Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Review & Application of Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition By The Red Room For Cha'alt or OSR Campaigns

 "Over the last couples of  days I've been regoing over Venger Satanis's Alpha Blue adventure titles but it was the Red Room's Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition made the scene; "Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition RELEASED. Now available at the Red Room store, @GiantSlayerRPGs

and . Later it will be available in print at Luludotcom. " And this is going to be pick right up from here on the blog.
moordereht.com/product/wretch Wretched Apocalypse is an expansion to the Wretched RPG universe, where the stark and unforgiving realms of post-apocalyptic science fiction come to life. This addition, while a standalone game in its own right, also serves as a versatile tool-set sourcebook, seamlessly integrating with any Wretchedverse game, such as Wretched New Flesh and Wretched Space."
And it got me thinking about Wretched Space second edition and especially Cha'alt volume one. Cha'alt is by it's very interstellar nature a post apocalytic science fiction campaign setting. Cha'alt has experienced a series of wars and weirdness involving the Great Old Ones. And this makes it perfect fodder for incorporating "Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition. Why?! Because Wretched Apocalpyse Second edition is a three hundred and thirty three page power house tool kit for all of your post apocalypse OSR adventures.

Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition has a ton of tools for creating the wastelands that you as the DM can challenge the players with. You've got everything from settlement generators, faction generators, antagonists, to full on example of two predone campaign settings for the Wretchedverse.
And this makes it perfect to inject into your favorite OSR rules set and in this case it's Cha'alt. Why Cha'alt?! Because of the huge influx of supernatural weirdness already baked into the Cha'alt setting.
 What Cha'alt has going for it even though it's an interstellar post apocalpytic rpg campaign setting is the fact that it's still very high technologically capable. That is unless you get into the back wastelands. And this makes it ideal for use with Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition. Using all of the tools therein to really flesh out these out lying areas of the Cha'alt wastes.
And Cha'alt is a place where the campaign setting is really ripe for exploitations by the powers that be in Alpha Blue's Federation. And or the powers behind
 The Void Haven Outpost! So this directly connects back unto both the Outer Rim and Alpha Blue. 
And it can be connected into Wretched Apocalyse 2nd edition easily! But is Wretched Apocalpyse 2nd edition worth getting?! On it's own merits most certainly. And there are serveral reasons for this. Reason one is the fact that Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition has all of the tools to create a dream post apocalyptic interstellar colony, or wasteland apocalypse of the DM's design. Two Wretched Apocalpyse has all of the tools to plug right back into your favorite Wretchedverse rpg setting. 

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