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Rats In The Back Alleys - Using 1991 Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2) By Anthony Pryor & The Hyperborea rpg For Sword & Sorcery Urban Crawling or Adventuring.

  "Hire on, in 'A Cask of Trouble,' to guard a wine-tasting from the vengeful Vintner's Guild. Dare, if you will, 'The Red God's Curse,' in which little is as it seems. Aid the wizards Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes at an era's end, 'When Walks the Wyrm.' Undertake an expedition of inquiry for the Lankhmar Society of Sages to 'The Land of the Pale Ones.' Learn if the Thieves' Guild really has a hand in 'The House of Mazes.'"

Photo stolen from Wayne's books here. 

"Beware strange priests and darkest alleys, lest you meet 'A New God.' Finally, no anthology of Lankhmar would be complete without a trip to its maze-like sewers, wherein rages 'War in Lankhmar Below' (a follow-up to the adventure 'Return of the Rats,' from CA2, Swords of Deceit)." 

Wayback in 1991 Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2) By Anthony Pryor  came out it was  64 pages  and went by the product designation TSR 9329 or  ISBN 1560761350. What Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2) did back in '91 was to create a  64-page LANKHMAR adventure anthology which contains seven original adventures for a party of four to eight characters, levels 3 to 10. And what's good about LNR2 is the fact that a lot of the TSR Lankhmar adventure modules were centered around urban Sword & Sorcery adventuring. This makes the Lankhmar adventures  perfect fodder for the Hyperborea rpg. And this is especially true of LNR2 which is a perfect follow up to the Hyperborea rpg adventure 'The Rats in The Walls and Other Perils'. Why?! Well let's take a quick look at the back cover explaination; "Rats in the Walls and Other Perils" also includes two more short adventures: Chainsaw’s “The Brazen Bull”, and “The Lamia’s Heart”, by Jeffrey P. Talanian. (An early draft of the latter was published in the AFS fanzine.) Edited by David Prata, all three adventures are set in the dismal City-State of Khromarium and is designed for from four to six characters of 1st or 2nd level. "  So not only do we have a starting adventure module set within the Hyperborean capital of the City State of Khormarium but in Tales of Lankhmar we have a perfect follow up the 'Rats in The Walls'. 
 "Rats in the Walls and Other Perils"puts the PC's footloose and fancy free in the big city. But what does one follow it up with?! Why the whims of two weird wizards of the DM's design. And the adventures continue. With a bit of work there's the fact that we give   the City State of Khormarium a real face and character about it. 
We've used  the City State of Khormarium as a jump off point a hundred times. And it makes an excellent urban landscape for the adventurers to kick up thier heels. 
Hyperborea is a world with vast, vast, oceans and hardly anyone talks about it. The Hyperborean  campaign setting makes an excellent Sword & Sorcery pirate campaign & this can easily be contrasted with an urban crawl twist. 1991 Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2) By Anthony Pryor is an excellent counterpoint adventure anthology that gets the PC's deep into the heart of a city grinding conspiracy. And much more. And I think it's the much more that get's over looked within 1991 Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2) By Anthony Pryor. 
There's enough mini adventures here where the players are going to be more then busy for a few months. The DM is going to need to keep an eye on the PC's levels and the distribution of treasure. 

OSR Commentary On CA1 Swords of The Undercity By Carl Smith, Bruce Nesmith, & Doug Niles For An Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaign

 "The adventure is divided into three scenarios, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi by Carl Smith, The Web of Mog by Bruce Nesmith, and Claws of the Shree-kah by Douglas Niles. Each is playable separately within one evening session of gaming, or as a whole, in one single adventure." 

"During the first scenario, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi, the party acquires a treasure map and eventually sets out on an expedition to recover the forgotten treasure. This scenario includes the journey through the Sinking Lands to the Treasure House of Urgaan of Angarngi, and the destruction of Urgaan's Mad Tower." 
 CA1 Swords of The Undercity By Carl Smith, Bruce Nesmith,  & Doug Niles information from Wayne's Books.

