Saturday, March 26, 2022

Commentary On Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark From Night Owl Workshop For the Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg & Other OSR Science Fantasy Rpg's

 'Helium is in peril! An army of mechanized men have assembled near Helium. The brave warriors of Helium have already faced off against them, but lost badly! '

 'It is said they are controlled by a mad man, a genius who is half-machine named K’Ral Diss. He seeks to enslave the red men of Barsoom, and then move on to conquer the rest of the planet.' 

Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark is a 'pay what you want' adventure for the Warriors of the Red Planet rpg that's been on my radar for sometime. The adventure is both dungeon crawl & city run. And it concerns the kidnapping of a princess of Helium. Those familar with Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books already know this routine. The PC's are called into the Jaddack of Helium to save the princess from the mad scientist villain. And its a pretty open ended adventure. And yes, it can be used with other OSR Science Fantasy Rpg's. 
Since its only clocks in at thirty two pages Mechanized Men of Mars doesn't over stay its OSR welcome. And its very open ended so the DM can adapt it to their own campaign world's but it really belongs on Barsoom or a Barsoom type of world. 
So to challange my current players I've decided to make the princess a well rounded NPC unto herself and I'm doing this by using the OSR  space noble to help define her traits. 

Mars or Barsoom in Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark is a violent, dangerous, and even a brooding when we find ourselves in the middle of on going civil upheavel. This period of Martain history is full of intrique, danger, and complex plots involving multiple Martian houses. Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark does use this approach but could if the DM was so enclined. Mechanized Men of Mars isn't a complex adventure, but its one that requires a certain combination of players willing to get into the deep end of Martian danger, dungeon crawling, and Pulpy danger. 
I could easily see using Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark  with Stars Without Number, or the White Star rpg. The fact is that its open endedness makes it particularly easy to adapt as the DM sees fit. 
Is there anything new here?!No, it uses the Pulp Science Fantasy conciets easily and quite readily. There's a feeling of confidence with Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark because this adventure uses many of the usual tropes, Pulpy adventure elements, and familar adventure set pieces. This isn't a bad thing, because Mechanized Men of Mars By Thomas Denmark  is an adventure I could see using more then once. 

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