Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pre WWII Pulp Setting Campaign with an Indo European flavor Using Wretched Darkness & Fantastic Heroes And Witchery

 So going back too Fanastic Heroes and Witchery PC's has been interesting to say the least. Over the last day or so I've been reading old campaign notes. And this post is going to right up from here on the blog. And looking into having a horror based F&W horror game has been interesting because the players want to kick supernatural behind. 

Now the Pulp classes from FH&W are as follows: 
Necronimus ( Spiritualist) class, occultist, Psychic, Rifleman, savant(scientist), the skylord, and the wild brute. We've got these classes set against the supernatural of the Beyond ( which is actually Purgetory between Heaven & Hell) in our campaigns. 

Wretched Darkness first & seond edition presents an interesting delemia mixed with FH&W because what do you do with the D&D style wizards?! The answer is simple we use the existing magic guilds and wizard schools set in stable Fairyland areas. Technically speaking you could take the whole cloth of the campaign setting of Wretched Darkness 2nd edition and run it with Fantastic Heroes and Witchery. The supernatural world is still reeling from the unquiet dead of World War I. Add to this instability of the world and it's a perfect opportunity for the horror factions of Wretched Darkness to make in roads into the world. 
And we can see factions looking at South America, Mexico, France, Russia, and other nearer European theaters being too juicy targets for the supernatural or cults for that matter to leave alone. 

And we've been using a Tainted version of Greyhawk to this mix where the various Greyhawk monster factions looking over Europe and licking thier metaphorial chops.  I could see the characters journeying to Greyhawk to sabatoge a humaniod army filled with pig faced Orcs and the like under the purview of Luz. 

Paris France has been one of our occult mainstay cities for decades along with Portugal because of thier roles in the conquest of the 'New World'. The tide of violence and blood has been the source of supernatural energies of decades. These centers of forgotten power draw occult societies and cults like moths to flames. 
These places are also going to be beckons for many knightly orders who still exist in secret. 

With fading colonial interests and deadly enemies waiting in the shadows. Who knows what is moving around the swirl of desparate partiers and jet setters of the displaced royals, world weary vets, and others who move among the Interbellum crowds and elite. 

 Here's where I'm thinking of slipping in Raiders of the Lost artifacts for it's relic rules. These magical artifacts allow gods and other divine entities to have a toe hold in the world and allow them to possibly comeback into the modern era after thier time or era cycle is gone. 
This is something I've been toying with after reading up on the legends of the Devil's witch shools in Iceland. The idea that the supernatural continually recycles its agents and what not has a very nice appeal to me as a DM. More to come! 

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