CA1 Swords of The Undercity By Carl Smith, Bruce Nesmith,  & Doug Niles came out in 1985 and we played through it in '86. There's something fundamental about CA1 Swords of the Undercity. Because of the fact that it gives a grand tour of the Lankhmar realm for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition's campaign setting of Lankhmar. Make no mistake CA1 is a brutal adventure and it will punish the stupid.  The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi, is definitely thieves centric with the players aquiring a treasure map and getting double dealed. This is a Lankhmar centric adventure in the truest sense. The party is drawn into the campaign setting in dangerous and not so obvious ways. 

 What CA1 Swords of The Undercity By Carl Smith, Bruce Nesmith,  & Doug Niles does is string together three adventures and gives the player's PC's a solid stake in Lankhmar as a campaign. Especially in encountering the next scenario 'The Web of Mog'. The party is drugged and thier treasure stolen. Thier home base of the 'Silver Eel' is invaded and they must deal with the fall out of recovering thier property after the adventures of the Sinking Lands. And it's within 'The Web of Mog' that we get a good look at some of the factions of Lankhmar. When we played through we had our behinds handed to us by some of those factions in '87. 
But it was the 'Claws of the Shree-kah' where we learnt to fear the sewers and what lays within them. There was danger and intrigue aplenty when we were dealing with the 'Thieves Guild' and much worse in Claws. CA1 had us going from one point to another while dealing with the horrors of Lankhmar. We died multiple times because of the fact that the party wasn't anyplace near the appropriate level for this adventure. But CA1 did establish our presence within the city and gave the players the touch stone they needed for a solid Sword & Sorcery campaign. 

Tentacles & THOT Control at the Table Top - THOT Audit & Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise By Venger Satanis

 "You got into hot water down on Beeblebrox Prime. Escaping into the nearest spaceport, you spotted a cargo freighter being loaded up with hover-pallets. Slipping into the command center, you got the freighter off the ground without much trouble… until several surface-to-air missiles devastated your shields and damaged the hyperdrive. Low on fuel, weapon systems at 23%, and in a decaying orbit around Beeblebrox Prime, you don’t have a lot of options." 

The events of  THOT Audit could be used to set up the second part of  Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise. Why?! Because the Federation is behind the the offworlder high-tech facility called Elysium which is both faction & adventure goal.

The Federation from the Alpha Blue rpg is on it's last legs and has essentially sent a bribe to the Outer Rim interstellar government. The reason is simple and direct that is to have access to the Lovecraftian resources of Cha'alt. The player's PC's who come into the situation by hijacking the cargo freighter. This bribe is in the form of Blue Sky; "The only reason you haven’t been atomized must be the valuable cargo in your ship’s hold. After a quick scan, you realize the ship’s carrying thirtyfive medda kronks of Blue Sky. That’s a street value of approximately twenty-thousand credits." 

And the events of THOT Audit set up everything else to come. Forget the porn aspect of the adventure and see the bigger picture. Because the Federation let's the PC's swipe the cargo freighter. And are the perfect idio erm foils for the Feds if things go sideways. 

 The second the PC's land on the space port of the city of A'agrybah, they're going to be slapped in irons. So I hope all of the tail they got aboard the cargo freighter was worth it. The PC's could do some shady moves and create a fake registry number for the cargo freighter and then begin going about business in  the city of A'agrybah.  Because Cha'alt itself where the planet, the factions, the Federation, are all trying to exploit the PC's. Cha'alt itself has been undergoing some significant changes where the S'rulyan Vault has been uncovered. More on this later on But back to the PC's! 
And said PC's are going to be wrangled into the events of THOT Police. This is coming up. 

