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Macro Organism Sub Space Drives - The Drive Is Alive

Macro Organism Drives ready to ship out 

The Macro Organism Drives are all pieces of a macro organism the size of a universe. First discovered during the first stage of  the Human Empire. These drives are housed within a stable planar matrix. These drives take up the back half of their ship& are capable of  ripping through the planar spaces between the Outer Darkness. The drive eats about 130 pounds of matter a day & converts it into a stable sub hyper space matrix field. This moves the universe around the ship while it stays stable. The illusion is the that the ship drops into the endless worlds of hyper reality.  There is a 30 % that each time the drive is used that the Hounds of Tindalos  may be attracted to the meat of the drive & chase the ship through hyper space. A scientist might have the proper psionic discipline to exorcise the hounds.
Random Strange Events When the Macro Drive Is Engaged 1d10  
  1. A double of the ship is created & will follow the ship for 1d4 days. It will mimic any behavior the real one performs. 
  2. The music of the spheres will usher through out the ship giving +1 charisma for as long as the music plays 
  3. The drive likes you & will perform to the ultimate limit of its design gets you there 1d3 hours ahead of schedule 
  4. The drive has foresight & will not go to your destination & picks a safer route 
  5. All weapon systems gain +1 on damage as the planar energy is added to total weapon out put 
  6. The drive wants to return to its parent & wishes to telepathically bargain with the party 
  7. The drive grows a nervous system through out the ship & certain functions cause it pain. The party must perform  surgery for the drive to operate safely 
  8. Instead of your destination the ship suggests an alternative universe where things are better then the one you picked 
  9. The drive has diarrhea & needs to shut down 
  10. The drive gains a + 1 for all destinations for today!
Macho subspace drive housings must be replaced every 10,000 jumps & cost 6,000 credits by comparison to other drives. They can become attached to certain crewmen & have been known to telepathically bond with parties. There have been cases where they have risked destruction of themselves for their adopted families!
There are several stories of these drives eating their crews as well & returning to the parent universe organism at the expense of their crews. Happy spacing

New Post Apocalypse Series - Nuka The Break Episode 1


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Artulavakairon The Gloomburn - Death's Light In Space!

The x ray laser burst from a Artulavakairon aka  The Gloomburn

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
Morale: 5

They were developed millions of years ago & have not changed or evolved since then. They sail the solar currents & they are bane of every star ship captain who has come across them. The Artulavakairon's name translated means The Gloomburn  & live up to it. They are an artificial life form that rides the solar winds & store solar energy within their enormous mirrored  wings. 
Each time a star ship enters within 50 miles of  a flock of these creatures they gather up all of  the solar energy & fire a concentrated burst of x ray laser energy. This will penetrate most types of armor easily doing 1d8 points of damage to anything biological. The flock will rest for 1d4 rounds after releasing such a burst. They will open their wings to full furl & take off with a  burst of photons & move across the heavens with little issue.

 Many races trace the flights of these creatures & listen to the sub magnetic chatter of them. They follow the hidden hyper space routes that they take & this has lead to the discovery of many new hyper space by passes, unknown worlds, & several new alien races. The creature's original intent is a mystery but many races see them making up for their nervous behavior & destruction with the valuable insights they provide. 
  It is known that their mating & assembling rituals take place in the Greater Orrt cloud & that several thousand flocks move across the Great Stellar Nurseries. These units use the power of developing stars to create solar wake effects to move towards the greater Hyper space "pastures" of magnetic currents & solar winds.. 
 Several races have used these creatures as orbiting weapons by getting them to focus their intense solar mirrors on several worlds & rendering several thousands miles square uninhabitable. How & whys of calling & controlling them have been lost since. It is rumored that they turned upon their controllers & cooked them in short order. The  life form is not intelligent in the sense that we know it but they function as a semi intelligent animal. There is speculation that they were created by a race of energy feeders who would harvest the beasts as cowboys once moved cattle across the great Old West. 
 Any contact with these creatures should be done with caution.. 

