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Bug Holdings & Dyson Spheres - - ACK's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks rpg

 This blog entry picks right up from this blog entry here.  Over the weekend I began thinking again about  Gary Gygax's B2 The Keep on the Borderlands & how it relates to back into the Grey's backstory. To whom do the caves of chaos belong?! And who would claim the humanoid chaos infected army?! A standing army waiting to moved into ACK's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks rpg campaign affair is interesting. 

The Grays have taken over the old Elven works and churned out a load of humanoids to help manage a small bug problem on one of their worlds. The Greys have 'dimensionally gated' in to various worlds humanoid armies before to deal with 'bug infestations'. The mind influenced humanoids are violent, highly agressive, & easily manueverable towards their targets. 
I can see the bugs also doing interstellar megastructures such as Dyson swarms. Creating Dyson smarms from nearby stars & then moving them near to hive planets to fuel their mega hives. But what is a Dyson swarm? According to the Dyson sphere wiki entry; "The variant closest to Dyson's original conception is the "Dyson swarm". It consists of a large number of independent constructs (usually solar power satellites and space habitats) orbiting in a dense formation around the star. This construction approach has advantages: components could be sized appropriately, and it can be constructed incrementally.[10] Various forms of wireless energy transfer could be used to transfer energy between swarm components and a planet.

Disadvantages resulting from the nature of orbital mechanics would make the arrangement of the orbits of the swarm extremely complex. The simplest such arrangement is the Dyson ring, in which all such structures share the same orbit. More-complex patterns with more rings would intercept more of the star's output, but would result in some constructs eclipsing others periodically when their orbits overlap.[11] Another potential problem is that the increasing loss of orbital stability when adding more elements increases the probability of orbital perturbations.

Such a cloud of collectors would alter the light emitted by the star system (see below). However, the disruption compared to a star's overall natural emitted spectrum would most likely be too small for Earth-based astronomers to observe"
What does any of this have to do with 'Secrets of The Nethercity'?! The city of Cyfaraun may have been an interstellar  trade point in the ancient past thousands of years ago. And one of the bugs specialist leader castes the  Khepri. The Greys came up into their own right at the point when the Elves were worshipping Chaos. The Chaos gods ascended into several worlds where the Greys had established colonial holdings causing conflict. The Khepri took full advantage of this conflict to establish themselves. The Khepri are the interstellar equivalent of cockroaches. They take advantage of races by making beach heads in many worlds.

Because of the power vacuum left by so many of the precursor alien races the bugs have moved into ascendency in the greater Megellanic cloud. 
The Cloud Giants are not entirely gone & occassionally mount full extermination crusades against the bugs. PC's have to be careful not to get caught up in the huge radiation or the interstellar  WMD deployed during these crusades. 

Skinnies have been moving into some of the bug's Dyson spheres. They've taken over manufacturing certain stellar products & using the engines to work on their own  holdings.And there is evidence that the Terran empire itself controls several Dyson spheres & they have been trying to make deals for a Grey  stellar engines or two. 

The PC's are interested in capturing a bug Dyson sphere but their very scared of the bug's stellar fleet & holdings. They think that the Terran empire has further information. 

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