If the PC's decide to stay on Cha'alt all of the better because then they can slide into the events of THOT Police. And then have one foot or tentacle in the goings on Cha'alt itself. They could even be wrangled into taking the  the ship’s carrying thirtyfive medda kronks of Blue Sky to the Outer Rim station themselves. And this leads into the party getting arrested! 

Where does this lead?! Tune in next time! 

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Review & Commentary On The Mirage Hills Chronicles By The Red Room Campaign & Setting for The Wretchedverse rpg System

 "Under the California sun lies the city of Mirage Hills, a glittering chimera promising fame and fortune. Its skyline gleams like a beacon for dreamers and visionaries, its iconic sign a siren's call. Beyond the glamorous veneer of movie stars and mansions, however, Mirage Hills harbours plenty of dark secrets." 

" It is a crucible where art and commerce clash, where artistic visions must contend with the harsh realities of the movie business. Mirage Hills is a highstakes game where the players range from struggling starlets to ruthless moguls, and only the shrewd and determined survive. Its streets have witnessed meteoric rises and tragic downfalls, noble artistic pursuits and Faustian bargains."

Hollywood 1930's through the  1940's the Noir era  is full swing & you won't find a more wretched hive then Los Angeles as well as California. And in this campaign setting of broken lives and dreams are the world of Hollywood stardom. Mirage Hills Chronicles puts the PC's center stage during the 1930's into the 1940's.  You can be anyone from a no name average joe to a struggling starlet dealing with the casting couch and the murders that went with it. Mirage Hill Chronicles isn't a shiny, clean Hollywood setting. Rather this is the underbelly of Los Angeles that was made famous during the era of gangsters, city hall corruption, and much more. 
The Mirage Hill Chronicles is a big book clocking in at an expansive one hundred and sixty eight pages of  Wretched Los Angeles covering everything from Hollywood to the dregs of the underworld of Los Angeles. This book goes deeply into sources, changes in PC classes, PC generation, and more from the Wretchedverse rpg rulebook. Mirage Hill Chronicles delves deeply into the history of the Hollywood of yesteryear with a Wretched spin on things. And 'The Mirage Hill Chronicles is well laid out with plenty of well done A.I. artwork, the layout is well done, and the font is again easy on the eyes.  We get new equipment, vehicles, weapons, and more all centered around the eras best and brightest for technologies during this era. Hell, there's even a flame thrower baked into the Mirage Hill Chronicles. Make no mistake while the Mirage Hills Chronicle campaign setting can easily handle crime, murder, and any other Noir adventure elements. The campaign setting can just as easily handle horror in spades and blood splatters. Everything from Hellraiser movie style Faustian deals to full on slasher murders plus zombies are all easily done. 
And there are tons of NPC's in The Mirage Hill Chronicles from Mob bosses to the ordinary beat cop this campaign setting has it all. This includes details on thier own Hollywood studios, stars, radio stars, and more. All of this boils down into the introductory scenario "The Mystery of Evelyn Harlow" which details a murder mystery with all kinds of twists and turns. What the "The Mystery of Evelyn Harlow" does is to weave all of the elements of 'The Mirage Hill Chronicles' into a whirl wind tour of  all of the seedy & sleazy adventure elements and locations while twisting the PC's in the steaming L.A. wind. And believe me there's a ton of twists and turns in "The Mystery of Evelyn Harlow" 
The Mirage Hill Chronicles is the perfect venue to take PC's who have been dealing with the Wretched Interbellum era before the war and drop them whole cloth into The Mirage Hill Chronicles. 

The PC's who have been dealing with the inter war era's Europe may find themselves in a completely different venue and have to deal with the intricities of 1930's Los Angeles. And this along with it's underbelly could give even the most jaded player some pause. Is The Mirage Hills Chronicles worth getting?! In a nutshell, oh yes especially if your looking for something very different in a campaign world. 

