Friday, December 10, 2021

By The Serpent's Tail - The free adventure 'The Menace of the Serpent God' by Jason Vey & I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook And Amazing Adventures Campaign Recap

The serpent men first appeared in last year's classic Amazing Adventures! Rpg campaign with the introduction of the free adventure 'The Menace of the Serpent God' by Jason Vey. Now the adventure is considered to be a bit too railroady for some reviewers. This is a beginning classic Amazing Adventures! rpg introduction adventure & it contains a mini set of AA rpg rules, sample PC's, & more. So it's going to be a bit railroady! We've uncoupled the evets of the adventure & put our own stank on it. 
Our party picks up from those who threw down with the serpent god in 1939; "The year is 1939. Our heroes, the player characters, are all members of an adventuring and humanitarian group called the Brotherhood of William St. John. Headed by Mackie Gleeson, the granddaughter of the organization’s founder, this group is dedicated to advancing human knowledge, protecting the world from dark occult artifacts and occurrences, and to fighting for truth and justice across the world. In Europe, World War II is in full swing, though the United States is still 2 years from officially entering the conflict. Still, the U.S. is unofficially supporting the allies, with troops fighting under the British flag in both Europe and Asia, particularly pilots under the auspices of the RAF. The Wizard of Oz is the big hit at cinemas, and the price of a pack of cigarettes is 10 cents. Our adventure is set largely in New Orleans, which is the Big Easy no matter what era it happens to be. It can, with a bit of work, be easily transferred to any city you like, however, just by swapping out the locations herein. It begins when our heroes are all in town to celebrate Mardi Gras, and they get a call pointing to mysterious and dark forces at work. It turns out that an old enemy of the Brotherhood, the mysterious Doctor Serpent, and his organization, the Order of the Black Dragon, are plotting to unleash an ancient evil upon the world. Can our heroes race against time to stop the latest plot from their archenemy? That depends on you..." 

Flash forward to 1979 and the events of 1939 have taken place & the Order of The Black Dragon are on the move once again! The evil serpent god is being summoned from the depths of the Outer Darkness and only the PC's can oppose it.  In the last gasp of the 'Swinging Seventies' our heroes can foil the evil machintions of the serpent god & it's minions. There are several things going on at once, only very loosely have I used the 'The Menace of the Serpent God' to outline the further goals of the Black Dragon Society. 'The Menace of the Serpent God' actually dove tails in with Tomb of the Serpent Kings  another free adventure which is follows OSR ideas far more closely. 

For my own purposes of using Amazing Adventures!, we take the PC's from New Orleans & follow the winding serpent's tail into deepest South America of the Seventies with its political upheavels & down right dangerous events as a part of a mask for the machinations of the serpent men.

 And this sets up the serpent men in their lost valley of I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook from 1981. Thus bringing events full circle so that the PC's find themselves deeply embroiled in the machinations of the Black Dragon Order. The Menace of the Serpent God' brings everything full circle enabling the events of 1980 to unfold organically. 

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