Sunday, December 17, 2023

Ambush In The Desert ! - Warriors of the Red Planet/ Hyperborea rpg Session Three


We're picking right up from where we left off last time here on the blog.  The hills surged with cannibalistic red men warriors who were in a beserk state hopped up from the Gods know what drug that the low lander's master's had cooked up. We brought our rifles to bare and still didn't waver then fired! There were explosions and worse out in the field. And then the fliers crested over the ridge off to our left!

There were various ships from over a dozen nations in various states of disrpair and this didn't matter. The red men seethed with foam coming from thier mouths and then tried to pour into our carvan. We dropped mines and explosives killing scores of them and then the next wave came over the horizon. And there's a ton of these warriors crawling over everything. And that's when the heavy weapons came out! Our caravan hunkered down and we began getting the big guns out! Here's where we ended this week's session! 

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