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Tentacles At The Table Top - The Original Cha'alt Hardcover Rpg Campaign Setting, MegaDungeon, & Rpg By Venger Satanis

 It's been a very long time since I've cracked the Cha'alt main setting book. And this book hits hard and picks right up from here on the blog. And it's been a year since I cracked the main rule book and going over Cha'alt, there are a few things that immediately leap out. The setting seems to have an undercurrent of Dark Sun meets 80's Dune meets the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon in a dark alley someplace. 

There are definitely connections to Alpha Blue and so it's rather easy to backtrack Cha'alt into the universe of  the Alpha Blue rpg. And it's the fact that the Federation, the intergalatic empire of insufferable jerks who are behind the despoiling of Cha'alt for the Zeroth ( the former life blood of the Great Old Ones of Cha'alt) and it's a very valuable commodity. As I said last blog entry;"  Now linking Alpha Blue and Cha'alt is pretty easy and the adventure path that I'd use for such an endeavour is for us is Dead God Evcavation and Girls Gone Rogue. " Why?!  Because Dead God Evcavation is perfectly suited to show what happens when a Lovecraftian god's 'dead' remains are found on Cha'alt. And because the Federation is in steep decline in almost every aspect and they'll do anything to maintain control. And this includes up too and including using Lovecraftian god juice to shore up your intergalatic empire. 
Everything on Cha'alt is geared for a sleazy space opera in the vein of Stars Wars meets Flesh Gordon. And this  ties right into 
Venger Satanis's latest Kickstarter 'The Cha'alt Experience Designing Worlds Like a F*cking Bosss'. Where Venger walks us right through his process for creating Cha'alt itself. 

Cha'alt is a stage for sleazy space opera and Science Fantasy where the house rpg system Crimson Dragon Slayer ties directly into the campaign settting. And this extends into the races of Cha'alt which originally was a standard D&D style fantasy world until the whole thing blew to kingdom come. This becomes the set up for the post apocalytic Cha'alt as different eons of technology and fantasy rise then fall again. Super science and then wizard kings exploit Cha'alt and it's Lovecraftian gods for thier own gain. 

And then the Federation discovered it and began to exploit the whole planet. This makes it perfect for Wretched Space 2nd edition as a setting point. And this makes Cha'alt a perfect venue for   a faux Lovecraftian sleazy space opera with Wretched Space Second edition. 
Alpha Blue becomes the brothel to the stars meet point for Cha'alt and the Wretched Legion. There are tons of adventure hooks settled around Alpha Blue that deeply involve the Federation playing galatic jerks by screwing everyone over for thier own continued existence. And often they underhandly use the PC's as thier own agents of they can get away with it. And this walks right back into the themes of Cha'alt itself where the planet, the factions, the Federation, are all trying to exploit the PC's. 

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OSR Commentary & Ascendant Rpg Session Report Two - Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav

 'The PC's actually met with and had a full on productive meeting with Mark Shaw aka Manhunter. DC's Manhunter is one of the fore most Ascendant bounty hunters within our Ascendant campaign. Shaw had clues that we were more then willing to pay for about the Narco's cartel that had placed the hit on the couple who was living in the apartment complex. Our party are actually freelancers working for Dreadnaught Security. This picks right up from two weeks ago on the blog here. This game session took place several days ago, because of the holiday I'm only now posting it. 

Shaw Securities has worked closely in the past with Dreadnaught so this wasn't a total cross corporate issue. The fact that we found evidence of the superhuman drug  Freak among some of the ruins of the apartment brings the case to a whole other level.

Shaw directed us to the bounty hunter Sting and before we could leave the apartment we came face to face with Bruiser Brody. A cartel enforcer/hitman who single handedly beat the snot out of Kimado and Scar are two our party's hand to hand guys. 
The battle leveled a warehouse and caused some property damage this came outta of the player's PC's paychecks. And in the meantime the party decided to do a bit of bounty hunting on the side to pay some bills. That went better with them busting a gang of Ascendant organ runners. Worth a cool 50,000 this paid for the damage to the warehouse. Brody got a way and nearly put two our number in the supers medical unit. 

