Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Pre WWII Pulp Setting Campaign with an Indo European flavor Using Wretched Darkness & Fantastic Heroes And Witchery Part III

 Make no mistake even though I haven't talked about it, Wretched Interbellum is definite about themes of cosmic horror. Because it couples so well with the broken promises of World War I to both those who served and to the world. The supernatural tidal wave of World War II promised to engulf the world in a cascade of destruction and Hellfire. This blog post picks right up from here on the blog. 

There were forty million killed during World War I and the world easily forgets these numbers. The supernatural world not so easily as the dead & undead crawl into the spiritual world. Fantastic Heroes and Witchery uses a variation of the Great Wheel which means that in some ways the Great Wheel model of the planes fits a sorta of Christian & Pagan model of the planes. Which allows one to fit the Beyond into this as a realm connected with Purgatory. 

World War II leads to the uprising of the supernatural as well as the undead from World War I begin filling in the ranks of the damned for the upcoming world war. This all stems into the realm of Dreams and the Fey. This means that the Fey are already lowering thier tendrils into Europe's underworld. And this sets up some of the deadly factions that we find in Wretched Darkness. And we get a good sense of exactly what's coming from Wretchedverse issue #21 A Guide to The Wretchedverse

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