Saturday, January 29, 2022

Review & Commentary On Ninja City! By Rev. Joey Royale From Get Haunted Industries For Your Old School Eighties DCC Inspired Campaign

"A role-playing game tribute to the 1980’s Ninja explosion, built upon Dungeon Crawl Classics rules."

"The Bad Guyz have taken over!  Drug lords, street gangs, and crooked cops have the city in a stranglehold! You and your crew have rediscovered the lost secrets of the Ninja and it is time to take back your turf! Welcome to Ninja City!  Ninja City is where Kosugi, Dudikoff, Storm Shadow, and the manager from the sword store at the mall all come together on a Saturday afternoon to party hard and throw some stars."

Ninja City takes the DCC frame work and applies it to those gonzo over the top awesome Eighties ninja film inspirations. Now, Ninja City takes the martial arts action into your DCC campaign and it does it in twenty four pages. The ninja action is fast & furious with the DCC system converted to the  S.W.O.R.D.Z. system. 
The system emulates a lot of the ideas & action of Cannon films style action. If you want to clean up the psycho crime ridden streets of your city then Ninja City is for you. 

Ninja City does its job so well & brings the DCC game into the Eighties retro martial arts action. And for an evening's DCC entertainment Ninja City brings the 'beer & pretezel's goodness. Ninja City can be used with other OSR rpg systems easily meaning that campaign play is easy to do. Could a long campaign of Ninja City be done?! Yes if you've got a group of players who are into martial arts & weird movies. If your looking for the halcoyn days of the Ninja & want to recapture the martial arts  VHS memories of your youth.

Ninja City! By Rev. Joey Royale From Get Haunted Industries Is Available Here. 

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