Friday, March 11, 2022

Thick of the Trade- - Bloody, Bloody, Arduin & The Empire of the Petal Throne Rpg

If there is any city in fantasy rpging that doesn't get the love that it deserves it's Talismondé the capital of the  Arduin proper campaign setting.The whole city is one big melting pot of the estoeric & erotic in one place. After reading through the classic Retro Rpg blog's entry on Talismondé my own thoughts began to bubble on this exotic port capital. This blog post is going to pick up directly from yesterday's blog here. 

My own thoughts on Talismondé the capital of the  Arduin proper campaign setting is that its someplace between Rift's Atlantis & a Dark Ages 70's New York City. The influences of magick in the city would be incredible because of the Nexus Gate wars. The covers of the Arduin Grimoires bare this conceil out. Deodanths mix with humans & far more alien races in an urban atomosphere of decedence & neo  barbarianism. 

If Arduin's Talismondé is one of the melting pots of the multiverse with interdimensional trade being one of the city's pillars of ecomomic stability then it changes quite a few of the usual Dungeons & Dragons conceils. 
The Nexus Gates of Arduin would be very dangerous for adventurers to mess with. I have a feeling the city guard of Arduin are well versed in many of the multiverse's horrors & dangers. The events of Emperor of the Petal Throne's rpg collapse of their hyperspacial & dimensional gates caused demons, eldtrich horrors, and worse to come through. 

The world of Arduin's Hermetic Order of Wizardry may boast more then a few member mage priests of  Tékumel within its inner circle or at least it does in my campaigns. And does the blowing over of the hyperspacial eddies, & dimensional animolies across Arduin and the mulitverse. Mean that  Arduin's Talismondé is open for business?! 
Because if so then it means that the Clement sector's traders have more then a golden opportunity to open up one of the biggest intergalatic & interdimensional trade missions this side of the wormhole. 

If exploritory space craft are blazing away across the old hyperspacial lanes exploring then there's a good chance that  Arduin's Talismondé might have a space port established upon its planetary shores. This idea goes right along with many of the staples of early Eighties 2d6 Science Fiction role playing. Something also got used right along with the world of Greyhawk box set back then as well. Where is Greyhawk in the Spinward Marches?! Wherever it's sector is?! 

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