Friday, December 24, 2021

Frosty Overlords For Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands Or Your Old School Science Fantasy Games

 Hailing from the plane of Ice these semi elemental alien life forms hate the softies and have taken on the mantle of mankind's former seasonal mascots for the irony. Their true form is a cloud of ice & roaring snow but upon this plane it will not hold together. Every year around December they descend from their icy world colonies where they often use local space craft to invade planets. On Neo Traxx the Frosty Overlords have established their colonies & have been expanding each year! 

The Frosty Overlords 
Alignment: Choatic 
Movement: 60 ft 
Armor 12 
Hit Dice: 3 
Attacks: Icy Fist +3 to Hit or Elemental Eye Beams +2 to Hit, Or By Weapon 
Damage: 1d8 +1 or eye beams 1d6 
Save: Grit 16, Agility 12, Resolve 16, Death 16 
Specials: See Invisible, Infravision 

To The Max 
1-19 The Frosty Overlord deals an additional 1d6 points to the fleshlings 
20 The Elemental Fury takes over their minds  allowing them to freeze the target in place. Killing the target instantly. 

The Frosty Overlords appear every year taking over more & more of the wastelands when their rocket ships appear on the horizon. They are very dangerous & want to strip the land of any fleshlings that they can! 

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