race of Yith, they are one of the most alien of Lovcraft's races. Sure they almost seem to be on level of humanity's consciousness. But in reality we are nothing more then a bit of experimentation and a target to be left for the polyps to devert their attention away from the Yithians. And this could also be exactly the reason why they'd leave behind ruins & dungeons across the multiverse. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Using U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh By Dave J Browne With Don Turnbull to Further Set Up An ACK's Rpg The Age of Pike, Shot & the Weird Campaign

 The other day we wrote about the Age of Pike, Shot, & the Weird on the blog here. Let's pick up for a moment with a thought that was rattling through my head today. We were using Adventurer, Conqueror, King's Guns of War for an OSR campaign set up.But where do we begin with the PC's at the beginning of their careers as adventurers?! Well that's easy really we begin with U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and there are several reasons for this. 

One the player's PC's are in the village of Saltmarsh but there's more to the Saltmarsh region then meets the eye. The village is the old capital of Saltmarsh that experienced a boom when the fishmonger's guild invested heavily in the region when the fishing industry took off. 
Because boom town style regions attract unsavory types pirates & raiders naturally drifted into the region and this is where the alchemist comes into play. He's not some prop used by the raiders of this area, no instead he's their undead leader. 
He's lead them back to his old village and has taken up his old mansion to use as a focus point for raids on the saltmarsh river & the coast. Any prisoners his gang takes in the raids get sold into slavery to the local represenatives of the Slavers.  And he's got a deal cooking with the local Deep Ones to take back Saltmarsh with his gang getting slaves, treasure, and the right to ply the waters. The Alchemist isn't counting on several factors.  The PC's get involved using the usual lead in with U1, but there's the extra bit of the cult of the Dagon that has been underminding Saltmarsh from within. 
Then there's the displacement of the local lizardmen & their allies who have had weapons being sold to them by the two timing pirates. Those black powder weapons are straight out of  Guns of War with the lizardmen actually being a relic of the long gone lizardmen empire in the area. 

Now between the end of the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh & the beginning of X1 The Isle of Dread. The player's PC's find out that the isle used to be seat of the lizardmen empire's capital in ages past. And this leads into the adventure arch that we talked about in the last blog entry. This set's up the island as being a part of some unknown continenant ripe for colonization. Or is it?! 

Why is X1 The Isle of Dread by Tom Moldvay & Dave Cook abandoned?! Could there be a hidden evil lurking below the surface of the waves of the island?! And this further leads deeper into I1: "Dwellers of the Forbidden City" (1981), which centered on a lost city in the jungle which is the tip of this undiscovered country! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Commentary On Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts From Independence Games For the Earth Sector rpg, The Cepheus Engine Rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg's

 "Durga Subsector, Subsector C of Earth Sector is a part of the civilized core worlds of the sector.  Named for the Hindu goddess of war, strength, and protection, the subsector is held by three powerful nations:  China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia."

"Durga includes the garden world of New Windsor, the icy world of Pingdan, the agricultural world of Långt, and the bleak world of Niflheim.   It is also home to an independent world, Arthur's World, ruled by a benevolent yet eccentric monarch.

Filled with system maps, world maps, and physical data for each world, this book is a treasure trove of information for Referees who want to take their Earth Sector adventures further afield or for those who simply want a variety of worlds for their uses. Government, legal, cultural, and population details will assist the Referee in painting a picture of each world for their players.

Experience the adventure!"

Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts is one of the books that reveals the fate of one of Earth's nearby sectors after the collapses of the worm hole. This reveals the interstellar colony  interests of China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia. And the diverse worlds of the sector within it. This isn't a normal earth sector instead its a linked series of worlds each with their own agendas, identities, and places within the sector. These colonies almost could certainly represent the terrorities of the 1860's Old West. Highly independant places but almost entirely dependant upon on one another in ways that are both subtle & dangerous. 
The infrastructure of 
Subsector Sourcebook: Durga is one of the edge of the frontier where things are not  quite as settled as the Earth sector would like to have its citizens believe. There's just enough room for adventurers & spacers to make a living.Yet there's this feeling of the end of an era coming to the  Durga subsector. 