Vaults Of The Weaver - Quick Overview & Review

This is Vaults Of The Weaver, how the hell does one talk about a mega collection of modules from the likes of Dave Hargrave? With Boldness really.. These harken back to time when D&D was about Dungeon Masters & players going through flights of fancy & mega-dungeons..
Contained within Vaults of The Weaver : A compilation of the 4 Arduin Dungeons along with Hive Home (the only example of a Phraint Hive ever completed by their creator David A. Hargrave) and the 13 part Heart of Darkness campaign, both never before published.
This book is not only a compilation of those adventures it basically shows how all three are interlinked within Hargrave's campaign world. There's a special note about these types of supplements, they are from a time when Dungeons & Dragons was not only a new game but also a game where characters weren't supposed to reach level  11 or greater. These dungeons are lethal make no mistake about it. They come from a time when some games were dungeon vs players. Grimtooth's traps is a good example of this. 
I would suggest using the wonderful rules made by Goblinoid Games to play these including Mutant Future. Why? Because the hit dice of characters is higher & it will enable a group to survive. Also  the technology rules will come in very handy with "treasure" & such. If you own the Arduin Grimoire use some of the classes from it to augment the party. The following is a series of links to wiki which gives a nice presentation on the main adventures found in the book. My advice is start with the Howling Tower! 

Arduin Dungeons

Presentation - Emperor's Choice games did a nice job getting these adventures into a great little package. The artwork is all original  from the original adventure books. It ranges from excellent to um mm ok. But I think it capture's the feeling that the author was going for. Cue metal soundtrack here..

Why yes this does look like the idol from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's Player's Handbook ! 

Hargrave had a fetish for secret doors, lots & lots of them.. 

Rules - Everything is prestented in a D20 system for this game. Basically this was a retro clone system before it was ever a glimmer in our collective eyes! Had Dave Hargrave lived into 2010 I think he'd be another voice of the OSR but that's simply my opinion. Anyhow also included are:
 Hive Home- Hive Home (the only example of a Phraint Hive ever completed by their creator David A. Hargrave) and the 13 part Heart of Darkness campaign, both never before published.
Also included is the Tomb of D'Haera
The Dungeon and Overland maps have been re-drawn and cleaned up, still the same maps just better looking!

Presentation: Good Solid Book
Rules - Good
Play ability:  Fair To Good
Realism - Good (For Arduin's D&D style)
Value: At 29.99 for this book with everything it contains & the cost of these modules individually. I'd say I've gotten my money's worth
Overall Evaluation: Good Solid

Check out the book Here

This is an unbias review I have no connection with Emperor's Choice Games or the estate of Dave Hargrave. Vaults of the Weaver was purchased by myself over 12 months ago from Emperor's Choice Games. Thanks for reading my review! Above all, Have A Nice Day 

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Daleks

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Xylericag- Wants to Eat Your Children

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8 bite, claws 1d6 each
Morale: 8

Theses vermin were originally found on the red planet Mars but have since been moved to other worlds where they become part of the landscape. These monstersities are capable of ripping a man in half with little problem. Standing 25 foot tall these monsters have been imported to a variety of worlds where they are used in gladiator sports, guard duties, & local pest removal.
Xylericag is very hard to kill & only takes 1/2 damage from most energy weapons. Hit with many of the most common types the monster is likely to fly into a rage & is capable of  moving twice the normal movement rate. These creatures are very sensitive to sound & thought, they hunt through a combination of low level psionics & acute hearing. They have very keen senses capable of picking up a man or blood at a 1000 yards.
They have a vicious bite but will attack with four claws most of the time. The bite is for 1d8 points of damage.
The Xylericag remains a problem to many space travelers & continues to be encountered from time to time. There several of these monsters have been used in biological terror plots causing mass confusion & destruction. 

The Echos of Rombous

A diagram showing the Rombous effect of joining to alternative universes!

Late with their development the Eldar Things experimented with several 
Femtotechnologies.  These are a smaller scale in comparison to nanotechnology and picotechnology which are 10-9 m and 10-12 m respectively. Work in the femtometer range involves manipulation of excited energy states within atomic nuclei (see nuclear isomer) to produce metastable (or otherwise stabilized) states with unusual properties. They used this technology to mine neutron stars, create stable multiversal gate ways, & many other applications. The Necronomicon Works postulates that several technologies were biological rather then instrumentality based. It has been speculated that they had achieved several technologies before coming to Earth. Their  most advanced form of molecular nanotechnology is often imagined to involve self-replicating molecular machines, and there have been some speculations suggesting something similar might be possible with "molecules" composed of nucleons rather than atoms. The Eldar Things are known to have created super dense matter that they used in the construction of many interstellar artifacts!
Using this technology not only have several Dyson swarms left behind by them have been found. This one orbiting Tau Chei is known to have housed several Metaluna Colonies. These were wiped out by the Eldar Things over 20 centuries ago.

