Sunday, December 24, 2023

Review & Commentary On The Starlight Caper By Josh Peters From Stellagama Publishing For The Terra Arisen Campaign Setting

 "It sounded easy enough: board a starship cruise liner, steal a statue, and make sure no one is the wiser until delivery. It turns out there was more to the Starlight job than sipping martinis and taking in the shows. I should have clued in once I saw the itinerary; or by the time I was on safari on Amaterasu. By the time I was in for thirty thousand at the casino on Belobog, it was too late. Well, it was a fun trip either way. Five out of five stars. Would cruise again."

The Starlight Caper is a self-contained mini-campaign for a group of adventurers looking for a high-stakes payoff on board a starship filled with glamor, intrigue, and excitement. Intended for use with Stellagama Publishing’s Terra Arisensetting, Referees can adapt the Starlight Caper for use in their own science fiction campaigns as well.

The Starlight Caper by Josh Peters for the Cepheus Engine or  Cepheus Deluxe.'s Terra Arisen campaign setting. It does exactly what it says on the tin.By that 'The Starlight Caper' is a full blown 100 page 2d6  mini campaign! And it puts the PC's right into the center of the action right out of the gate. This campaign harkens back to the original 'These Stars Are Ours' campaign with some great ship and artwork throughout 'The Starlight Caper'. 
And everything that can go wrong will for the PC's in this campaign from solidly done full blown NPC encounters to ship to ship weirdness. 'The Starlight Caper' has a bit of everything for the 2d6 traditional Science Fiction players and DM. 
The writing here is well done, the layout very nice, the font good on the eyes. and lots and lots of detail which is welcome in an adventure like this. The cartography is solidly done again good on these details. 
The action if done right would run very well from what I've read especially given that The Starlight Caper is written for the 
Cepheus Deluxe engine. And this adventure really plugs into The Terra Arisen campaign setting. 

So what makes 'The Starlight Caper' so great?! Well given the fact that we've got a full blown 2d6 mini campaign with an orientation towards action and real danger. It's a nice change up from some of the other  adventures that lately I've seen on the rpg market. The mini campaign within a hundred pages as an ongoing game has several advantages. One it can be played within a couple of months, two the mini campaign can be played as an ongoing campaign saga, and three there's enough here to keep the player's attention focused on the campaign itself. 

The Starlight Caper focuses in on the mission at hand and there's some real possibilities for NPC/PC interaction here. And the balance is certainly in the PC's favor but stupid decisions could easily get PC's killed. And there's the fact that the history of the campaign setting does have a solid impact on the adventure's outcome. And within 'The Starlight Caper' there's some room for real adventure and 2d6 hijinks. The balance in the encounters is solid and there's also room for a happy ending if the PC's play thier cards right! 

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