Sunday, December 19, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On The Hostile Rpg rules pdf By Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For The Hostile rpg & setting or Cepheus Engine rpg or Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's

"Welcome to the gritty, retro-future universe of HOSTILE which now expands with its own, dedicated rulebook. Based on the Cepheus Engine, these Rules add in the realistic combat rules from Zozer Games’ popular Modern War game, as well as setting-specific rules from some of the eighteen HOSTILE supplements. When combined with its companion book, the HOSTILE Setting, you will have a complete, stand-alone, retro-future sci-fi game. Please look out for the HOSTILE Double Shift Bundle which gives you these HOSTILE Rules as well as the HOSTILE Setting book, at a 20% discount off of the listed price.

HOSTILE  is a gritty, near future roleplaying setting that is inspired by movies like Outland, Bladerunner and Alien. It is a universe of mining installations, harsh moons, industrial facilities, hostile planets and brutal, utilitarian spacecraft."

Welcome back and tonight we've got some Cepheus Engine goodness with the revamp of the Hostile Rpg rules pdf. And its awesome! Paul Elliot goes back into the Hostile rules & peels back the layers of the Hostile rpg engine. This 2d6 set of rules compliments the retro future horror of the HOSTILE Setting. Paul Elliot takes full advantage of the Cepheus Engine rpg rules set to gear the Eighties science fiction horror rules to actually be playable. The Hostile Rpg rules compliments the HOSTILE Setting with bells on and Ian Stead's artwork really sets off the intergalactic campaign setting. The Hostile Rpg rules  takes full advantge of the 239 pages of gaming goodness. 
The Hostile Rpg rules  tweaks the career paths, details, and rules to create a coheriant whole system that is excellently playable. The devil is within the details of the world of Hosile & the rules reflect this in spades. The 2d6 rpg rules take the Hostile material and boils it within the juicies of the game to reflect the details put forth in the Hostile setting book. What the rules do is to take the Hostile game into the murky terrority of its own take on the Cepheus Engine rules. It does this by leading the players into the path of their PC's. And the rules have that late Seventies & early Eighties Science Fiction movie asthetic. This is a brutal, lived in, and downright dangerous universe and the rules reflect this. Your party are not heroes or adventurers but spacers doing the jobs that few are going to want to do. Needless to say that the  Hostile Rpg rules reflect this and yes you can die rather badly in PC generation. 
But that's to be expected, having played Hostile for many months now & gone through quite a few characters myself. Hostile is a dangerous game where space can & will kill you if it can. You can get an injury quite nicely and there is sometimes no coming back from that. 
The  Hostile Rpg rules reflect the retro future technologies, devices, weapons, etc. & this set's up the infrastructure of the game. And the rules  does it very well. The system is refined standard 2d6 Hostile but its edited very tightly. The survival rules are done nicely,doing the job of planetary exploration, mining, taking on space walks, the whole package of the Hostile rules are so well done. 

What makes the Hostile Rpg rules pdf so good is the internal consistency of the Hostile rules. The 2d6 done by Zozer Games is done excellently & Paul Elliot has an easy writing style that makes this an easy rule book to get through. If it was me then I would rush to grab a physical copy of  the Hostile Rpg rules pdf today! 

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