Tau Chei Dyson swarm A relatively simple arrangement of multiple Dyson Rings of the type pictured above, to form a more complex Dyson Swarm. Rings' orbital radii are spaced 1.5×107 km with regards to one another, but average orbital radius is still 1 AU. Rings are rotated 15 degrees relative to one another, around a common axis of rotation.
One of the  strangest creations of the Elder Things is the Echos of Rombus a Dyson Bubble which allows
the structure would completely alter the emissions of the central star, and would intercept 100% of the star's energy output. The structure is even now still active & strange distortion effects ripple across the sub hyper space areas surrounding the system. The structure occupies the Rombus system & in fact is the system near Tau Ceti 
Random Effects of The Echos of Rombous  Roll 1d10 
  1. The space around the ship curves in such a way that a random time warp sends the ship 1d4 seconds into the past. 
  2. The crew are turned inside out with no harmful effects. Charisma goes down by 5 points however as all of your organs are now outside your body. 
  3. The ship & crew are made transparent 
  4. The ship is randomly teleported 6 feet to the right 
  5. The ship & crew are turned into elemental beings 
  6. One of the crew gains vast psionic abilities almost on god level 
  7. A Great Old takes notice of the ship & is annoyed 
  8. The crew see the structure as it was 65 million years ago. Is this real or an illusion 
  9. An Elder Thing is teleported aboard & panics 
  10. One of the crew becomes a young shaggoth 
A complex psionic key actives the main function of the structure which opens a warp gate between universes 56 light years across allowing one to visit one of the many universe structures created by the Elder Things. A few of the universes have been destroyed or consumed by something known as Ga Lac Tus. Even the oldest data crypts refuse to answer anything about this monster from beyond time & space.

  The struture itself is a mega structure of supreme design & is kept in tip top form by the former slave race of the Elder Things. These terrible monsters roam the hallways of the structure, maintaining, fixing, checking, & some say waiting. Several defense systems left behind by the Elder Things are still with working order
There have been 5 successful expeditions to the structure & many have returned with artifacts of unbelievable alien qualities. 

 A space craft not using the proper psionic codes can expect to be fired upon by a neuliumain missile made partially from shaggoth bio logical material. A missile of this type is  weapon of mass destruction doing 1d30 points of damage unless a craft has a variable shield in place. The damage is spread across several thousand miles. There are no habitable planets within a 10 light year radius of the Rombous system. See Fetotechnology Here

It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train—a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter.
— H. P. Lovecraft, At The Mountains of Madness

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The Gates Of Ma'chabogugg

Between the  Greater Outer Darkness & are universe are the Schwarzschild Vaults, places that are not quite places where hordes of Morris-Thorne wormholes are stored by the Great Race. These monstrous feats of sub quantum engineering are the stuff of legends. They could be used for a great variety of things: 

  • Moving planets & stars from one universe to another 
  • Creation of exotic conditions for the creation exotic matter 
  • Inter-planar multiversal travel 
  • The creation of a Roman ring, in theoretical physics, is a configuration of wormholes where for each individual wormhole the time difference across its mouths is such that it may not allow a closed timelike curve (CTC), or 'closed-time loop'. If these wormholes and their mouths are arranged in a suitable configuration, a closed time loop will be again possible.
  • Inter universal travel -  that a wormhole time machine with an exceedingly short time jump is a theoretical bridge between contemporaneous parallel universes & might be used as both a gate & communication device across the planar multiverse 

  • As a weapons system of tremendous cosmic destruction. There are safe guards built into the gates to prevent this however certain high ranking Yithians know the secrets & the codes for using this function. This is beyond the scope of most role playing games & should be used as a plot device instead. 
  • Access to the The Gates Of Ma'chabogugg can be had through the Necronomicon Data works or  Through the Gates psionic discipline which can only be learned through the teachings of a qualified Yithian instructor.  
  • It is known that several star systems along with their attendant stars were moved by the Yithians during their stellar engineering faze & that these gates were utilized to great effect in terraforming projects 

For more information on the Great Race see below: 


A Dark Crystal Rpg - In the works apparently

Archaia Entertainment, publisher of theDark Crystal comic book, has announced plans to release a role-playing game based on the Jim Henson classic late in 2012.  ICv2 caught up with Mark Smylie with the details at the recent Gen Con game fair.
“It will be fairly simple, all-ages appropriate, and available for younger players,” Smylie explained.  The game will be designed by Luke Crane, who also created the Mouse Guard RPG for Archaia and the award-winning Burning Wheel
The Dark Crystal RPG will use similar rules to those found in Mouse Guard.  Players will be able to create gelfling characters and explore the world of the film.
Smylie indicated that the game will be released as a single hardcover book, and may later be presented in a boxed set as well.  Archaia hopes to have the game finished in time for Gen Con.
A sequel to the Jim Henson and Frank Oz film is reportedly in the works as well 

