Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cross Post From The Evil DM - Adding Science Fiction To AD&D

I wanted to give a quick nod to a post from the last couple of days that's right up my alley. The post comes from Vince Florio (The Evil Dungeon Master himself) about adding Science Fiction To Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. There's a cool item that he made that's very much in the vein that I see can be added to games for a bit of science fiction flavor without ruining the campaign.
 Find the post right Here
Found this article from I09 about Gary Gygax's  Science Fiction obsession. Simply more proof the man was cool. He's still missed! Read about that Here
Since I kept getting beaten over the head with this Expediation To The Barrier Peaks kept coming up in conversation with friends to review the plot & what not read about that Here
There is also a 3rd edition conversion for some of the items from that module. I suggest that you convert them to your favorite edition read that Here

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