Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Horror Between The Void - Ghosts In OSR Spacccee!

 When it comes to setting the scene in space for a monster one that seldom get's mentioned is 'the ghost'! A menace that has far more in common with a haunted house then a space craft. But why!? Ghosts are a perfectly suitable horror for an OSR  Science Fiction rpg. 

So in that vein we've been looking into James Mishler Games Ghost -- The Incorporeal Undead  which gives quite a few OSR style options to make a memorable intersteller menace. 
The idea that a human or even an alien undead is waiting an eternity for some fool to stumble upon their wreck or ruin of a space craft is an idea as old as Pulp Science Fiction. Sure there's been variants on the idea over the years but most of the time it's an idea that get's buried at the back of the dust bin of fictional history. 
Space craft wrecks stalking the Heavens looking for victims of the space ways has been an idea that's been in my head since '04 when I got back into retro gaming before the OSR. 

Imagine a crack team of Colonial Troopers going up against an alien ghost that has 10,000 years of experience on them. They'd need a psychic with experience handling such menaces. And its that unknown factor that can scare the Hell out of a group of experienced players. No clerics or exorcists to help them unless they've got one in spare. 

Colonial Troopers advertises itself as a Hard Science Fictional OSR rpg and it does fit the bill in spades. With all of the Bugs terror, carnage, battles, etc. their battle fields are a prime breeding ground for such undead horrors. Will the troopers be under the control of Bug necromancers or are they going to be on a tear for vegence againt their enemies or a bit of both?! Here's an example of a undead waiting between the void. 

Major Tom 
No. Enc.: 1d8 (1d20) Alignment: Chaotic (Special) Movement: N/A Fly: 240’ (80’) Armor Class: 3 Hit Dice: 3*** Attacks: 1 Touch Damage: 1d6 plus Fear Save: F3 Morale: 10 Hoard Class: XXI XP: 95

Specials: Blinking, Blinking Ectoplasm, Chained Ghost ( Major Tom must remain within 60 feet of his corpse 

Major Tom was the pilot of the radium ore hauler Coming Home on its route through hyperspacial locations. Major Tom had noticed the weird hyperspacial  anomalies which tore him from his body. His soul was wrenched from existence & only through sheer force of will was he able to make it back to his remains. Now Major Tom drifts between universes with a fortune of radium in his cargo bay but he's so drained of energy and incredibly hungry. He feeds on life forces of those he encounters but its such as effort to hold himself together. Bits and pieces fade in and out of the real & unreal ever 1d4 rounds and his touch damages those he tries to warn away. Major Tom's  hoard of radium is what often attracts & dooms adventurers!  Major Tom continues to sail the space ways between universes inspiring dread & fear in all of those he encounters! 

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