Sunday, March 27, 2022

OSR Commentary TSAO: Wreck in the Ring by Robert L.S. Weaver from Stellagama Publishing.

 "The interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor crashed on an asteroid moonlet of a remote gas giant in a barely-explored frontier system. Twenty-four years later, a belter hires some intrepid adventurers to help him salvage the wreck. Navigating and inspecting a dead ship – most of which is in hard vacuum – is not an easy job. Worse, the belter's team members have ulterior motives, and something is still alive aboard the doomed spacecraft."

So I've been considering running 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring by Robert L.S. Weaver from  Stellagama Publishing. Now I've run TSAO: Wreck in the Ring before for another group of players. They had a great time with it but the game fell apart because of scheduling conflicts.  TSAO: Wreck in the Ring is a  solid Sci Fi  adventure from These Stars Are Ours rpg campaign setting. The PC's get involved with a salvage mission out around an asteroid moonlet of a remote gas giant. The adventure is pretty detailed with all kinds of elements about the system, the asteroid, and finally the wreck with its surrounding details. 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring has got all of the elements of being a solid several session adventure. Because this isn't a straight forward salvage mission in the least in the  Gliese 408 system. 
 The Gliese 408 system is hardly explored & mapped so this is going to be one of the prime motivators for my PC's. They've been doing some salvage in the Clement Sector & TSAO promises even more opportunities. There's several  adventure element within  TSAO: Wreck in the Ring that need expansion & that's where the DM comes in. 

 The Gliese 408 system is rich in mineral weath & perfectly suited for exploition & mining. The local gas giant has rare nuclear fuels that can be harvested and this is what attracted the interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor into taking survey in the first  place. 
And this could set up some really hard core corporate intrigue & politics with the PC's caught in the middle. This isn't even plugging into
the interstellar transport Tallmadge's Splendor or it's contents. 
TSAO: Wreck in the Ring is plugged into Uranium Fever then you have a potential conflict between belters & the salvagers plus corporate conflict. 

Lately I've been using the belters & miners more in my games. They've been a thorn in the side of players a few times & TSAO: Wreck in the Ring might be another opportunity to turn up the conflict a bit more. 

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