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Unmerciful Exploration or Faith - Umerciful Frontier By John Watt For The Clement Sector rpg From Independence Games

" Brave the frontier!

Unmerciful Frontier covers the Cascadia Colonization Authority,  the most famous of many organizations in Clement Sector dedicated to scouting the unknown and determining where future colonies might be placed.  Unmerciful Frontier gives detailed descriptions of the CCA and features career tracks to allow your players to become members of this storied group."

Unmerciful Frontier also features our advanced star system generation method which is updated to match the best science available concerning the topic.  Unmerciful Frontier's star system generation method will return realistic star systems usable with any science fiction game.

The book also acts as a sourcebook for Tranquility Sector, the sector directly to trailing of Clement Sector and a prime location for adventure." 

Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  is the perfect frontier within a frontier book, this book is Clement setting and its Cascadia Colonization Authority covers the exploration & scouting aspect of the Clement Sector. This is the perfect book that hits the hard points for  various scout, explorers, security, sappar careers. The Unmerciful Frontier covers all of these with organizations, ranks, detailed life event charts, mustering out benefits, life events, and much more. vehicles, equipment, specialized gear,  uniforms,  and the CCA's exploraiton procedures, organization, chain of command, & all of the CCA's ins & outs. 
Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  is an explorarion expert's book of planetary goodness with a specialized system that uses  a system generator for the Cepheus Engine with a large variety system  and planetary  details  atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, mineral content, and much more. Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  makes an excellent additon to New Liberty which makes an adventurer base of operation for the explorers & scouts of this planetary frontier within a frontier. Having the faith to hurl one's self into the black void of the unknown is not for the faint of heart. 

The Cascadia Colonization Authority, is an excellent union of explorers, adventuers, scouts, etc.  and it feels like the Space Western campaign element we need. This is campaign that we need to happen within the Old Space setting. The Clement sector feels like the place where we need to adventure in the Old Space frontier. 
And this is a perfect place to introduce the  Hell's Paradise adventure where the Trailblazer class of space craft is introduced. 

Now perhaps the Trailblazer space craft or other exploritory space craft ar the perfect targets for pirates. How so?! Well, these craft discover strange new worlds & planetary bodies which are perfect investiment opportunities for those who claim them first. Pirates claim jumping such a ship could net their backers untold millions in resouces, royalities, rightis, and even a corportate dynasty in the making. The high frontier is open to those willing to take the risks and the rewards that come with them. 

The Long Road To The Clement Sector - Interstellar Campaign Commentary on Bringing In The Rider Rpg

 The Space Western campaign is shaping up thanks to Independence Games Clement Sector. This blog post is going to pick up right from here. The town of New Liberty is a perfect base & point for intergalactic adventurers. And when you crank up the Clement Sector what comes into focus. 

When it comes to Independence Games Rider rpg its a massive 2d6 beast of a game & it clocks in at three hundred & fifty six pages of Old Western goodness. Now I've no intension of running it as such but instead right along the Clement Sector campaign book. The thing to remember is that the Clement sector has been cut off from Earth & it could be looked as the new frontier! The Clement sector is rthe open Old West frontier in many ways. Wide open interstellar distances, vast resources, incredible opportunities, and the perfect setting for a Space Western campaign.

These adventure elements are perfectly aligned for pirate & outlaw gangs of criminials. And this brings in the 21 Pirate Group which has the Red Talon Cartel, the fanatics of The Righteous Few or the horrors  of The Dark Terror organization. These organizations are perfect for an outlaw campaign or a marshal series of adventures. 

