Sunday, January 23, 2022

Old Friends & Enemies in Alexander Marcus's Ascendant Rpg

 So tonight I ordered a phyiscal copy of  Alexander Marcus's Ascendant Rpg because over the past two weeks we've been reading the pdf. But like always my eyes are getting ready to bleed out of their sockets. Well, with very little preperation my order to Drivethrurpg was put in. Fingers crossed on the book getting here pretty quickly. 

Reading through Alexander Marcus's Ascendant Rpg several things cropped up and one of them happened to be an Ascendant named Khepri. Now if your are one of those Adventurer, Conqueror, King fan boys like myself. Then your familiar with these monsters & I don't use that turn lightly. These guys are the worst. Basically the Khepri are god like instellar insects who pass themselves off as the gods of old. And in ACK's they've been doing this schitck since time began. Khepri is one of this race of monster's avitars. Or at least that's how I'm spinning it for Ascendant. 

Khepri brings two things to the table as an NPC, one he's not one of the newly Ascendant's on the scene & two the US government is lying about the origin point of these super humans. Alexander Marcus  makes no secret of this origin point going so far as to say in interviews the heroes & man of renowned of old  were Ascendants. And this fact is something that I believe will go on to color many of the Ascendant comic books coming in the Indie Go Go project

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