Thursday, December 9, 2021

1d10 Random Telepathic Encounter Table For Any Science Fantasy Game


Your mind stretches outwards probing into the infinite realms of thought & space beyond the borders of human ken & encounters.. what?  Well  worry no more with this handy random telepathic encounters table. 

1d10 Random Telepathic Encounter Table

  1. An ancient mind from a forgotten solar system searching the cosmos for any suitable worlds near by. This mind is full of curious thoughts about the universe & can help guide you to a higher technological level. 
  2. A mind so evil & malevolent that its very presence warps space & thought around it. This mind belongs to an ancient hate filled planar demon trapped beyond time & space. It will bargain arcane secrets from beyond the grave for its freedom or will it. 
  3. An ancient mind of the Great Race rushing through time for a way to escape the polyps. This logical & crystal clear mind will bargain from a position of strength but may show you the secrets of a bygone age. 
  4. The mind of a highly evolved telepathic mutant from a future time racing through the past for kicks. He will show some future events but expect far more then in return. He may travel to the past to find you. 
  5. Psychic scavengers looking for a few good minds to harvest get ready for a telepathic rumble. 
  6. The mind of a powerful lich moving forwards & backwards through time for a delicate snack.May bargain with a successful charisma roll. May promise the secrets of the ages only to try to devour your soul instead. 
  7. A soul of ancient serpent man seeking a person from the future for certain key pieces of information. Will bargain certain geological secrets in return or a cache of  artifacts. A very tricky & wily mind though full of sardonic wit & wiles. 
  8. The future mind of a Pict shaman looking for the spiritual cure for a member of his tribe. The shaman may send his spirit to you for help. A disease spirit watches him from the underworld & may tack you down instead. 
  9. A major devil out roaming the astral spaces for some kicks.May try to bargain with you for your very soul. The devil will pose as "The Devil" & put on a good show. He will offer some very small arcane secrets & build up to something quite big. May backtrack you to your body & try to possess! 
  10. A traveler from the far future who has come to warn you about your destiny. Then telepathic contact is broken suddenly! What will you do?

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