Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Review & Commentary On Reporter X By The Red Room For The Wretched Interbellum rpg Setting.

"Set against the backdrop of the late 1920s/ early 1930s, and inspired by the audacious and often fabricated stories of the legendary Portuguese journalist Reinaldo Ferreira, also known as Reporter X, this supplement compels players to unravel mysteries that blur the lines between fact and fiction. From enigmatic espionage networks in Lisbon to the mystifying tales of Mata-Hari and her connections with occult societies, up to gangsters and bootleggers in Prohibition Era Chicago. Encounter a varied cast of characters, including former German intelligence officers, enigmatic artists, high-class courtesans, and more, each with their own hidden agendas. Reporter X is a small trove of adventure plot hooks, where every article holds a clue, and every rumour might just be a lead to a larger conspiracy (71 pages)." 
Available now at the Red Room store,


. moordereht.com/product/report

So what Reporter X is a supplement filled with adventure hooks and stories told by NPC reporter who may or not be what he or she seems. These stories ( adventure hooks) are meant to get the PC's into the deep end of the Interbellum rpg setting  from the Red Room. These scenarios within Reporter X are solidly done and a have a definitively European flair to them. And as a follow up to the events of  Ten Thousand Miles to Fiji  Reporter X does an excellent job. And Ten Thousand Miles to Fiji combined with Reporter X would make an excellent mini campaign. 

Reporter X breaks down into several stories each with it's own twist and NPC's to jump right into the action. There's a mix of the mundane soiled European theater in PreWar German spies  Portugal to the full on rebellion in Peru. The PC's are caught in the middle of everything. And there's lots of foreshadowing World War II here and the fall out from World War I. 
The action & adventure ranges from German spies to the brushes with the supernatural. And we get some very compelling NPC's within Reporter X. There's wall to wall A.I. artwork but it fits the material. And we get lots of background in Pre War Europe and in fact everything here has an air of the European. And this is a good thing. Reporter X reminds me of many European graphic novels that I've read over the years. And a good dash of the Pulps within. The layout, font style, column spacing, etc. is all good and easy on the eyes. 
Reporter X is a really solid hit into the Wretched Interbellum rpg setting. It sets the stage for a full on Wretched Interbellum rpg campaign. And it's a good example of the Red Room thinking outside of the box again. 
Reporter X brings some solid rpg adventure hooks into the fray with out the usual baggage. There's some great material here to hook in the players and keep them on the line for a Wretched Interbellum rpg campaign. 

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