Print View

'Dark Crystal' Sequel Set


Brian Froud Designs

Published: 05/06/2010 02:28am
Omnilab Media and The Jim Henson Company will produce Power of the Dark Crystal, the sequel to the original, in 3D. The feature will be a combination of live action, puppetry, and visual and special effects.  Fantasy artist Brian Fround will be the conceptual designer of the film.   

Brothers Peter and Michael Spierig (Undead, Daybreakers) have been hired to direct from a screenplay by Craig Pearce (Moulin Rouge) based on a script by Annette Duffy and David Odell. 

Archaia has announced a Dark Crystal comic for later this year 

I'm not sure how I feel about this news after the recent Conan Movie Read about all this Here

Two Mythos Shorts - Enjoy.

Hit the CC button to watch with English subtitles. Enjoy 

The Shambling Offspring From Solactulakiq


No. Enc.: 1d20
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)
Morale: 5

A bioweapon left over from the Mythos Wars that happened several million years ago between the Elder Things & the Great Old Ones. These monstrous fungus are carried through the waves of hyperspace by naturally occurring rifts in time & space. Planets can be bathed in hyper spacial light shows only to have these flesh dissolving fungus appear over night. 
 These monsters emit a low level psionic pulse that causes humanoids to be attracted to the fungus. The fungus releases a cloud of flesh dissolving spores that will cover a 2o foot radius doing 1d8 points of damage. Any humanoid remains are absorbed by the monsters at their leisure. 
 The fungus are semi- intelligent,it will set traps & out flank folks. The fungus can also release spines to pierce flesh doing 1d6 points of damage to anyone within a 2 foot reach unless a dexterity roll is successful. Any successful attack will infect one with the spores of this fungus.
It is known that the fungus is very attractive to various undead such as zombies & the like. The rotting meat smell of the fungus is used to attack the monsters who consume the adult variety. The fungus reproduces this way. There are also those who believe even handling the stuff can cause various aliments such as Red Death & the like.
 The fungus has been found within the remains of  battle grounds where action occurred between the Great Race & the Elder Things.
  There is another variety of the Shambling Offspring From Solactulakiq which is often used by planar creatures of the fungal variety. These are known as the witch's heart for good reason. When a pact is made with these entities the heart of the person receiving the pact is cut out & replaced with the mature form of this outer worldly monsterousity.
The person gains +1 to Strength, Constitution, & the ability to heal rapidly from many minor forms of damage for 1d4 points per 3 rounds. They are however very susceptible to flame take double the damage.
  Finally there is the animated form of  corpses that can be created using the fungus to replace the heart. The corpse has all of the standard strengths of the living creature but will deteriorate far more rapidly than normal under Earthlike conditions. The fungus will attract flies & many different types of vermin to it to spread its spores. This form of the fungus are know as the Shambling Offspring & was first encountered on the world of Solactulakiq. Here are rogue scientists found the fungus beneath the off world colony & used it to take over that world. Human Empire troops were called in but many escaped to spread the deadly spores of this abomination across the universe. 

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Random D10 Space Storm Events

Random D10 Space Storm Events  Roll 1d6 for Number of Rounds of  Duration Of Event 

  1. Space is fractured by the echos of eternity. The ship's handling is strange. There's a 20% chance that a hole in time opens up making for a very bumpy ride! 
  2. Radioactive cloud created by plasma from a dark star. Hope your shielding on your ship is good or roll on the Mutant Future Mutation Table! 
  3. Crackling Distortion  - The sound of stars echos through the emp band & communications are lost! There is a 15% chance that some random system aboard is shorted out! 
  4. The Silver Lining Of The Multiverse becomes visible during the storm causing a sanity splatting moment. Lose a point of Wisdom unless a save vs is rolled! Your brain can't contain those things that man wasn't meant to know 
  5. The storm baths the ship in strange radiations! 1d6 random events -1. The crew begin glow green, 2. Each crew member is teleported 2 inches to the left, 3. The dead begin to talk with you, 4. You think you have super powers ( you don't), 5. You really do have super powers but they don't work right, 6. The radiation makes your skin magnetic for 3d6 rounds 
  6. A space time rift opens to the Negative Material plane & random undead attack the ship & then are gone as fast as they came. 
  7. The ship passes into a neo fluid universe. The whole ship is attacked by white blood cell like creatures each has 1 die hit point & the do 1 point of damage. Did I mention there are hundreds of them. Then the ship floats back to normal reality 
  8. The ship is moved back 1d20 months in time.  
  9. An energy ribbon is released from the heart of the storm & its headed your way. Make a piloting or dexterity roll or suffer 1d8 points of damage 
  10. You are free from the confines of the ship & are floating in space. Naw its all an illusion created by the storm & you are still aboard. Make a save or suffer more hallucinations! 