And this brings us to the fact that the player's PC's are totally unaware that I've been substituting various NPC's in and out of the adventure.  Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav  is extremely modular allowing the DM to have some flexibility with the materials, NPC's, and adventure itself. 

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Review & Commentary On The Starlight Caper By Josh Peters From Stellagama Publishing For The Terra Arisen Campaign Setting

 "It sounded easy enough: board a starship cruise liner, steal a statue, and make sure no one is the wiser until delivery. It turns out there was more to the Starlight job than sipping martinis and taking in the shows. I should have clued in once I saw the itinerary; or by the time I was on safari on Amaterasu. By the time I was in for thirty thousand at the casino on Belobog, it was too late. Well, it was a fun trip either way. Five out of five stars. Would cruise again."

The Starlight Caper is a self-contained mini-campaign for a group of adventurers looking for a high-stakes payoff on board a starship filled with glamor, intrigue, and excitement. Intended for use with Stellagama Publishing’s Terra Arisensetting, Referees can adapt the Starlight Caper for use in their own science fiction campaigns as well.

The Starlight Caper by Josh Peters for the Cepheus Engine or  Cepheus Deluxe.'s Terra Arisen campaign setting. It does exactly what it says on the tin.By that 'The Starlight Caper' is a full blown 100 page 2d6  mini campaign! And it puts the PC's right into the center of the action right out of the gate. This campaign harkens back to the original 'These Stars Are Ours' campaign with some great ship and artwork throughout 'The Starlight Caper'. 
And everything that can go wrong will for the PC's in this campaign from solidly done full blown NPC encounters to ship to ship weirdness. 'The Starlight Caper' has a bit of everything for the 2d6 traditional Science Fiction players and DM. 
The writing here is well done, the layout very nice, the font good on the eyes. and lots and lots of detail which is welcome in an adventure like this. The cartography is solidly done again good on these details. 
The action if done right would run very well from what I've read especially given that The Starlight Caper is written for the 
Cepheus Deluxe engine. And this adventure really plugs into The Terra Arisen campaign setting. 

So what makes 'The Starlight Caper' so great?! Well given the fact that we've got a full blown 2d6 mini campaign with an orientation towards action and real danger. It's a nice change up from some of the other  adventures that lately I've seen on the rpg market. The mini campaign within a hundred pages as an ongoing game has several advantages. One it can be played within a couple of months, two the mini campaign can be played as an ongoing campaign saga, and three there's enough here to keep the player's attention focused on the campaign itself. 

The Starlight Caper focuses in on the mission at hand and there's some real possibilities for NPC/PC interaction here. And the balance is certainly in the PC's favor but stupid decisions could easily get PC's killed. And there's the fact that the history of the campaign setting does have a solid impact on the adventure's outcome. And within 'The Starlight Caper' there's some room for real adventure and 2d6 hijinks. The balance in the encounters is solid and there's also room for a happy ending if the PC's play thier cards right! 

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Vampire Queen 5E and 10 Year Anniversary 1E Softcovers With The Classic Greyhawk Campaign Setting- Session Report 7 - The Christmas Slaughter

 So tonight's Castles & Crusades Vampire Queen session hits hard because DM Steve did an entire sub fortress before the main castle. This is a small manor and fortress that was tucked away on the far side of the map. This session report picks right up from here on the blog. And this brooding small stone walled fortress surrounded a central manor house. And we snuck into during the day good plan right?! 

Wrong, we got our asses handed to us by two tribes of orcs and thier hobgoblin overlords. And these things were nasty! The hobgoblins were slightly stronger then normal doing an extra +2 to all hand to hand damge due to vampire blood. The things guarded a manor house and we made it over the wall into the lower tunnels under the place. That's when we ran straight into the orc shaman and his horde of zombies!?! 

