Friday, December 31, 2021

Unmerciful Exploration or Faith - Umerciful Frontier By John Watt For The Clement Sector rpg From Independence Games

" Brave the frontier!

Unmerciful Frontier covers the Cascadia Colonization Authority,  the most famous of many organizations in Clement Sector dedicated to scouting the unknown and determining where future colonies might be placed.  Unmerciful Frontier gives detailed descriptions of the CCA and features career tracks to allow your players to become members of this storied group."

Unmerciful Frontier also features our advanced star system generation method which is updated to match the best science available concerning the topic.  Unmerciful Frontier's star system generation method will return realistic star systems usable with any science fiction game.

The book also acts as a sourcebook for Tranquility Sector, the sector directly to trailing of Clement Sector and a prime location for adventure." 

Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  is the perfect frontier within a frontier book, this book is Clement setting and its Cascadia Colonization Authority covers the exploration & scouting aspect of the Clement Sector. This is the perfect book that hits the hard points for  various scout, explorers, security, sappar careers. The Unmerciful Frontier covers all of these with organizations, ranks, detailed life event charts, mustering out benefits, life events, and much more. vehicles, equipment, specialized gear,  uniforms,  and the CCA's exploraiton procedures, organization, chain of command, & all of the CCA's ins & outs. 
Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  is an explorarion expert's book of planetary goodness with a specialized system that uses  a system generator for the Cepheus Engine with a large variety system  and planetary  details  atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, mineral content, and much more. Umerciful Frontier By John Watt  makes an excellent additon to New Liberty which makes an adventurer base of operation for the explorers & scouts of this planetary frontier within a frontier. Having the faith to hurl one's self into the black void of the unknown is not for the faint of heart. 

The Cascadia Colonization Authority, is an excellent union of explorers, adventuers, scouts, etc.  and it feels like the Space Western campaign element we need. This is campaign that we need to happen within the Old Space setting. The Clement sector feels like the place where we need to adventure in the Old Space frontier. 
And this is a perfect place to introduce the  Hell's Paradise adventure where the Trailblazer class of space craft is introduced. 

Now perhaps the Trailblazer space craft or other exploritory space craft ar the perfect targets for pirates. How so?! Well, these craft discover strange new worlds & planetary bodies which are perfect investiment opportunities for those who claim them first. Pirates claim jumping such a ship could net their backers untold millions in resouces, royalities, rightis, and even a corportate dynasty in the making. The high frontier is open to those willing to take the risks and the rewards that come with them. 

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