A good opening for such a Space Western campaign is the Long Road to Redemption campaign;"In this two-part campaign adventure, the characters are asked to take some unusual cargo from Boone in Sequoyah Subsector to Dashwood in Dade Subsector.  No problem there, right?  Just a standard run." Yeah sure it is. This is a perfect campaign to add in more Western elements from the Rider Rpg. The Wild West elements such as the Old West town being stands in for the pop up colonies on E type worlds is a solid anology. Why?! Because these pieces of adventure stage pieces are fimiliar to players. The use of Old West guns are very iconic and the list goes on. Here are ten reasons why the Clement Sector works for the Space Western: 
  1. The Clement Sector is an excellent adventure anology for the Old Western fiction. 
  2. Pirates & Outlaws are perfect for creating the greyness of Western fiction. 
  3. Adventures are able to take in Cepeheus Engine rpg adventure elements without a radical amount of conversions. 
  4. PC's matter are not super heroes! They can be cinematic but not necessarily super heroes. 
  5. Space Westerns are very easy for players across a wide spectrum of players. 
  6. Clement Sector is rife for mini campaigns of the Cepheus Engine rpg. This means that players & DM's can pick up or drop the material as needed. 
  7. Adventures have beginnings, middles, and ends even though the campaigns are open ended. 
  8. The Clement Sector has lots of the adventure opportunities for a dungeon master. 
  9. Because resources are scare in certain parts of the Clement Sectors the gear & equipment is essence of simplicity hence the Space Western elements. 
  10. Space Westerns have a satisfaction bout their adventures and are comparible to old Fifties TV Old  West television show episodes. 
All of these elements can be traced back to the Rider Rpg! The rpg has so many excellent Old West bits & bobs that it feels like someone squeezed the Old West into rpg form. 

And if you think this isn't the case with old Hollywood Old West films?! I give you the Fire Fly tv show! The Clement Sector tickles the same nerves as Fire Fly at least it does for me. 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Dr. Hyde From The Caleco Rambo Action Figures Adapted For Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands Rpg


Dr. Hyde is one of the many scientist soldier  from another world who were swept onto NeoTraxx during the Glug Chug wars of 2022. Dr.Hyde is grizzled, tough, completely disfigured, and seeking to make a name for himself on the mean streets of Detroit Prime. Dr. Hyde stalks the outer fringes of the wastelands looking for other mutants & horrors to sweep into his army of Chaos! 

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 30 ft
Armor Class:13 

Attack : weapon

Hit Dice:4 

Damage See Weapon Description

 Saves Grit 16 Agility 16 Resolve 17 Death 16  

Special: Cyber Augmentations, Shell Shocked, Weird Science 

To The Max! 

1-19 - Dr. Hyde is a professional! He deals double damage! 

20 - Dr. Hyde takes his target's head for grisly experimentation for one of his Hellish creations in one action. Death is instant for the target! 

Cybernet Augmentation - Dr. Hyde gains one new  random  cybernetic augmentation per adventure from the main Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland's rule book. 

Shell Shocked - Dr. Hyde is immune to fear. 

M16 Gun of Hell 1d10 fire damage Range 40 ft 

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands Is Available Here. 

This blog post isn't an attempt to violate the trade mark & copy right of the property holders. This blog post is for entertainment & educational purposes only. The rpg owner is in no way responible for the contents of this blog post. This blog post is for a personal rpg campaign only. 

Interstellar Campaign Commentary on New Liberty By John Watts From Independence Games For The Rider Rpg For The Cepheus Engine rpg

 "Welcome to New Liberty!

Please enjoy your stay.  Get a room at The New Liberty Hotel or Miss Esther's Boarding House!  Enjoy some entertainment at The Elkhorn Palace!  Get a drink at the Shining Star, some food at Dawson's, or play some faro at The Lucky 7."

"New Liberty is a town setting for Rider for use as a base of operations for your characters or as a location for adventure for those just passing through.  All of the buildings of the town are detailed as well as the NPCs who inhabit the town.  New Liberty comes with a wealth of information and several short adventures to get you started with Rider!

Though made with Rider, our Cepheus Engine Western in mind, this sourcebook can be used with any Western RPG or any place where a small Western-style town might fit.

Come on in to town!  We'd love to have you stay for a while! " 

New Liberty is by John Watts & its a campaign setting that's been on sitting on the hard drive for a while now. But its only recently that it's been staring at me opening files that it occurs that it needs some air time at our table. Recently with Independence Games revamping the Clement Sector as a Space Western setting that there's potential there for New Liberty. Now reading through Daniel's review on Drivethrurpg there's an interesting little aside from; "
They included a full history of the town from pre-establishment through the time of the SciFi era of the core Cepheus Engine products. They went on to offer some insight into how to use this product as a western town or a scifi small colony or back water world location. So whether you are playing a band of gunslingers from the 1800's or a crew of a starship in Fireflyesque style or a full on SciFi crew in their shinny spaceship just visiting a back water world, New Liberty can fit in and offer the game master a great setting with lots of creative and living NPCs." 