And then there was another stone coffin that we only caught a glimpse of before our cleric got nailed by a poison blow gun dart! Fortunately it was only sleep toxin other wise we'd be in in deep spit. We fought past two orc skeletons to retreat back into the woods. Fortunately we didn't alert the whole place to our presence. 

Now we're in the woods and licking our wounds from the damn orcs and the shamans. But we want to know whose in that manor house?! Our fighter got a nasty cut above his head and the cleric was down so it's retreat time for the moment. But we've got a map sketched out of the manor, the fortress, and tunnels under the place which is in the side of a small mountainous area. 

Tentacles In My Mail Box - Alpha Blue Rpg Drop Off - Alpha Blue Campaign Update


So for Christmas my wife decided to grab a couple of Venger Satanis's Alpha Blue titles from Amazon. And we've been waiting for  Alien Ass, Hydrogen Gas, or Cosmic Grass... No One Warps For Free. This book is a collection of new Alpha Blue rpg articles including new character classes ( these seem very familiar for those who play the world's most popular fantasy role playing game), more Alpha Blue campaign setting material, and adventure hooks. 

Right so the advantage that Amazon's printing has over Drivethrurpg and Lulu is that the quality is slightly better. And when it comes to Alpha Blue besides Alien Ass, Hydrogen Gas, or Cosmic Grass... No One Warps For Free the other book that is really Alpha Blue essential is Universal Exports. Universal Exports is Star Wars meets Flesh Gordon,  more rules, more setting, more tables, more artwork, more scenario fragments/ seeds, cool maps of starships and Grabba the Butt's pleasure palace, new customized character sheets... it's got everything

Now linking Alpha Blue and Cha'alt is pretty easy and the adventure path that I'd use for such an endeavour is for us is Dead God Evcavation and Girls Gone Rogue. These two supplements are easily blended into a faux Lovecraftian sleazy space opera with Wretched Space Second edition. 

 Alien Ass, Hydrogen Gas, or Cosmic Grass... No One Warps For Free fits nice and snuggly into the warped world of Alpha Blue with the Federation neatly controlling one side of the galaxy. And the Outer Rim powers running the otherside. The Federation is in a state of decline but they're doing anything to maintain control. And we can see this in various Venger Satanis Alpha Blue books. And this is easily blended into the world of Cha'alt. 

And this get's into Venger Satanis's latest Kickstarter 'The Cha'alt Experience Designing Worlds Like a F*cking Bosss'.  Venger takes the reader step by step through his creative process (God help us) when designing  his sleazy world of Sci Fi goodness Cha'alt. 
And this backspaces into  Alien Ass, Hydrogen Gas, or Cosmic Grass... No One Warps For Free 's book from Amazon. The quality of the paper is superior to Lulu and Drivethrurpg, the book is full colour, and it looks great next to the Cha'alt books themselves. 

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Review & Commentary On Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief (Revised and Expanded Edition) By Dominick Pelletier From Johnny Rook Games, LLC For Your Old School Campaigns

 "A wagon containing the estate of a recently deceased thief has gone missing on its way down The Great Copperdawn Road somewhere between Glen's End and the town of Westgate. The local tax assessor hires the PCs to seek it out and recover some its...more valuable cargo. The task seems easy enough! Still, rumors abound of bandits, goblins, and all other manner of strange creatures in the area as possible dangerous suspects to the disappearance." 

"As the search begins, the PCs discover that they are not the only ones looking for this wagon. Assassins, cultists, knights, and soldiers are also on the hunt. The PCs quickly find themselves entangled in a web of intrigues on all sides. A truth must be uncovered involving stolen magic, betrayl, foul humanoids, and ultimately a journey deep inside The Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief!"

