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1d10 Random Encounter Chart of Peusdo Thugg Assassin Cults Table For Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands Rpg Or Your OSR Post Apocalpytic Campaign

 Out in the desert wastelands & toxic waste dumps of Neo Traxx dimensional raiding cults of peusdo Thugg assassin cults  set up lures for adventurers & travelers especially around the month of  December. They are led by a charismatic bardic messiah figure named George. Pre Ancients swear that this figure is none other then an alternative Earth George Michaels. This messiahic serves some ancient dark goddess of murder & mayhem. Each new moon during the month of December they set up oasis of holiday cheer in the wasteland & kidnap both children & adults to work their radioactive mines on their home plane of Wham. They also raid on Cha'alt this time of year as well! They especially favor the areas around the black pyramid. 

These cults often use elaborate holograms, dress up ruins, & even false facades of McMutant resturants & taverns. They also ocassionally set up fake brothels, rest stations, & other wasteland places of comfort. And they can appear anywhere! They can however be found out by the seemingly odd Eighties holiday music that plays from some other planar source. 
1d10 Random Encounter Chart of Peusdo Thugg Assassin Cults Table 
  1. 1d6 2nd level asssassins dressed up as an Eighties pop band tries to lure the characters into a nearby tavern where they will be performing. They are armed with Kurki blades & small shields. There are also 1d20 zero level cultists in the 'audience' to help handle the PC's. 
  2. A travelling band of white hand healers approaches the party to sell healing potions. They are actually 3rd level assassins peddling poisons that will inflict 1d6 points of damage to anyone who drinks them. They will trade with the party for their medicines. 
  3. 1d10 'traders' actually slavers & warriors on a mission to accuire more slaves for D transport off of Neo Traxx approaches the party. They will explain that they have an oasis & camp nearby to help resupply the party. They will invite them back where 1d20 zero level cultists wait for them in ambush. 
  4. 1d6 priests have used the power of their mystic wasteland stones to set up a brothel with 1d 10 toxic succubi hit dice 4, 1d6 bite & claw damage, AC 5 to feed upon the souls of any adventurers they run across. 
  5. A nearby village has had all of its children & adult males kidnaped by the nearby cult. The 'villagers' explain to the party their great sorrow. This is actually 1d20 cultists who will ambush the party & d transport them off of Traxx. 
  6. Santa & his elves appear to have broken down thier sled in the wasteland. Anyone attempting to help Santa is actually going to be attacked by 1d10 cultists armed with black powder guns, small shields, battle axes. 
  7. A wastland oasis offers fresh water, power cell recharges, and safe beds for the night. This is actually 1d20 cultists who want to lure a bunch of adventurers to their doom. They have a make shift alter set up at the rear of the oasis to mystically rip the heart out of any victims. 
  8. 1d20 cultists have set up a busy Mc Mutant tavern & resurant. Its been so successful that they haven't had time to murder anyone. There are now 4 3rd level chefs on staff & 1d20 waitstaff who are waiting on a line of customers out the door. PC's will be attacked by 1d10 wasteland adventurers who want to be waited on. 
  9. A group of 1d10 wasteland travelers who appear to be on their way to a holiday festivities. These are actually 1d20 cultists who will turn on the player's PC's with knives & garrotes. 
  10. 1d20 cultists are putting on a production of holiday concerts but are actually planning on D transporing  everyone within the audience & the addition of the player's PC would be icing on the cake. They will attack the PC's however if any resistence is made. 

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