Now this campaign commentary comes into much sharper focus when we begin looking into the Clement Sector. New Liberty is a real back water planet with a solid core of mining & fuel sources that has mostly been forgotten by the rush of the Clement Sector. It hasn't been forgotten by the outlaw set however! There deposits of androcite ore that interfere with energy weapons & because of the low cost of 1900's weapons & ammo the colony has adopted these. 

The trade in several species of orginal gene cattle is incredibly lucrative and the cattle trade on New Liberty has been one of the best revenue streams for the colony. New Liberty has its literal cattle barons who have come to dominate the local system action. They compete, fight, and generally cause mayhem with one another but woe to the outside influence that interfere's in local business. 
The greater Clement Sector powers operate through ambassdors, agents, influencers & judges on the local New Liberty level. The New Liberty colony is rich in minerals, resources, and more making it an up & coming backwater colony world. 
New Liberty is available right here 

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Professor Moriarty From The Bravestarr Cartoon For The Cepheus Engine Rpg

Professor Moriarty followed his archnemisis Sherlock Holmes into the 23rd century through one of mad science devices. The professor is over three hundred & fifty years old but this has not diminished his evil ways. His mangement skills at manipulating the criminial underworld has not changed nor has his propensity for mad science! Professor Moriarty was foiled by the combination of  Sheriff Bravestarr & Sherlock Holmes as well as his compatroits. Professor Moriarty has not served a day in prison after almost trying to take over the Earth  using a dangerous alien life form's hypnotic  psionic ability. 

Professor Moriarty

 Strength: 7 (+0) Dexterity: 9 (+1) Endurance: 6 (+0) Intelligence: 7 (+1) Education: 5 (+1) Charisma: 9 (+1) Reputation: 5 Primary Language: English Backstory: Mad Scientist  Birthdate: August 22, 1824 Age: 350 Trade (Professor ) 3 Admin 2 Carouse 2 Persuade 2 Art (Instrument) 1 Broker 2 Chef 1 Gun Combat 3 Mechanic 3 Melee (Unarmed) 2 Recon 1 Athletics 1 Medic 1 Navigation 1 Streetwise 3 Mad Science 4 
Weird Features - 
Professor Moriarty warped & mutated  brain has a cranial metal network screwed into his skull to hold it together & in place. 

Professor Moriarty eventually gets his hands on the Tiber time crystal which is able to open doorways in time & space. He & his robotic henchmen could show up anywhere. Professor Moriarty is often behind the scenes of many criminal elements across the galaxy & able to expand his power base where & when he wants. Many alien gangs of criminials & outlaws trace their funding back to Professor Moriarty.
Note that Professor Moriarty will have 1d6 security robot body guards with him. These will be armed with a laser pisol & one bot will have a non lethal stunning device or weapon on them. 

Professor Moriarty appeared in the Bravestarr cartoon  Episode 14: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century - Part 1 &  Episode 15: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century - Part 2

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OSR Review & Commentary on Modern War: Baltic War by Paul Elliot from Zozer Games For For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

 "War in the Baltic states.

As Belarus considers applying for NATO membership, and the West hesitates to commit … Russian forces seize the initiative, launching an invasion of the Baltic States and Belarus. Now a number of NATO units are trapped behind the lines and must wage a guerrilla war. In Belarus a tank war has begun, with Minsk, the capital, the prize. Welcome to modern war…

Baltic War is a campaign premise for Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG. It is a tool-kit that provides various situations, mission ideas and squad templates that allow players to fight the Russian invasion in one of several national armies, at one of several battlefronts, each different from the rest.

Baltic War includes new vehicles, new weapons, guidance on helicopter gunship attacks and a list of national armies and deployed units. NPCs for the guerrilla war are also included."

This blog post is going to pick right up from this one on the blog, OSR Review & Commentary On Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

DM Steve introduced us to Modern War: Baltic War by Paul Elliot from Zozer Games & what a rather nasty campaign this is! We were thinking of playing it as one of several nation's armies. Paul Elliot is a historian & his writing reflects this dealing with the Nato vs Russia campaign. Damn is this packed with some hard core factions, missions, and some down right nasty areas as the Russia invasion begins. For thirty nine pages  Mondern War: Baltic War is packed with all kinds of Modern War nastiness & its a very well done squad & infanty level game. And Modern War: Baltic War takes full advantage of the Modern War rpg system on many levels as a tool box. 