Eath sector is another sector with its own identity tied to the countries of Earth but its the corporations & banks who are pulling the strings & the push into the deeper frontier. The fact is that the frontier isn't above pushing back against the sectors as the various bastions of civilization are only mere nods to the blackness of interstellar space. There is far more in the darkness between the stars then meets the eye in the Earth sector books. Even more so then the Clement Sector rpg the Earth sector is a place of both desparation & danger. Durga represents the newest & best hope for the continuing reach of the human race from the Earth sector. A fact that isn't lost on the author John Watts. Here the writing is tight, & deep. Durga is a place that can offer opportunity and in certain sections of the sector swallow a human party of adventurers whole. 

Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts From Independence Games For the Earth Sector rpg Is Available Here. 

The Age of Pike, Shot & the Weird - Using Adventurer, Conqueror, King's Guns of War For Old School Campaigns

 The Age of Sail & Shot has always hads a special place in my heart for running OSR campaigns. Guns of War was one of the books that really got me into the Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg in the first place. 

While the Guns of War takes some of its 'p's & 'q''s from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg. There's more then enough goodness here to move an ACK's game into 'The Age of Pike & Shot.' But what I really want is the 'Age of Pike, Shot, and the Weird'. The fact is that if we look at a campaign world with an over reach of let's say prehistoric fauna then there's a chance that the world is going to be very dangerous indeed. Let's take it a step further and say that the development of gun powder was in regard to Kaiju or other monsters. And here's where Axoims Issue nine comes in handy. 

In Axoims Issue # 9 the articles Creating Custom Fantasy Races: A step-by-step guide to designing unique races for your campaign.&  Hauberks and Hobbits: Armor weight and cost for small and large creatures are both very welcome articles for this sorta of a campaign. And what's the perfect old school module to run with this sorta of a mini campaign?! Why X1 The Isle of Dread by Tom Moldvay & Dave Cook! 

If  I1: "Dwellers of the Forbidden City" (1981), which centered on a lost city in the jungle is used with X1 The Isle of Dread then things get really dangerous for the player's PC's really quick! The PC's have their hands full with everything to get into on a Pulpy & very dangerous Age of Pike, Shot & the Weird mini campaign!  And some of the dangerous life forms on the island might be set up for a war between the factions on it. And here's where Domain's of War for ACK's shines! 

Lost Angeles Veterans of The Supernatural Wars Rpg Play Session Report - Night of The Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead

 This play session report picks right up on the heels of this blog entry here. 

The player's PC's have had it with the black eyed children & so decided to confront one of the little bastards. The little bastard in question was following the PC's in a resturant parking lot and things went from bad to really bad. The black eyed child was  Metaton or 'he who holds the book' and he proceeded to summon 4 demonic dead or the Myridder. And things got worse. 

The four of these undead proceeded to take a beating from the party & then ended up getting one in return. Shot were fired, two smoke grenades were released and the party ran away. Not before having one of their human handlers infected with a  Myrkridder spirit. Then the party bolted! 
The party had to tie up and subdue the undead horror in their midst with supernatural strength, rope, and prayers. They took the bastard to the occult secret society's Star Chamber chapter house where a dedicated holy cell is for demonically  possessed indivduals. And that's where this game session ended. 
  And here's what's really going on here. One of the players Scout came to me with a request to play something really different and since he's a big fan of Ash & the Evil Dead films. I had the perfect supernatural to bring to the table. James Mishler Games The Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead has been sitting on my hard drive for years. Now their after a red herr erm artifact to undo the possesssion.. 
Now I realize that certain character classes in the Night Compaign A Sourcebook for    Veterans of The Supernatural Wars Rpg could at higher levels cause problems for the Myrkridder. The players didn't think realized this and I wasn't going to tell em. 

For now they've got the demonic dead possessed agent contained or so they think. Now next week its gonna be a bit of a role playing highlight as the party question's the horror.