    Unexpected Cargo Finds Random 1d10 Table

    Unexpected Cargo Finds Random 1d10 Table  Roll 1d6 For The Number Of Items 
    1. Live parasites being smuggled to a corporate or military base 
    2. Asteroid Diamonds very rare haul 
    3. Interstellar Elemental -Very Very Old But Weak (willing to trade mining knowledge for freedom) 
    4. Energy Weapons of Alien Design (Their owner's descendants are looking for them)
    5. Magic Item (consult matrix, wizard or dragon is looking for) 
    6. Alien Mummy on its way to museum(want's its funeral objects back) 
    7. Medical Alien Symbiosites ( Technology worth a fortune in the right hands) 
    8.   The orb, known as the Loc-Nar (nuff said) 
    9. 22 identical golden winged unicorns  that all look at the person opening the box & a telepathic voice says"Ah you've arrived right on time."
    10. The Universal Sum of All Things - A small silver colored motor like device (Consult matrix) 

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    Oblivion's Children - One of The Very Last Monsters That Lusts For Human Flesh

    No. Enc.: 1d10
    Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
    Move: 120'(40’)
    Armor Class: 9
    Hit Dice: 6
    Attacks: 3
    Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
    Morale: 8

    At the heat death of the multiverse strolling across the plains of sulfur & gas are the very last echos of humanity. The planar remains of  our race's collected nightmares & they crawl, stumble, & walk upon elemental bodies.  Occasionally some fool sorcerer  king or scientist calls one down upon an enemy. They roll through time & are born within the planar circle marked out for their kind in blood, carbon, & filth.  
     They will carry out their orders & despite their appearance they are both intelligent & cunning. In fact they are very cunning & take an interest in any stray life force they can absorb. 
    They move quickly using strange senses born of odd angles of time & space to see their prey. Any life that touches one takes 1d8 points of damage as entropy has its way with the target unless a save vs death is rolled. The monster can vomit forth a foul stream of entropic glop that does 1d8 points & will reduce flesh,metal, or bone to a very caustic soup of elements. The range of this attack is 40 feet. 
    Given the chance these monsters will reach across the fabric of time & give birth to another of their kind within 1d6 rounds after feeding. The cycle will begin again within 1d4 days after the first one is born.  
    These unholy monsters take triple damage from relic weapons from both Carcosa & Planet Algol. Their relation to both of these places is unknown but the priests of the Lords of Light actively hunt these monsters. They have a special hatred of the Old Ones.It is believed that these creatures played some role in the banishment of the Great Old Ones from the multiversal timeline but what roll is unknown. 
    The monsters may have access to the memories of recently absorbed prey. They often use this information to imitate voices, use by pass codes, & create false messages for loved ones of the deceased. There is a school of thought that they slowly feed on the souls of those they kill & absorb. Some dismiss these as foolish rumors. 
    They will take normal damage from most energy weapons. Lightning rifles & pistols feed them the energy that they crave & it will heal from 1d4 points of damage. If the creature is healthy then they may store this energy & release it as an attack from from such a weapon . 
     They can be found literally anywhere where summoned. The 6th level super science power  will banish them back to their place of wandering. There are reports that a stronger nastier version of these foul monsters wanders the Nightlands. Only time will tell where they will strike next 

    Classic Friday Comedy - Richard Pryor Star Wars Bar

    Came across this on Youtube & thought you might like it. I believe this is from Richard Pryor's Television Show From NBC during the 70s or 80s. Those are the original Star Wars Costumes from the movie! 

