Saturday, March 26, 2022

Among The Riffraff of The Galaxy Session Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Numbers Hybrid Campaign

 The player's PC's stumbled across a trade starship  of the Mole Men of Mirach IV last night & they traded starship fuel for some trade high techlogical nick nacks. Things went well with several starship repairs being trading for future errants from the party. The used   RAX Type Protected Merchant  needed several minor repairs and the party traded favors & fuel for the repairs. 

The adventurers now have a standing contract to meet the Mole Men on 

In petlacalli # 3 Station  , the station is a hive of traders, interstellar drovers, and all kinds of intergalatic scum. Just the kinds of place where the PC's will fit in. Its also a haven for galatic grifters, space pirates, and alien spacers looking for work. 

There are several leads that the PC's want to follow up with their bounties and since the Talon sector straddles the Clement sector. And attracts the whole of the galaxy into its wake. In petlacalli # 3 Station has a nasty reputation as the haven for being neutral ground for the underworld of the galaxy. Many of the human species  are not aware of this. And its gonna be a pretty big shock that humanity isn't at the top of the food chain out in the greater galaxy. Many of the mutate zenotypes are actually modified humanity that have been engineered to fit worker status on a variety of world. This includes the ancient nearby Reticulan empire. 

Right now the crew is using their used  RAX Type Protected Merchant  for their current job & the computer exchange of information also benefitted their  Mole Men  trade partners & friends. 

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