Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Mecha Question In The Cepheus Engine rpg -- Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg Vehicle Design Guide & Walkers Vehicles Volume 1 from The Traveler's Aid Society from Northern Edge.

Rafe watched the shell from his tank’s 120mm main gun hit the enemy grav tank on the rear quarter facing, punching through the thin armour and sending it spiraling into the side of the closest hill where it exploded into a large fireball. He fancied he heard the tiny shattered pieces patter off the front glacis of his turret.

“Next position Jessika, before they pick on us”

“Aye Skipper”

As his tank swung out of its hide and disappeared into the piled up rubble of the small town, Rafe smiled at the stupidity of an enemy thinking they could mount a big energy gun onto an armoured vehicle and still not provide sufficient armour to protect it. High tech fools.

So you need a vehicle and cannot find the right one? Does the vehicle you have lack for speed or a big gun?

With the Vehicle Design Guide you can simply design your own with your specifications to suit your setting and campaign.

The VDG allows you to design pretty much any vehicle type for any role you can think of. From massive sea going battleships to fast grav vehicles perfect for fast jaunts around the new world your player’s battered trader has arrived to explore.

Included in the VDG are multiple chassis types, weapon types, armour rules and all manner of internal and external options for any design. Further, a new streamlined vehicle combat system is provided. Finally there are over fifty completed vehicles to use in any adventure and for any setting.

Including with this product are a number of form fillable PDF forms, that you can use for your own creations. They cover all the chassis in the book."

For the last twenty four hours, the question of mecha in Cepheus Engine rpg have come up. These mecha are on the smaller side for PC's & after posing the question to the Cepheus Engine rpg community on social media on Facebook & Me We. The Cepheus Engine community responded in spades. Overwhelmingly the consense was that Moon Toad Design's Cepheus Engine Rpg  Vehicle Design Guide has a very well designed section on walkers or mecha. 

These walkers will do very nicely for the types of encounters we're going to be designing for our upcoming campaign According to Robert Allen Murphy; " there's walker design notes, a design sheet, and 3 example designs in the book:
A Macross-style medium combat walker, an ALIENS-style power loader like exoskeleton, and a light "rock crawler" recreational sounding one."  This is going to be excellent for old school space opera & planet side mecha battles we're going to be planning. Now Jeff Hoff in the Cepheus Engine Facebook group suggested, Walkers Vehicles Volume 1 from The Traveler's Aid Society from Northern Edge. Man, this is a beauty of an rpg product and no frills at all but all mecha ready to go! And a really nice favorite cover of ours as well! That mech looks ready to kick major ass! 

Walkers is an excellent product that clocks in at fifteen pages of walkers, mecha's, and nasty smaller mecha that looks like it could be real headache to PC's. And this product is easily added into the Cepheus Engine rpg. These types of mecha could easily be added into These Stars Are Ours or even   Independence Games Clement Sector. 

These mecha in both Walkers & Moontoad Vehicles Design Guide are perfectly suited to the Clement Sector. The Clement sector has the perfect blend of Cepheus Engine rpg technologies & the engineering knowhow to make mecha work within the setting. The mecha could have had a role within the wars for the human's freedom in the 
 These Stars Are Ours setting. This is  especially true of  mecha converted from industrial  haulers into walkers. These pieces of equipment could have been critical at the human's break point from their alien masters within history of the TSRO's campaign setting. 
As humanity has loosened its alien shackles mecha have simply been a part of the weaponry that humanity has come to rely on over the centuries. 
Within our own Cepheus Engine campaigns humanity has rediscovered the secrets of mecha manufacturing & distribution. Humanity has used mecha in running warfare against several alien races including the Grays. The Cepheus Engine rpg  community continues to be amazing with an incredibly creative & vigourous creator & fan community. These guys & gals have had myself & player's backs! Thanks guys! 

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