Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Shambling Offspring From Solactulakiq


No. Enc.: 1d20
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)
Morale: 5

A bioweapon left over from the Mythos Wars that happened several million years ago between the Elder Things & the Great Old Ones. These monstrous fungus are carried through the waves of hyperspace by naturally occurring rifts in time & space. Planets can be bathed in hyper spacial light shows only to have these flesh dissolving fungus appear over night. 
 These monsters emit a low level psionic pulse that causes humanoids to be attracted to the fungus. The fungus releases a cloud of flesh dissolving spores that will cover a 2o foot radius doing 1d8 points of damage. Any humanoid remains are absorbed by the monsters at their leisure. 
 The fungus are semi- intelligent,it will set traps & out flank folks. The fungus can also release spines to pierce flesh doing 1d6 points of damage to anyone within a 2 foot reach unless a dexterity roll is successful. Any successful attack will infect one with the spores of this fungus.
It is known that the fungus is very attractive to various undead such as zombies & the like. The rotting meat smell of the fungus is used to attack the monsters who consume the adult variety. The fungus reproduces this way. There are also those who believe even handling the stuff can cause various aliments such as Red Death & the like.
 The fungus has been found within the remains of  battle grounds where action occurred between the Great Race & the Elder Things.
  There is another variety of the Shambling Offspring From Solactulakiq which is often used by planar creatures of the fungal variety. These are known as the witch's heart for good reason. When a pact is made with these entities the heart of the person receiving the pact is cut out & replaced with the mature form of this outer worldly monsterousity.
The person gains +1 to Strength, Constitution, & the ability to heal rapidly from many minor forms of damage for 1d4 points per 3 rounds. They are however very susceptible to flame take double the damage.
  Finally there is the animated form of  corpses that can be created using the fungus to replace the heart. The corpse has all of the standard strengths of the living creature but will deteriorate far more rapidly than normal under Earthlike conditions. The fungus will attract flies & many different types of vermin to it to spread its spores. This form of the fungus are know as the Shambling Offspring & was first encountered on the world of Solactulakiq. Here are rogue scientists found the fungus beneath the off world colony & used it to take over that world. Human Empire troops were called in but many escaped to spread the deadly spores of this abomination across the universe. 


  1. Fungal hearts--clever! The reference to the mythos war is a nice touch.

  2. Thanks Trey there will be more to come!


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