Thursday, December 7, 2023

Godstar/Clement Sector campaign Revival Using The Quick Ship File: Starguard System Defence Boat

 The USS Evening Star a Trade Empire class ship belonging to  the First Heaven Mercantile Company (FHMC) is on course to be received at the Tasho Station. The PC's are aboard a Starguard System Defence Boat as mercenaries. 

 The whole cloth idea here of involving the First Heaven Mercantile Company (FHMC) is to try to revive my Godstar/Clement Sector rpg campaign. Which for a while was highly successful.The idea is that the Hyades sector was originally open to the Clement sector. And when the worm hole with Earth collapsed that it also collapsed the Hyades sector as well. The first thing that happens when the conduit opens is that starship designs are going to be exchanged when trade resumes. 

One of these ship designs could well be the Starguard System Defence Boat which comes into our games as a system escort star ship. Why? Because of the capacity of these starships;"The Starguard Class System Defence Boat is a 400ton multi-purpose starship. It is not a true “System Defence Boat” as it has limited Jump-1 capability, but is popular with smaller systems who wish to have a reasonably capable ship able to be deployed in a variety of roles including system defence, customs inspection, police actions as well as being able to operate in a ground support role. It is also common with Mercenary Companies operating in a system defence role." The other ship in it's own role is the massive and impressive Trade Empire class starship. And it's a perfect ship in it's role as a trade embassitory ship;"The Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport is a massive 4500 tonne superfreighter.  This large vessel is capable of hauling 2670 tonnes of cargo through Earth Sector!" 

Designed to carry mass quantities of materials for the large corporations in Earth Sector, this superfreighter has been used by corporations to carry cargo, by navies as a replenishment ship, and is sometimes used to carry other starships.  Armed with defensive weaponry, the ship can even hold off pirates when needed!" 
First Heaven Mercantile Company (FHMC) has thier own internal armed forces, trade representives, etc. so our Trade Empire class ship is going to be fully manned by it's own personel. 
And this set up of starships is going to get into the perfect seemingly target for pirates. And we'll get into those next time. 

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