Sunday, December 12, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On 'The Blackapple Brugh' By Kyle Hettinger & Vasily Ermolaev For Basic Fantasy rpg & Your Old School Campaigns

 "Blackapple is a small, remote village on the edge of a great wood. Nearby lies the Brugh ("broo"), an earthen mound wherein is confined a cruel elf lord who once ruled the people of the village. He cannot leave the brugh, but is he truly no longer a threat?This adventure provides low level PCs with a good "base" town, a hub for adventures great and small. This book describes several encounters or mini-adventures around Blackapple, as well as a larger adventure that takes place in the Brugh itself." 

A while back we bought 'The Blackapple Brugh' by  By Kyle Hettinger & Vasily Ermolaev was bought through Amazon & we're planning on running it with Castles & Crusades. The Blackapple Brugh is a location based adventure that has everything a level one through three party of PC's needs. From an out of his mind NPC run Sanitorium to actual fairy tale fairies. This is a solidly done adventure! 'The Blackapple Brugh'  has all of the ingrediants of a solidly written OSR adventures! Many adventure preport to give the PC's a base of operations? This one actually does with some well written NPC's. 
The Blackapple Brugh  does an incredible job of describing itself contents & its moving parts.  Kyle Hettinger writing & Vasily Ermolaev's artwork  bring the heat with their writing painting a fairy tale village & solidly drawn upon NPC's that ooze to be run!  Kyle Hettinger  writing gives a living, breathing & lovingly crafted adventure for the PC's. 

There's a sense of whimsy & timelessness to  The Blackapple Brugh  because it has everything that a good adventure needs solid NPC's, good adventure based locations, solidly done magic items, & more.   The Blackapple Brugh   is a solid hit for the Basic Fantasy Rpg. 

For Castles & Crusades 'The Blackapple Brugh ' is a perfect beginning adventure for the system. The Blackapple Brugh  has all of the parts & pieces for a fairy tale or weird fantasy game campaign easily. A strange sanitorum in the countryside with myths & legends come to life around it all works as a campaign jump start for a beginning campaign & The Blackapple Brugh is the adventure to do it! 

The Blackapple Brugh is available right here

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