 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief (Revised and Expanded Edition) By Dominick Pelletier is a highly unusual animal in the world of OSR adventure modules. Why?! Because this is a 1st level mini adventure campaign and it clocks in at a hundred and thirty two pages. Warrens is actually very good even at an extensive one thirty two pages of adventures. What makes Warrens so good is the content and the encounters. This is a mini OSR module campaign that has everything a DM needs:

1 96-page Adventure module

1 36-page Game Master Companion

1 3'x2' double-sided poster map

And this also includes weather tables, a fleet of NPC's that are actually centered around the module, calender of weather events, notable encounters, and much more. 
Encounters are balanced but lean a bit on the deadly side as is the old school way. This Warrens can be dropped whole cloth into an existing campaign setting and then run from the ground up. The author is on point, the layout is well done, the fonts actually readable, and whole module is worth the material it's printed on. 
The focus here is on the adventure's plot and it ensnares the player's PC's quite early. And this means keeping the player's interest in spades. There is everything here from social encounters to full on dungeon crawling. And it's handled effectively. This makes 
 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief excellent for OSRIC or even Castles & Crusades. And especially a Castles & Crusades game set in Greyhawk being run with the C&C  system. 

But what makes Warrens fun and unique is that all of this action is taking place at first level! That means that there's a Hell of a chance of the player's PC's getting themselves in over thier heads. 

Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief is an unusual beast of a module allowing it too straddle it's social encounters with dungeon crawling later on. And it's a great 1st level adventure that never assumes it's player's PC's for granted by having it's NPC's over shadowing the plaeyer's PC's at anytime. And make no mistake Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief  is a mini campaign and a very well done one at that. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Review & Application of Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition By The Red Room For Cha'alt or OSR Campaigns

 "Over the last couples of  days I've been regoing over Venger Satanis's Alpha Blue adventure titles but it was the Red Room's Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition made the scene; "Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition RELEASED. Now available at the Red Room store, @GiantSlayerRPGs

and . Later it will be available in print at Luludotcom. " And this is going to be pick right up from here on the blog. Wretched Apocalypse is an expansion to the Wretched RPG universe, where the stark and unforgiving realms of post-apocalyptic science fiction come to life. This addition, while a standalone game in its own right, also serves as a versatile tool-set sourcebook, seamlessly integrating with any Wretchedverse game, such as Wretched New Flesh and Wretched Space."
And it got me thinking about Wretched Space second edition and especially Cha'alt volume one. Cha'alt is by it's very interstellar nature a post apocalytic science fiction campaign setting. Cha'alt has experienced a series of wars and weirdness involving the Great Old Ones. And this makes it perfect fodder for incorporating "Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition. Why?! Because Wretched Apocalpyse Second edition is a three hundred and thirty three page power house tool kit for all of your post apocalypse OSR adventures.

Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition has a ton of tools for creating the wastelands that you as the DM can challenge the players with. You've got everything from settlement generators, faction generators, antagonists, to full on example of two predone campaign settings for the Wretchedverse.
And this makes it perfect to inject into your favorite OSR rules set and in this case it's Cha'alt. Why Cha'alt?! Because of the huge influx of supernatural weirdness already baked into the Cha'alt setting.
 What Cha'alt has going for it even though it's an interstellar post apocalpytic rpg campaign setting is the fact that it's still very high technologically capable. That is unless you get into the back wastelands. And this makes it ideal for use with Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition. Using all of the tools therein to really flesh out these out lying areas of the Cha'alt wastes.
And Cha'alt is a place where the campaign setting is really ripe for exploitations by the powers that be in Alpha Blue's Federation. And or the powers behind
 The Void Haven Outpost! So this directly connects back unto both the Outer Rim and Alpha Blue. 
And it can be connected into Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition easily! But is Wretched Apocalpyse 2nd edition worth getting?! On it's own merits most certainly. And there are serveral reasons for this. Reason one is the fact that Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition has all of the tools to create a dream post apocalyptic interstellar colony, or wasteland apocalypse of the DM's design. Two Wretched Apocalpyse has all of the tools to plug right back into your favorite Wretchedverse rpg setting.