    D10 Random Bounty Hunter Encounters

    D10 Random Bounty Hunter Encounters  Roll 1d6 For # Encountered 
    1. Credit Bots looking for suckers armed with stunners 1d6 points of temporary damage 
    2. Jaquiirii Bird Men Bounty Hunters looking for a bail jumper which they will eat except for the head 
    3. Tribal Android Princes going for an honor debt 
    4. Flickeriod going for several marks for a loan shark in 4 different realities at the same time
    5. Disposed Planetary Dictator with a 2 million credit bounty on his head. Heavily armed 
    6. A group of Doctor Warriors Hunting down a plague victim 
    7. Cyberoid hunting down its prey 
    8. Interstellar Tax Man going after debters 
    9. Star Captain looking for his cargo 
    10. Reptiloid Slave Trader looking for escaped slaves & folks he can press gang 
    Reaction table 1d6
    1. Indifferent 
    2. Hostile 
    3. Your My New Bounty 
    4. I'm going To F --- up 
    5. Your beneath Contempt 
    6. Go Bother Someone Else(Actually I'm coming After You Later) 

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    Thursday Night Flash - Goulart & Kane's Star Hawks & His Other Original Creation

    Space 1970 is perhaps one of the coolest blogs out there. Every day he's put out content that blows away anything out there when it comes to our collective science fiction media from the era when Luke swung in the Death Star & they weren't brother & sister. So today he's covered Goulart & Kane's Star Hawks. A news paper strip that ran in the 70s that most people have never heard of. Its really a crime because the series was one of the more incredible space opera pieces that came out. Read about it Here
    Gil Kane was perhaps one of the great giants to walk this Earth as far as comics goes.He was responsible for the modern look of both Green Lantern, The Atom, & many others. I can't even begin to cover what this man did. Read about him Gil_Kane
    I want to talk about his greatest creation Black Mark! The first true American Graphic Novel. 
    Black Mark is a cracking good Sword & Scorcery piece that delivers everything it promises. Beautiful artwork, fantastic story, & the kind of  world that every Dungeon Master wants to create! Very cool with lots of action, adventure, & romance!
    Here's some samples of the art work:

    The Death Screamers of Techerno 8 - The Ultimate Weapon Wants Your Soul

    A statue of a  death screamer left behind after a raid on a colony planet . What purpose does it serve ?
    No. Enc.: 1-6
    Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
    Move: 120'(40’)
    Armor Class: 3
    Hit Dice: 6
    Attacks: 2
    Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
    Morale: 6

    Designed for one purpose only -- to hunt down and destroy all enemy life forms But man's greatest weapon has continued to evolve without any human guidance, and now it has devised a new mission: To understand life, its purpose, & the human soul. 
    These proto positronic lifeforms have continued to evolve in the cold depths of space. Each generation sending out its strongest members to attack colony ships & the enemies of mankind.Each time they report back to their maker units & more are sent out with express purpose of destruction. 
     Then one day it simply stopped. The creatures took on a new face the face of their creators both angels & demons to them. They raided ships took prisoners & began to put them through a series of experiments each more bizarre then the next.
      The creatures are becoming increasing alien as time goes on. Their behavior is that of a naturalist looking through the population of mankind for something. No one is sure what. 

    Structures left behind by these creatures are new, shiny, & lethally full of traps. They seem designed exclusively for mankind & his allies. They often have a combination of physical, energy based, & many other types of obstacles for those who find them.
    The creatures themselves are rarely encountered but those who do have been questioned at length patiently, precisely, & then brain scanned. Some are destroyed & some let go. 

    Those scanned & let go are sometimes implanted with a tracing dye within their veins & others given a micro dot tracing unit in areas of certain organs. 
    These creatures attack with a mouth full of fully charged auto injectors full of a lethal cocktail of poisons. The victim must make a save vs death or be consumed by the lethal cocktail as it takes his body apart bit by cellular bit. 
    The most feared attack however comes from the sonic baffles built into the throat of the creatures. They attack with a series of sonic screams capable of shattering metal, setting flesh on fire, & exploding bone. The attacks are at 1d8 points of damage, the metal ones are at 1d10 however a simple shield belt counter act these effects for a time. 
       The Screamers have a weakness. They can't pass up an opportunity for a game of chance. Many negotiations have come about over a simple game of chance in which they view as another opportunity to study the human or humanoid soul. A charisma roll allows one to charm them into a game & move them to the higher realms of reason. It should be remembered these beings are completely alien to the humanoid mind & approached with caution. They won't be found in your local gambling hall but in the places where you least expect them. 

    The story that inspired this post & why does the face on these artworks look like Peter Weller from Robocop?  giant-spiders-banned-from-roundabout