Saturday, January 1, 2022

Bravestarr Cartoon - Neutra-Laser Pistol Adapted Cepheus Engine rpg

 The iconic Neutra-Laser is manufactured & produced on the colony world of  New Texas as a direct energy weapon to combat the rising tide of outlaws & pirates. The Neutra-Laser gun was first only available to law enforcement in the form the galactic marshals & some outlaws.

Eventually, the iconic 30 shot laser weapon became available to the general public from the New Texas Arms Company. The 
Neutra-Laser is known for its reliability, flexible applications, and solid direct energy output. Dust, sandstorms, mud, & other adverse conditions don't affect the Neutra-Laser pistol. This is because of the design housing of the Neutra-Laser protects the laser tube & mechanisms. The Neutra-Laser's pistol within a housing design is made for the rough & tumble of the military & then law enforcement. 


Cost - 2700




Damage: 4d6+2 

Recoil: N 

Because of the Neutra-Laser pistol's over sized energy cell & aiming system  the pistol holds an extra ten shots then the standard direct energy weaponry. 

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