Saturday, March 12, 2022

Red Mist Ripping At Reality & Spears of the Stars - Thoughts on Worlds Without Number, Spears of the Dawn, & Cepheus Engine rpg


Stepping back into the Red Mists once again tonight on the blog we pick right up from where we left off from on the blog here.  The idea of a Latter Earth of the far future surviving the break down of the Celestial Engines of the Godbound Rpg. This isn't necessarily the world we know but instead an amalgam world made up of equal parts ancient Earth & perhaps the far future. All of this could be down to using Latter Earth as a stop gap for humanity to save the species. Reading through Red Tide, Worlds Without Number, & Stars Without Numbers Revised, & the  Godbound Rpg  several questions started to race through my mind. As the red mists squeeze & change their world could they actually send refugees & colonists to the shores of the three lands of Spears of The Dawn rpg

Let's talk about the fact that the magick of the three lands might be far more primal & able to keep the energies of the red mist at bay. Because the three lands magick might be able to repair some of the damage to celestial engines. But its only going to be the eternals of the three lands who knew some of these secrets. Their secrets have connections to the House of Bone & Amber adventure. 

Locations once connected by hyperspace gates and starcraft have been cut off from one another for hundreds of years. This all ties into the Latter Earth which once served as the seat of  the Million Stars Empire of Godstar. The royals of the Million Stars once took the best & brightest of the three lands aboard the starships of the gods. Ancient treaties between the peoples of the three lands & the Million Stars empire served to create bridges of marriage, trade, and talent. But these exchanges became mired in mythology & legend. 

There could be scattered across the lands dungeons, former star ports, etc. all coming in from  Sixteen Stars: Creating Places of Perilous Adventure to create these adventure locations. How does this relate to Zozer Games Godstar?! Could the godstar actually be a divinity that escaped the events of the Godbound rpg and still retains its power?! And could this mysterious divine star actually be a god A.I. dolling out its power to a world completely unaware of its true nature?! Aurelia is a world that fits Stars Without Number quite nicely & the baroque nature of its starcraft, society, etc. all fit the idea that latter Earth is a world straight out of myth. 
Ancient worlds that are drowning in ruins of their own pasts. The red mist laps at the edges of reality as demons and mutants tear at the edges of civilization. The godstar might be the only entity who actually knows the secrets of the ancient byways. 
And this goes back to my mind with the ancient nexus gates of Arduin. The ancient divinity of godstar might know the hows & whys of these ancient gateways. Gateways that lead to the last wrecks of ancient baroque spacecrafts. 

Ancient wrecks that are protected by Arduin monsters & horrors! Arduin has these types of ruins & wrecks woven into its history. My players are chomping at the bit to grab such a wreck to reproduce it as a working starcraft. But they've got a long road to get there. 

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