Modern War: Baltic War  is an excellent tool kit with all of the trimmings including each of the sides factions, equipment, dangers, etc. all of these will be familiar to the Twilight 2000 rpg DM. Baltic War presents an interesting alternative too Twilight 2000 with a very different, 'What if' in spades. This is a near future that can not happen or the world will have another pillar of the Third World War waiting to happen. And that the kick in the balls, 'the Russians are assuming Nato will cut off their international nose while NATO assumes the same for the Russians'. This means that there are four theatres of war waiting to happen. The  Total War rpg thrives on squad & infantry level encounters and it does so without paying attention to the air or navel war fare points of military action  of the Baltic War campaign. Baltic War  is simply a land based ground & pound war. These are heady combinations that play with fans of  the Twilight 2000 rpg & makes the Modern War a viable alternative or an add on for the venerable military rpg. Modern War: The Baltic War takes Mordern War into other directions. 
Baltic War does three things very well, it expands & entertains the Modern War rpg, it presents four threatres of combat, it brings the Baltic Region into focus as a viable campaign setting, and it brings to the table many options for the dungeon master to play with. 

Mohr & Less - The Adventures At Joseph Mohr's 'Frontier Trading Post - Session Report #3

Monday night I got a chance to play in DM Steve's Cepheus Engine rpg campagin & it was an interesting experience to get out from behind the screen!  Joseph Mohr's 'Frontier Trading Post' a 'pay what you want' adventure location has gotten a work out a couple of times in our games. But over the Monday night game session it got another work out again. At the edge of our local sector this trading post serve as the illegal weapons & cargo choke point for pirates & spacers. We've used the trading post to begin the second half of our game campaign. 

Our guys were back at the Frontier Trading post looking for illegal A.I. mecha parts for the 40 ‘Rantula’ that one of our PC's has. The trading post led to our party of spacers meeting a dealer in highly questionable robotic parts & cyberdeck programs from the colony world of New America (actually its Earth straight outta of Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America repurposed as a colony world). 

Anyhow we were able to come to terms for a job for the parts & then cut a deal for a new decker PC whose contract was sold to our party. We ended our session here but we'll be tackling a mining job coming up for a certain rare crystal is needed for fuel for a proto type space vessel.. 

Our DM Steve's Stars Without Numbers rpg campaign has been going for a few months now. If your on the fence about getting in on the ground floor of SWN then the Stars Without Numner Humble bundle is the way to go! Once again I was playing a PC 
Now we used the same 'Frontier Trading Post' for our Stars Without Numbers game as an adventure location. And in point of fact our two parties were there at the same time! We were there to buy illegal alien tech ripped straight from SWN Dead Names supplement. However we side tracked into an illegal fighting wring when one of our guys started winning bets. And then the rest of the party got involved with the betting and then other members of the party got into the wring. We'll pick up the SWN  next week. The point here is that the Frontier Trading post is a solid supplement. 

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Handling The Mecha Problem With The Cepheus Engine Rpg -- Independence Games Artificial: Robots of The Clement Sector & Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg Vehicle Design Guide

How do a group of aliens defend against the mecha of mankind?! Mankind seems to think that its top of  the food chain. But its not out in the depths of interstellar space. There are empires whose cosmic legacies stretch back millions of years.There are artificial & cybernetic life forms that can take out anyone who crosses their world's borders. 

 The Greys have always been a source of absolute terror & horror within our campaigns. After the Fall of Mankind campaign has the Greys using artifical life forms to police, administrate, and even kidnap humans to work their colonies. So here's where Independence Games Artificial: Robots of The Clement Sector  comes in. The Greys have learned the hard way that humanity means trouble & so they've taken the opportunity to take it upon themselves to take the cybernetic & robotic technologies from the Clement sector. Why?! 

