Friday, March 25, 2022

Campaign Upgrade & Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant By Ian Stead From Moontoad Publishing For The Cepheus Engine Rpg & Your 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 The players have been saving up for another starship in our Cepheus Engine/Stars Without Number hybrid campaign. So last night I grabbed a copy of Ship Files: RAX Type Protected Merchant By Ian Stead. This isn't a huge ship clocking in at twenty one pages but its well worth the four dollars. 

The Talon sector in our campaign straddles the Clement sector, & the former  Reticulan Empire as a sorta of buffer zone between the two sectors. And the Talon sector is pirate alley. The RAX Type Protected Merchant is going to help them navigate between the sectors. And bring in some far more high end cargos. For the Clement Sector's deep dark frontier the RAX Type Protected Merchant  brings some real fire power to bare. The RAX Type Protected Merchant  is an excellent starship & Ian Stead's artwork as well as the writing bares this out along with an NPC or PC crew ready to go. 
The players stumbled across the wreck of a TSAO Liberty ship in their travels & have dropped a hyperspace buoy to mark the wreck. Aboard is an OSR monster from another era. 
 And with the recent revelation that Professor M.A.R. Barker was a neo nazi scumbag I went back to the  Human Space Empires rpg. The author Drune was an on line friend of mine & not a neo Nazi scumbag to my knowledge. The Human Space Empires rpg is one of the OSR games that actually got me deeper into the OSR. Human Space Empires showed me the level of creativity that could be used create some incredible rpg systems. Aboard the wreck is a 
Whimperers (Marashyálu) which has killed the crew & gone into stasis to await more explorers.  Since we're using the Stars Without Numbers rpg adapting the Whimperers (Marashyálu) isn't going to be that hard. 

Using the Whimperers (Marashyálu)  is going to have to wait as the PC's are on the job at the moment & the wreck has been tagged. And the PC's have moved on to their current job so the Whimperers will have to wait! 

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