Thursday, January 27, 2022

Review & Commentary On PC14 - The OSR Shadowdancer By Jeremy Reaban For Your Old School Campaigns

 "Shadowdancers exist in the boundary between light and darkness, where they weave together the shadows to become half-seen artists of deception."

Shadowdancers are a sub-class of Rogue (see PC12 – Rogue) whose focus on stealth transcends the normal limits of reality and enters the magical."

PC14 - The OSR Shadowdancer By  Jeremy Reaban is a 'pay what you want' pdf that clocks in at eight pages. The OSR Shadowdancer is a subclass of rogue whose abilities cross over into the plane of Shadows literally. According to the writer of the Shadowdancers; "As with its parent class, the rogue, the shadowdancer is able to use light melee weapons (4 lbs or less) to great effect, substituting his dexterity missile bonus in place of his strength score, for both to hit and damage. Also as with the rogue, the shadowdancer has a limited ability to use magical wands and scrolls. The shadowdancer has the ability to backstab as per a thief. In addition, the shadowdancer gains a bonus to his armor class equal to this backstab multiplier, while fighting in anything but bright sunlight. The shadowdancer has the ability to use his hide in shadows ability even while directly being observed, as long as there are shadows within 10' At 2nd level, the shadowdancer gains the ability to evade magical and other attacks. Such attacks that allow a saving throw for half-damage, instead cause no damage to the rogue on a successful save. At 10th level, this improves so that the shadowdancer only takes half-damage even on a failed saving throw." 

The OSR Shadowdancer is another one of those thief sub classes that gains its own niche within a campaign. If the DM wants to use a sorta of scary or dark subclass for his NPC villains that isn't going to overwhelm their campaign? The shadowdancer could be the route to go. They could be used as thieves and murder hobo for the villains. Is the class good?! Yes shadowdancers could be used to carve out the niche of the plane of Shadows having more importance within without introducing the weird element into it without going full blown horror. From pick pocketing to full on jewel theiving the shadow dancer is your class. 

 PC14 - The OSR Shadowdancer By  Jeremy Reaban Is Available As A Pay What You Want Title Here. 

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