Because they know that humanity has taken it upon themselves to exploit mecha to add the technology to many arena's of mankind's endevours. This of course includes warfare. In the depths of space with mankind expanding into the void of space and across vast interstellar distances the clashes with the Greys are increasing. 
The Greys have an interesting stragey for handling the 'human problem' and that is using medium,  heavy duty, & light duty robotic life forms to man their bases. They keep the Greys safe & humanity on its toes. The SW11 Malingee Warbot is top of the line for giving mecha & walkers bloody noses. KAY9 Security and Guard Robot patrol Grey Science & Research bases. Cleaning robots monitor & keep the upkeep of Grey bases solid. 
Meanwhile type 2 (TL13) AI Core biosynth's handle any interaction with humans & A.I. core life forms handle their own fleets of drone, war droids, and even walkers. 
Whole arrays of drone war drones & vehicles can easily be designed using 
Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg  Vehicle Design Guide. And since the  door swings both ways so to speak the chances are that it is very unlikely that the Greys would put their numbers in harm's way with humanity & their toys. When the aliens themselves can also use humanity's weapons against itself. 


The Mecha Question In The Cepheus Engine rpg -- Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg Vehicle Design Guide & Walkers Vehicles Volume 1 from The Traveler's Aid Society from Northern Edge.

Rafe watched the shell from his tank’s 120mm main gun hit the enemy grav tank on the rear quarter facing, punching through the thin armour and sending it spiraling into the side of the closest hill where it exploded into a large fireball. He fancied he heard the tiny shattered pieces patter off the front glacis of his turret.

“Next position Jessika, before they pick on us”

“Aye Skipper”

As his tank swung out of its hide and disappeared into the piled up rubble of the small town, Rafe smiled at the stupidity of an enemy thinking they could mount a big energy gun onto an armoured vehicle and still not provide sufficient armour to protect it. High tech fools.

So you need a vehicle and cannot find the right one? Does the vehicle you have lack for speed or a big gun?

With the Vehicle Design Guide you can simply design your own with your specifications to suit your setting and campaign.

The VDG allows you to design pretty much any vehicle type for any role you can think of. From massive sea going battleships to fast grav vehicles perfect for fast jaunts around the new world your player’s battered trader has arrived to explore.

Included in the VDG are multiple chassis types, weapon types, armour rules and all manner of internal and external options for any design. Further, a new streamlined vehicle combat system is provided. Finally there are over fifty completed vehicles to use in any adventure and for any setting.

Including with this product are a number of form fillable PDF forms, that you can use for your own creations. They cover all the chassis in the book."

For the last twenty four hours, the question of mecha in Cepheus Engine rpg have come up. These mecha are on the smaller side for PC's & after posing the question to the Cepheus Engine rpg community on social media on Facebook & Me We. The Cepheus Engine community responded in spades. Overwhelmingly the consense was that Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg  Vehicle Design Guide has a very well designed section on walkers or mecha. 

These walkers will do very nicely for the types of encounters we're going to be designing for our upcoming campaign According to Robert Allen Murphy; " there's walker design notes, a design sheet, and 3 example designs in the book:
A Macross-style medium combat walker, an ALIENS-style power loader like exoskeleton, and a light "rock crawler" recreational sounding one."  This is going to be excellent for old school space opera & planet side mecha battles we're going to be planning. Now Jeff Hoff in the Cepheus Engine Facebook group suggested, Walkers Vehicles Volume 1 from The Traveler's Aid Society from Northern Edge. Man, this is a beauty of an rpg product and no frills at all but all mecha ready to go! And a really nice favorite cover of ours as well! That mech looks ready to kick major ass! 

Walkers is an excellent product that clocks in at fifteen pages of walkers, mecha's, and nasty smaller mecha that looks like it could be real headache to PC's. And this product is easily added into the Cepheus Engine rpg. These types of mecha could easily be added into These Stars Are Ours or even   Independence Games Clement Sector. 

These mecha in both Walkers & Moontoad Vehicles Design Guide are perfectly suited to the Clement Sector. The Clement sector has the perfect blend of Cepheus Engine rpg technologies & the engineering knowhow to make mecha work within the setting. The mecha could have had a role within the wars for the human's freedom in the 
 These Stars Are Ours setting. This is  especially true of  mecha converted from industrial  haulers into walkers. These pieces of equipment could have been critical at the human's break point from their alien masters within history of the TSRO's campaign setting. 
As humanity has loosened its alien shackles mecha have simply been a part of the weaponry that humanity has come to rely on over the centuries. 
Within our own Cepheus Engine campaigns humanity has rediscovered the secrets of mecha manufacturing & distribution. Humanity has used mecha in running warfare against several alien races including the Grays. The Cepheus Engine rpg  community continues to be amazing with an incredibly creative & vigourous creator & fan community. These guys & gals have had myself & player's backs! Thanks guys! 

