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Review & Commentary On The Ship Files: Polixenes Class Courier By Michael Johnson From Moontoad Publishing For Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

"Used by both the Stellar Exploration Corps and the Terran Union
Space Navy, the Polixenes was a design initially commissioned by
the navy to provide fast and efficient fleet communications.
With its two parsec jump drive the Polixenes can bridge the average
five light year gap between most stars and a long range variant
sacrifices the cargo space for additional fuel to provide an additional
two parsec range.’

This book details the Polixenes Class Courier. A small vessel ideal for
players and for adventures in just about any setting.


  • Description and Technical Information.
  • 2 versions, the standard and the Long Range variant.
  • Deckplans for both vessels.
  • Colour plates of 6 example craft.
  • Game stats and play sheets.
  • Example Crewman
  • Bonus feature: Cevalo Air/Raft

Compatible with the 2d6 SCIFI OGL and The Cepheus Engine SRD"

 Moontoad Publishing has some amazing designs & artwork that can easily be ported into a Space Western setting especially the Clement sector. So let's talk about the how's & why's of the Ship Files: Polixenes Class Courier. The Polixenes Class Courier is a fast jag courier class starship that is perfect for the shadier adventurers. How does the design get into the Clement Sector?! The answer is simple, easy, & highly effective.  The Stellar Exploration Corps and the Terran Union Space Navy, are all active in the Clement sector from Earth before the worm hole collapses. 
 Polixenes Class Courier is a perfect exploritory spacecraft & outlaw lead scout ship. These craft are great lead craft for the rest of a pirate fleet targeting ships out on the trails of the Clement sector. Polixenes Class Courier's & their varients feel like part space plane & part hyperspace mavin. They dance around the outedges of hyperspace into unexplored systems surveying for valuable resources & then back into the civilized expanses of the Clement Sector. 
 Polixenes Class Courier  
would also make excellent law enforcement craft taking on the leads of hyperspace routes to keep the peace. And its the Polixenes Class Courier variant that make good partners for other heavier military space craft. The Clement sector has such a Space Western feel that the Polixenes Class Courier fits in for the scouts & explorers. 

There are sections of the Clement Sector that remain dangerous & largely unexplored. These sections need to be opened up and the Polixenes Class Courier is the ship to do it! Fast, nimble, and capable of taking on far more then she seems capable of. This design remains a favorite of ours. DM Steve has used the Polixenes Class Courier as symbolic of several of our bounty hunting NPC villains. The Polixenes Class Courier  is a starship that makes a statement and it sticks out like sore thumb. Polixenes Class Courier's are perfect for low impact, high value cargos, and they are great for getting fast between adventure locations. The  Polixenes Class Courier is a really cool starship that's solidly written by  Michael Johnson. The variants are really easily slipped into an on going campaign. For the space western genre the Polixenes Class Courier is a solid addition for PC's looking for a different but fast star ship that looks badass. 

The Ship Files: Polixenes Class Courier By Michael Johnson From Moontoad Publishing Available Here 

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