Friday, August 26, 2011

D10 Random Bounty Hunter Encounters

D10 Random Bounty Hunter Encounters  Roll 1d6 For # Encountered 
  1. Credit Bots looking for suckers armed with stunners 1d6 points of temporary damage 
  2. Jaquiirii Bird Men Bounty Hunters looking for a bail jumper which they will eat except for the head 
  3. Tribal Android Princes going for an honor debt 
  4. Flickeriod going for several marks for a loan shark in 4 different realities at the same time
  5. Disposed Planetary Dictator with a 2 million credit bounty on his head. Heavily armed 
  6. A group of Doctor Warriors Hunting down a plague victim 
  7. Cyberoid hunting down its prey 
  8. Interstellar Tax Man going after debters 
  9. Star Captain looking for his cargo 
  10. Reptiloid Slave Trader looking for escaped slaves & folks he can press gang 
Reaction table 1d6
  1. Indifferent 
  2. Hostile 
  3. Your My New Bounty 
  4. I'm going To F --- up 
  5. Your beneath Contempt 
  6. Go Bother Someone Else(Actually I'm coming After You Later) 


  1. Nice. I hope these guys remember Vader's admonition: "no disentegration."

  2. Thanks Trey! I think that they will if they know what's good for them. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the force! Especially not Darth V.


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