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OSR Review & Commentary On Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

 "War erupts across the South China Sea! Taiwan is being invaded by the People’s Liberation Army and Western navies struggle to contain the influence of a militaristic China in the South China Sea. Vietnam, a Western ally, is also invaded by China, and the Philippine Insurgency gets a boost from Chinese special force advisors. Face down modernized, well-trained PLA forces! 

China Sea War is a campaign premise for Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG. It is a tool-kit that provides various situations, mission ideas and squad templates that allow players to fight the Chinese invaders in one of several national armies, at one of several battlefronts, each different from the rest. China Sea War includes new vehicles, new weapons and a list of national armies and deployed units." 

Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG, isn't one of the real standout titles that jumps at you like its brother rpg game Hostile. But its a damn rock solid rpg and an important one. This is a game of modern conflict done by a historian and so when a title comes floating down the isle such as Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot. We sit up and take notice because this is (so far ) a bleeding edge alternative history conflict. 
And as a campaign its a bloody & brutal one for the  Modern War rpg as Paul Elliot brings the regions, area, conflicts, & more to sharp focus. Taiwan is being invaded by the People’s Liberation Army and Western navies bring up the boiler point to a melt down for World War III if the DM & the player's PC's are not careful. This is a dense & nuianced campaign in fifty eight pages all bringing the pressure on in the South China Sea! And the PC's better tread carefully. Zozer Games brings the same level of detail that we find in Hostile into focus for China Sea War. 
And China Sea War does the Chinese invaders as a real threat & a modern army to be feared. PC's wading into this who haven't played old school Traveller or Twilight 2000 are not going to be preparred for the level of threat that awaits them.  Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot uses all of the advantages & tricks that the Cepheus Engine rpg has to offer in the form of Modern War. 

 The Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot outlines all of the military factions, equipment, military assets, and more boils it down to an infantry or squad level rpg adventure campaign. But this is done in such a way that it makes the campaign feel like something that as a civilian you would never want to be caught in the middle of. And its this boots on the ground feel that really makes Modern War: China Sea campaign stand out.  And the PC's could find themselves on any number of fronts facing down all kinds of modern weaponry, soldiers, and getting themselves in the thick of the violence & fire fights. And there will be fire fights. There is a good chance that one or more PC's are not going to walk away from this campaign. The Chinese  invaders are well written, the weaponry is there, the hardware is there, the military factions, & the assets are there. 
The Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot is a campaign that could take months to play through. And the action here is as good as old school Twilight 2000. And it runs better as a system as the 2d6 Modern War rpg has been updated, revamped, and takes its 'P''s & 'Q''s from the Cepheus Engine rpg. The tweaks to Hostile came from the Modern War rpg system. And Paul Elliot nails down an edge of the seat and nail biter of a campaign in Modern War: China Sea campaign. This is a modern  alternative history rpg campaign setting at its best. 

Chaosium's Thieves World or Not?! Thieves World & The Hyperborea rpg Campaign Update

 Merry Christmas everyone & happy holidays to my readers. So early this week backers of the Hyperborea rpg got copies of the Hyperborea rpg formerly the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg. But DM Steve brought up an important point from last year's AS&SH games and that was visiting Sancuatary from the Chaosium Thieves World campaign box set. If you are not familar with the box set's history then I strongly suggest  captcorajus excellent review & break down of the Thieves World box set. 

The problem?! Sancutary became the preferred campaign venue when the player's PC's wanted to escape the Winter weather of Hyperborea. The Rakin empire has ties with the human Hyperborea royal houses. The PC's sold mamoth ivory, salted meats, etc along with primeval walrus tusks between adventures on Hyperborea.  The PC's acted as escorts & bodyguards  for a Sancutary wizard to the shores of Ixian for negoations. And there were several expediations from Sanctuary to Hyperborea within our campaign with the player's PC's being guides & experts. 

Now the question becomes do we continue this line of the campaign with the Thieves World adventure elements within our current Hyperborea rpg line of play coming up?! Only time will tell!?